Sunday, October 1, 2017

Mercury in the houses

Mercury is the planet of messages, communications, perception, and thinking along with any means in which we get information or products to and fro, such as shipping, the mail the Internet or even transportation.

Mercury in the 1st

This placement suggests an individual that is quite active and communicative. You are the type that can talk about anything and everything and enjoy long conversations with others. You need a partner that is talkative and receptive to your many ideas. You are gifted in the area of communication and developing relationships with others. You are a great talker some may say smooth which you likely are but you enjoy sharing information talking and listening to others. You are social saying hello to people in passing and developing many relationships with others. You may enjoy long telephone conversations, with lovers and friends. 

Mercury in the 2nd house

You possess a sound and practical mind. You might make your money in areas of writing speaking or technology, transportation or even acquisitions. You make solid decisions when it comes to money. You are able to come up with very creative ways to earn your income. You think in terms of what's profitable. You are likely very creative with your hands as well and are good at multitasking. You may express your love through writing, messages, or gifts.

Mercury in the 3rd

This placement indicates a sharp and intelligent mind. You are quick witted and have a lot of knowledge about many different subjects. You tend to live in your head constantly seeking out more information and learning new subjects. You are probably a good speaker, writer, or conversationalist. You are always researching or learning new things. 

Mercury in the 4th house

You may be shy or reserved, but if not you tend to think in terms of security. You like to talk about family, home or your heritage. You may enjoy researching these things as well. You may do well in real estate, mortgage or home design or architecture. You may run a home Internet business and find success in it. You might keep up with the latest technology at home, with all the latest gadgets or a home security system. You may tend to be a bit subjective in your communications and listening. You tend to offer support to those that are close to you with a council or a listening ear.

Mercury in the 5th house

You might enjoy games and speculation. You are likely quite agile and good at sports. You can also be a smart gambler although it is not recommended you depend too much on this. You are playful and lighthearted and can be very creative. 

You might find pleasure in the creative arts, acting, writing, music or dance or teaching sports along with playing and a mixture of them all. You can be a great screenplay writer as well. You may enjoy comic books, plays or movies as your pass time. You might be into romantic poetry as well, but even if not you might enjoy speaking romantically to your partners. You also can work in the resort business, or planning and accommodations. Fun, play and leisure and self-expression are areas in which you accelerate. Lucky you!

Mercury in the 6th house

You may have an analytical mind paying close attention to details. You are good with systems improvement or increasing efficiency. You are good with your hands and mind. You may find yourself in marketing or sales of health products, working out or improving things. You are good with routines also and tend to stick with them.

Mercury in the 7th house

You are great for networking and partnerships. You are social and great in social situations with others always having the right thing to say. You can be successful speaking or writing about relationships or business partnerships and contracts or things as such. You might make a good relationship coach as well. When partnered to tend to appreciate good communication and are willing to openly talk about the relationship and ways to improve it or any issues there might be. You might be a bit of a relationship expert but other aspects would need to be supportive. You are a good friend, and usually always provide a listening ear as well as advice.

Mercury in the 8th house

You like investigation and solving mysteries. You can do well in any of these areas or things that are hidden or secret. You are observant and possess a keen intuition. You enjoy research and learning about occult subjects. You may tend to analyze everything situations and people and can be quite the psychologist. You are not superficial in your thinking and tend to talk about deeper subjects that require thought. You may be prone to jealousy, or worry of a partners infidelity, or you may be suspicious in general of others motives.

Mercury in the 9th house

You tend to be expansive and optimistic. You have faith in a higher power. You enjoy research and educating yourself. You may prefer to experience as opposed to read about but either way, you are always searching for answers to life's more difficult questions. You are logical, intelligent and informed. You may take an interest in language, politics, law, government or religion. You enjoy traveling and meeting new people and cultures. You may have strong opinions or beliefs in which you easily communicate to others. You have vast knowledge and foresight.

Mercury in the 10th house

You have a keen eye for business, and can be a great public speaker. You may work in areas of communication, writing or transportation along with any other technological area. You may talk work or business a lot. You may have talent in PR, Marketing, Advertising or anything that has to do with communications and getting the word out to others about your business. You will communicate a lot at work which can point to a communications position or dealing with clients in customer services or any other area that requires a lot of contact and communication.

Mercury in the 11th house

You enjoy communicating with friends and are probably quite social. You may be a part of a group or at least enjoy being part of a group. You can be an excellent speaker on the topics of humanitarian efforts, social efforts even social media or part of an association that focuses on issues of the group or the people. You may also enjoy discussing philanthropic ideas. 

Mercury in the 12th house

You may have difficulty expressing yourself. You may often feel misunderstood or not heard. You may spend a lot of time in your head or the world of thought and imagination. 

You may feel communicating with others is difficult. You are very creative and expansive with much knowledge of the spiritual world or intangibles. Your immense creativity could lead to success in writing, dancing, singing acting or any of the arts. 

You may need to develop more self-awareness being that the 12th house is that which is hidden from us planets here require attention in order to bring the unconscious to consciousness which then is conscious awareness. Pay attention to others and there q's, try to stay on topic and develop clear communication skills.

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