Thursday, July 14, 2011


Sometimes the only way we learn is to get hurt. It's just what it takes for it to finally get through our thick skin of ego, pride, our childhood or things that brought us to this point through our environment. Things that we are completely unaware of that hurt us and unfortunately changed us. Chiron is the pain we need to experience to stop doing some of the things we have been doing for so long. It's time to change some aspect of our lives. Sometimes it's us that hurts the other and we in turn make them change unconsciously or consciously of course.

Chiron is the wound or the wound healer. Usually when found in your birth chart it is where early on you experienced pain. Later it becomes where you will experience healing through pain. Sometimes it's both at the same time or one at a time. Chiron in synastry or a composite  can be quite interesting to watch play out over time. Chiron in relational astrology is often found in long term relationships and typically means the two of you met to heal each other. These relationships are transformational, they will change you deeply forever. 

Chiron squares and conjunctions are the most felt. When you meet someone you feel like you can share anything with and they accept you for who you are deeply. That is healing in itself. That is often times what Chiron is. Chiron is luring because it is accepting and understanding. It is something that you don't find everyday or in every relationship but something you find in those that have had the greatest impact on you. Chiron knows your pain, he knows just what you need. There is something so feel- good about Chiron. Chiron contacts will lure you in and begin to break you down. Depending up on what personal planets you and another have in aspect to Chiron you will change in the area that the planet represents.


  1. Man does this hit home with me and my girl friend of 2 yrs. I just pulled up our chart from and we have chiron squaring just about every planet. It has been hell but very enlightening and we have both changed into different people. I also want to say your relationship report was unbelievably accurate. Completley down to the last page. I was amazed. I sent it to my girlfriend and we are now going to have our 3rd attempt back together knowing now what we know about ourselves and how we react to each other. I think your insights are beyond perceptive and amazingly accurate. Thanks and please try if you can to write more on composites if you have the time!

  2. Wow your accuracy in amazing thank you for my personality profile. I could not believe the things you knew. It was as if you knew everything there was to know about me. Weird but grateful. Its gonna help me a lot. Thanks