Monday, July 4, 2011


How does venus the goddess of love play out in the 12th house of secrets, sorrows, unconscious, spiritual, and things like prisons and institutions? In a birth chart this aspect can hide the love nature of the individual or impel them towards unavailable people. This mysterious house is a lot more mysterious than we already know. This house is ruled by Neptune the illusionary planet. Things become unclear, uncertained but mostly undefined. Neptune knows no definition or boundaries he's as fluid, moving and changing like water. 

In synastry this produces a almost mystical bond, and some cases a past life feeling is felt. This is a very close psychic connection that allows both people to understand each other on a very deep level. However close the bond may be there is a vague uncertainness that can cause both parties to misread each other or the affection of one or the other is hidden or withheld in friends with this position.
In my most recent studies, planets transposed from one person to another person's 12th house, Neptune seems to blur the planet energies. It is difficult to see things as they really are which can cause confusion or open one up for self deception, and to being deceived, because of the glamourous veil neptune projects. If both people are familiar with Neptune energy this won't be as difficult to manage. However, if you are not Neptune experienced; this can be very difficult energy to navigate. 

In a natal chart Venus in the 12th house is a dreamy placement that allows the individual to idealize their lovers, some are able to have long distance relationships for long periods of time, and some get involved in relationships that promise uncertainty and failure they see things differently. They prefer the torture or the sacrifice that a hopeless love situation instills. They can go without having their needs met and can tend towards living as if they are in there own prison. The love that needs to be expressed or desired is imprisoned in there house of woes and sorrows. Expressing love needs is very difficult to do since their own needs are often undefined to themselves.

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