Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RETROGRADE- Rewind! Second Chance! Nice...

The benefits of retrograding planets and their effects on us mere mortals.

What i can say about it from my personal experience with planets that go retrograde, (even though i have quite a few already retrograde in my natal chart.) Is that we are amazingly given a second chance to re-do whatever area that planet represents! Now even though it's an optical illusion and all, it has its effects. Anyone that is aware of retrogrades know this. I don't know about you? but I love a second chance! Especially since I am usually jumping into things without much thought or somehow caught in some kind of web where i wish i could do things over.

Now depending on where the planet is located in your chart, and where it currently is in transit to your chart.  

The house that it is transiting is the area of focus, if for instance it is in your second house of money, it would then become a time where you would (depending on the planet) re-think, rebuild, and re-plan for direct motion.

I have found that if you already have retrograde planets in your natal chart the effect is much more powerful meaning you get to re-do much more than if it was not retrograde in your natal chart. Planets that retrograde don't exert much force they kinda lay low, as opposed to forward motion in retrograde the energy slows down, and becomes more internal or introspective bringing up things from the past for a opportunity to improve.

A quick story of  Mercury retrograde. 
Mercury as we know rules the mind, our thinking process, contracts, short trips and the such. 

Prior to mercury retrograde my brother in law had signed a contract that turned out to be a bad idea. When mercury went retrograde he got a call that there was missing information and that they could not process the application a couple weeks prior to Mercury RX therefore he was able to get out of the contract during mercury retrograde and signed on a new and better contract that was much better than the first.

When planets go retrograde it is a little gift from the universe, to rewind, rethink, re-plan and execute for a much better outcome 2nd time around.

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