Monday, July 18, 2011


If you are one of the "fortunate ones" to have what I like to call- "Easy Button" but in astrology, it's called a Grand Trine. A Grand Trine is formed when 3 planets are in a 120 degree trine with each other. Typically within the same element but not always. Astrologers believe this to be "special earned rewards in this life that were earned in a past life. It is also, some sort of  "protective energy field".  Depending on what planets are involved their energy is being receptive to the other planets energies. They are blending the energy together. This provides a fusion of their individual energies, that are responsible for their extreme luck in life. A person with a grand trine uses the planetary energies in their most positive way.

To understand a grand trine and what benefits will be bestowed upon its owner. We would need to take a look at what planets are involved, what element and what signs the planets are in, along with the house positions.

A grand trine in a person's natal chart is easy flowing energy between planets. This often allows the person special benefits or breaks in this life. The problem with a grand trine can be that the person is a "little too lucky" in life that they depend a little too much on it and they don't fully use the talents and abilities they were given, which is a tremendous shame.

The elements in the trine will tell you what type of benefits you can expect. For instance, if the person has a grand trine in the air signs, their talents tend to be of a cerebral nature, communication and writing would be where their latent talent lies. They usually highly intelligent, quick thinkers, great communicators, excellent writers, speakers, artists, or anything in fields of a scientific nature. Depending on the house signs will even tell us more about the talent in the trine. 

If the grand trine involves the 1st house the benefits would be directly from his efforts, his health and areas of the public image.  If it involves the 8th house the benefits will come psychologically and from the money and resources of other's or related to death and inheritance received, sales or an investment.  For example, someone with a grand trine involving the 1st the 8th and the 3rd would represent someone that has the potential for "greatness" in writing 3rd house or speaking. Involving the 1st house it could be true life story about them self or a biography. With it involving the 8th house, you can get the resources from others to publish the work, or it can indicate money from sales. It could also indicate a book in the metaphysical arts, magic or the occult (8th house).We can go many ways come Sunday with the interpretations the truth is the whole chart still needs an analysis, there are many factors to look at in any given chart and all factors must be considered. A grand trine will show the natural talent and luck given to the individual in which they can choose to use or not. 

Grand trines hold great potential, whether the individual will use it in the most positive way, all depends on their own personal drive and ambition and willingness to put in the effort. T-squares often offer the drive, because the road is not so easy. 

I guess knowledge is the first step. Knowing you have one is the first step, thanks to astrology we can warn one of the possibilities of becoming too complacent and not taking advantage of the gift from the universe.

Grand Trines produce talents and or gifts that you can choose to use or not. They provide a cushion for you to fall back on when all else fails. You are given this cushion because you are supposed to accomplish this "grand trine gift". However, you are not pushed to do so. 

People who say: If i were given the chance, YOU have been given. " I would have taken advantage of it". Are the people speaking directly to you.  Hear those voices, they are the people who have not had it so easy. They are the ones that would put in the effort to obtain it.
 The ease the grand trine provides can have two different effects. The individual can take many risks in their life causing them to crash over and over again because they know they will be OK. The second type the individual can become complacent and content with the base comforts this trine offers and never take a risk or put the effort at all.  If your grand trine involves Saturn there could be delays, restraints, or blockage situations getting in the way. Regardless of this, everything in life we must drive ourselves and fight to accomplish all that we want.

 If you have a grand trine do yourself a favor and do not waste it. Recognize the energies and utilize them. It helps to focus on the houses involved and what they represent to give you the clue to what it is' you are supposed to do, you will find it's more than likely something you already have a passion for and naturally do anyway.


  1. I love this article and found it very accurate. I have a grand earth trine. It's amazing how easily my life just flows. I wanted to request you write more on trines in composites and also the outter planet trines. A lot of astrologers don't think they matter as much but I think they do. Anyway thanks again!

  2. Hey! I have a grand trine (mars 8th house - cancer), (jupiter 12th house - scorpio), and (saturn 4th house - pisces) can I use it to be the best of my ability?

    1. Hi there! I can't comment without seeing the whole chart because other aspects need to be equally considered. Such as which houses and signs the other planets are in to see where you have natural talents and so much more. I can say to live the grand trine out to it's potential. The focus then needs to be in the areas of the squares or oppositions, the hard aspects this is often the cause of someone not living out their grand trine energy., and rising above their expected detrimental behavior or negative side. However, Grand trines are natural abilities So I would turn to the harsh aspects and see how they may be interfering with you utilizing the Grand Trine to the fullest. With Mars (energy) Cancer (nurture) 8th house intense experience, Psychology, 8th house matters, others money. Heavy Water houses activated appears abilities in spiritual, psychological and nurturing areas. However, those are just a few of the many possibilities. Your grand trine is your natural ability, look to where you may be holding yourself back:)

    2. Lol, don't panic many people have multiple grand trines, grand trine plus kites, and the many other geometrical patterns. Grand trines are lucky as the article states no need to panic!

      If you want me to look at them they typically apply to career and point to gifts.

      If the article does not help you figure it out then if you are able you can always order a reading for it takes analysis of the whole chart. :) I recommend the career option which covers these grand trines specifically to you.