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The South Node is the point in a chart that is exactly 180 degrees from the North Node or simply said, the exact Opposite. To find your South Node just look to the direction Opposite of your North Node. It will be in the opposite house of the North Node and in the Opposite sign.

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There are many different areas that can be associated with the South Node and much is decided by the sign and the house in which the South Node sits, along with aspects from other planets and angles made to it. 

The South Node is a very important point for it shows where we came from, such as our early lives but also past lives experiences. We are usually comfortable, knowledgeable and experienced in the area in which the South Node lies along with it's sign. We have many skills and talents in this area and we will likely use these to get to our North Node life path. We are to move from our South Node into our North Node for new developments but it will also allow us to reach our ultimate happiness and fulfillment through balance. Two opposites offer balance in the middle. For instance, If one has his South Node in the sign of  It reflects experiences we already had which usually points where we have learned  our past lives and associations along with our learned skills in which we can use in order to obtain our North Node ( spiritual growth, soul development, and purpose in this life) which is seen additionally by the North Node which I will cover in the following post to provide more specific information on each of the nodes.

In relations to synastry, the south node points to people or souls we at one time had an association within a past lifetime. If you do not believe in past lives, you can then look to it as people in which you had interacted with in some form early in life. 

We often meet people that remind us of someone from our past and this is similar to retrograde planets by transit where the past comes back to haunt us or positively seen give us another chance to do things differently and hopefully better. 

When it comes to South Node connections they usually result in a strong pull to be together but often come with blockages or difficulties if there is karma to be worked out, in other cases it can be a place of comfort and stability, however, lacking in growth or change and over time one can begin to feel stifled, bored or stuck.  Whether the past experience was good or bad often depends on the type of aspect being made and to what planet, along with the sign and house it is in. 

These can also point to what might have gone wrong previously or if a positive connection then the positive karma as a result. This usually indicates you came back again to continue the love saga from a past life and may continue for many more lifetimes or when the experience has lived out and no longer serves both of you it will come to an end. Then it's possible you will enter another phase in which you North Node is contacted to help you further in your soul development.

Astrology consists of many variables and each aspect can be interpreted in many different ways and in order to narrow it down all things must be considered in which I can't possibly write of all the possibilities without understanding the whole picture of both people involved. This is why writing about aspect by aspect is very difficult because everything in the chart must be considered for accuracy and to write about the multitude of possibilities is far to time-consuming there is so much to Astrology.

So with that said, If you would like to know more specifically what a relationship purpose, or what the karma might be or how to overcome the difficulties as well as with (your own natal chart )what your life purpose might be or your past life lessons you will need to be well versed in Astrology or to consult a professional to truly be able to decipher more specifically. 

As for now, what I will be covering here is a very general perspective on what it might mean when someone's planets aspect your South Node and I will begin with "Conjunctions" in this post and will continue with other aspects at a later date. 

The South Node in synastry itself points to a past life connection to this person and it is often karmic. Whether good or bad karma depends on the planet and the aspects being made. 

Conjunctions seem to play out either way both positive and the more challenging and even painful karmic ties. All this depends on many other factors as I wrote the whole chart analysis will reveal more. 

With the South Node contacts there can be difficulties getting the relationship off the ground, there's often a very strong pull to be together but sometimes difficulty in doing so. Or quite contrary you seem to feel instantly at home together. 

In the first case it's as a result of difficulties you experienced together in a past life that you met again to see if you can finally get past them or work through them. 
Being conscious of this makes all the difference as to whether the relationship will form or not. 

If the relationship was a positive one, then it can feel like coming home, or returning to your best friend and you can live happily ever after continuing where you left off.

For those couples that are more evolved ( usually older and more mature) but not always sometimes some people have a harder time growing out of the behaviors that are a detriment to them or there ego's and need to control interfere, or even fear of love whatever the case each person is responsible for their own actions that contribute to this.  

The South Node contacts can be very comforting OR strangely discomforting and this depends on the past life relationship and why or how it ended or what transpired in your interaction.

The South Node reflects where you have already been, so for some they can find these relationships suffocating or after sometime cumbersome, boring or stagnant. 

If you are person seeking soul development then the North Node contacts are where it's at but they push you beyond what your use to but are often invigorating. 

 If you prefer to stay comfortable and are not looking for advancement, growth, or challenge then the South Node contacts will feel right at home and can work out just fine. 

Nonetheless there is usually some sort of karmic debt involved with this person that needs to be worked out first. Whether it's pride, ego, tragedy, betrayal, stubbornness or other, these things will need to be faced and dealt with to continue. If there is negative karma attached this person can be hurtful to you, mean or it may even be unrequited love whatever each other did to the other will be played out again in the reverse role. The best way to overcome this is to be kind no matter the situation in order to not perpetuate additional negative karma.

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