Thursday, May 12, 2016

Business Astrology Packages

Image result for business launchSOLAR SOLSTICE PACKAGE
Business Analysis Plus 12 month Forecast
Business Launch date, and Plan


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Business Chart Analysis. Company Profile and Business Plan. Please provide the date you intend to start business or the date that you incorporated, or opened for business, inception dates for small business owners larger companies established business date.

This package will provide you a break down of each area of your business chart which depicts what types of customers you will attract, what types of employees best fit  your company culture and make your company money.

Business Transit Analysis

Providing best possible timing to begin endeavors such as marketing, hiring, developing relationships in particular areas, predictions of revenue, and best time to expand or acquisitions.

Cost: $1499.00  US dollars

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Includes: New Moon Package, Plus up to 5 employee compatibility, psychological and contribution analysis reports.

150.00 Per employee thereafter.


  1. Employee Profiling Report: Who to hire to best fit company culture and help business grow. 
  2. Marketing Report: The most rewarding times to Market, Hire, and Launch New Products for maximum return.
  3. 1 year Predictive Business Trend Report, peak times for sales and revenue.

Cost: $2499.00 US Dollars

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Individual Business Options

ADD ON's or Single Purchase

Small Business or Start up Launch date Analyis 299.00
Employee Evaluations, Psychological Profile, skills and work ethic 299.00 each
Business Plan and Predictive Forecasting for one year. 299.00


Monthly follow up Consulting and coaching for implementation $350.00 per month.