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November 2016 General Horoscope

Welcome to November 2016

This month's tarot card from the psychic tarot by John Holland is " Foundations and Achievements"

The number 4 is the builder and as you can see this house is just getting started but their all working together to build there solid foundation or home.

November is a month to build a solid foundation for ourselves and this can take shape in many forms. Without a solid foundation whatever we build will come crashing down eventually and that is often seen with the "Tower Card" in Tarot. When the tower card appears in a reading it indicates that what we built "was not built on truth" or a solid foundation, and we neglected to see it or get truthful with ourselves which is usually a result of denial. Or we would rather settle or stay in our comfort zone or because of a fear of change. Whatever, the case with the Sun and Mercury's travel through Scorpio this can't be so any longer! it's all or nothing.

This month with Scorpio activated along with many other supporting aspects we need to ask ourselves what area of our lives are we deceiving our self? or what part of our life is not built on truth? or do we have a solid base to build from? What are we passionate about? Are we supported by the people in our lives? This can be with regards to relationships, stale jobs, or any other unhappy part of our life. 
 As we make our upward climb in every area in our life we must have a solid foundation to build from and for some this is simply a home base. Is there drama at home that needs to be settled, do you want to go home? or are you delaying the process by finding anywhere and anything else to do to avoid doing so? Are you sleeping? eating well? loving yourself? If not, all these are obvious signs that things need to be addressed and changes need to be made.

Simplifying our lives, making peace with others and ending things and people that are stunting our growth or not for us IS always in our best interest! We can start by not accepting those things in our lives, because we have in our lives what we accept.

So, let's get more into this month's transits but first let's go back just a bit, to October 31st New Moon in Scorpio since this Moon really set the tone for the Month of November and is very fitting with building solid foundations often new and better ones. Scorpio is death and transformation, passion and desire and willpower and determination. Passion and desire are necessary elements along with determination to obtain anything it is we truly want in our life. 

New Moon's as "cliche" as it sounds really are new beginnings, new opportunities, new energy. Often something ends, to open up new opportunities that are part of our life path. If we are trapped in fear or fear change it's time to break free and welcome these changes. Fear is poison, it's either fear or faith. Having faith in the process and yourself is where it's all at. Make the changes and live the life you want.

With New Moon's sometimes old doors close (whether we want them to or not) remembering that the Universe ( God) has a plan and it's in our best interest for the good of us. When we can't let go or don't make the necessary changes the Universe will help us. 

This New Moon was in the sign of Scorpio which is all about death and transformation. Death is a part of life and a inevitable one. It actually helps us put things in different perspective if we never died we might never love, or appreciate anything, we might just sit on our laurels and do nothing, there's no hurry. We might never make decisions, or feel that fire to do something to make the most of the time that we have. Let's face it, we are not immortal and we are on a time schedule here, so let's get with it. 

It's not so morbid it's a fact of life, every form of life. Scorpio is also about determination and desire these are two very important things to obtain the life we want. 

When we are in a unhappy job, or relationship we lose passion, which is also a very Scorpio thing. Passion motivates us, whether it's a new love, a fulfilling job or finding our purpose, we feel again we feel strongly! we are alive! It's time to get passionate, it's the driving force behind all things. 

These are the things that this new moon in Scorpio will be pushing us to realize in hopes that we will try to materialize our desires.  We need passion, desire and willpower to make these changes, so here we have it.

OK. So here's what the rest of the month has to offer us in order to help. On the 5th Venus in Sagittarius will Trine Uranus in Aries, trines area a lucky aspect calling us to take that bold and daring step towards going for what we want. It's a day to take action it's lucky.

Sagittarius is about faith and belief, we will be positive and hopeful and fire is about" doing it" not just talking about it. Uranus is all about "doing it your way" doing it differently, or with your own personal touch, do what you normally might not. Don't worry you believe it will work out, so it likely will!

On the 9th Mars moves from stable Capricorn to futuristic Aquarius, removing our limiting blocks which Capricorn can often impose on himself. 

Capricorn is awesome don't get me wrong, hard work and persistance pays off but sometimes we can put too much into something, overthink it or over critisize it. So to take a break and take a risk, or try something unconvential might be just what you need. Aquarius Mars says go for it. 

Capricorn is steady, focused, and hardworking which is great for building and overcoming difficulty. We have the focus and determination to work hard, be persistent but simply can be blindsided by the fact that sometimes  you can work smart and not as hard and sometimes taking risk or breaking the mold can give us sudden break through's and this is what "Aquarius knows". Don't be afraid to take risks in a different or new direction. 

This is excellent for creative projects, freedom fighting or even sports, dance or music whatever action you take it will want to be different. Mars is our energy and action and in the sign of Aquarius we simply want to do things differently, not like everyone else. Mars is the fighter planet, we want to fight for freedom, accept and encourage everyone's individualism. If we were all the same how boring would that be? 

 Try something different, explore experiment, see the other side, take another route there is much to see and learn from this perspective.

Next, on the 11th, Venus enters Capricorn bringing a more serious and conservative outlook to money, love and the things that bring us pleasure. 

We might be a bit more selective, less tolerant in this areas but also when we find what's right more dedicated and willing to put in the work. 

Venus rules all pleasure and beauty, and the things that can bring us these, like money, music, art and love. While Venus is in Capricorn we are a bit more serious but also quality driven. 
We might tone down a bit in these areas preferring to be less dramatic a perhaps even a bit more self critical. It's a good time to make solid decisions, and purchases we are rational and conservative we want things of lasting value.

On the 15th Mercury will sextile Mars making us confident and a bit more bold inn our communication. It's a good day to face the music to a difficult situation, or have a conversation in which you need confidence, the sextile aspect will make sure you have a better chance of being received well. It's also a good day to write, take a short trip or visit your neighborhood shops.

On the 18th you might not want to do anything that requires focus and concentration there will be a Mercury Neptune Square, making us a bit more colorful and creative but less consentrated on the details. It's a great day for writers, to come up with a fantasy story or something more romantic or compassionate. 

Be careful of any conversations you have this day, try not to promise more than you can deliver and maybe shy away from signing any contracts or making agreements or promises.

The best day for love to plan a romantic evening with a partner most certainly will be the 18th not only does Neptune finally turn direct, he will be making a sweet sextile to Venus making romance important and quite sweet and lovely. 

We want those dream come true moments and will be willing to put in the effort to make it so. It's a beautiful day for creativity and romance and really anything because we are sensitive to the needs of others and willing to make compromises. 

Plan a romantic night for those involved with a partner. For those that are single it's a great day to meet a sensitive and dreamy love potential. 

But if anything you will be feeling the love, so if you don't have love maybe plan a nice relaxing time at home and spend time trying to manifest your ideal love partner, you will have a pretty good picture of who that might be.

On the 22nd Jupiter will sextile Mercury making it a positive day for meetings, conversations and short distance travel. Jupiter will bring positive results because you will be feeling confident and therefore attract positive situations.

On the 23rd Mercury will conjunct Saturn making it a great day to take a exam or anything that requires focus and discernment business meetings, or anything that requires attention to detail are favored.

Lastly on the 24th Jupiter will Square off with Pluto inflated our desire to accomplish be careful about being too push but use this time to handle difficult situations or make plans to build your solid foundation and make the changes you need to do so.

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