Monday, July 4, 2011


Entertainment Break!

Here is a quick clip for your entertainment, to chill out to if you wish to take a quick break from reading. Then take a moment to  lean how stars are made. This video shows us how we are linked to the stars in our everyday life.  If you have the time, and need a break it's quite interesting. 

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How will understanding how Stars are made help you with Astrology?

To understand creation and how we are literally, a part of the very fabric of Stars helps you understand Astrology better because Astrology insinuates the planets and stars compel us. However, Astrology is discredited often because their is no scientific proof or evidence of how this is possible. 
We now have more theories that have come about, such as the recent discovery that the Planets emit a frequency, and that we are all vibrational and this may be how it's possible. I have my own philosophy as to how it's possible, but I don't have proof, and that goes for many of the questions I have! 
I will write a separate post on my thoughts on how it may be possible soon but for now we will stay on subject.

 So basically we are now finding out so much more with rapidly growing technology than we have in the past, everyday is a new discovery.  A perfect example is, the new fairly new discovery of Saturn's  new gigantic red ring.

 We were unable to detect it because it is only visible in infrared technology and we did not think of using it before, or it wasn't available for space. This new ring reaches surprisingly further than any of his other rings. It's quite spectacular, and assures me, that with modern science, quantum physics and Astronomy, we will discover the connection of the planets to us at some point soon. See Saturn's amazing new ring here

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