Thursday, July 13, 2017


There is no industry or business large or small and even start up's that would not benefit by the use of Astrology. 

Ever hear the phrase "timing is everything"?  There is a time to plant a time to so, a time for everything right? This is what Astrology does, it shows us the right and wrong timing. It can also predict success or failure along with so much more. Astrology has been kept a secret, it has been purposely put down, and laughed at because there are some that do not want us to be "in the know". I won't get into that here, but many well-known companies, famous people and even within our government use Astrologers. 

Many have used and continually use Astrology to grow their business, and this is by leaps and bounds. In the previous post, I have presented numerous successful people and companies that have used Astrology to their advantage and have become the millionaires and billionaires as a result. 

Below are just a few of the many examples of how Astrology will help particular industries.


In a world where finding the right people mean everything and by finding them straight away you save the company ton's in attrition rates, and time utilized to recruit again and again along with the recruiting costs, there are many other costs associated with employee turn over and you could essentially save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars per year if not, even more, depending on the company size of course. However, not only do you save the company money by finding the right fit and one that will stay with the company but also increase company culture by finding the right fit and building a team with people that will not only get along and work well with each other and will also save and make the company money. 

Astrological profiling can tell you about the employee's psychological predisposition, work ethic, value system, strengths and weaknesses, talents and strengths along with what phase they are in their life and what benefits they can bring the company and even whether or not they will make the company money. This is just the tip of the ice burg as far as what Astrology can tell but by matching the employee to the company with a Astrological chart matching the benefits and insights are truly amazing and very accurate. 

Real estate/Brokers/Agents

There are so many benefits to using an Astrologer for any business model on the basis that every new action has a birth chart. The benefits of posting dates and times of new listings have been amazing. 

I work with numerous real estate clients in this fashion and have found the homes they list sell within 30-90 days by taking advantage of the time an date in which the listing is posted. If you are not familiar with Astrology, I can't possibly explain how this works, since it takes many many years to learn Astrology, it is a learned science. But here is the gist. Each new listing has a birth chart and by placing particular planets in each of the beneficial houses and timing them by transit we can turn homes over much fast which is truly amazing and can build an agent faster than anything else. 

This is just one of the ways but again also used by profiling any business associates, star mapping hot marketing areas and much more will help one reach millionaire status faster and more efficiently than ever. Sounds too good to be true right? Well it's not, it's very real.

New Business/ Start-Ups

The same as above applies but with new business ideas and startups the launch date is very important. The day in which you decide to start your business can tell you how successful it will be and although it can be successful no matter what day it is started due to offsetting the negatives by other factors such as hiring the right people ( people that benefit the company by their own individual birth chart) but also using timing and transits along with targeting marketing. However, if your business start date is ideal then it makes the business expansion and growth even that much faster and with less effort. 

There is a lot that goes into Astrology it is not psychic work, it involves the study of the planets and movements and their effects on everything that happens in our world. 

Working with this timing catapults our visions, goals, and success, it's really simple as that. You don't need to believe in Astrology it just is, and it just works.

This is a general overview of Astrology and what it can do for business. There are many more industries and much more uses far too many to cover here. No matter what area of your life, Astrology is a benefit.

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