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Moon Square Or Opposite your Partners Sun 

This aspect does indicate interest or attraction in both people. However, it is susceptible to erosion over time due to many misunderstandings, and possible hurt feelings. 

Unless, both people are evolved or mature then they will see these differences and appreciate them for that, and learn from them.

This is the case of the Yin and Yang or aggressor and the receptive energy being at odds with each other. This aspect is dynamic, but you must be aware of how it is affecting you as a couple.  There are often many differences in what you both need. The Opposition is not as hard as the Square because with the Opposition you each are conscious that the other person has what you need.

With the Square, The Moon person can find the Sun person to self-centered, egotistic, self-fish or insensitive. For instance, Cancer and Aries are Square. They both have quite different needs and express their affection differently as well.

If the Moon is in Cancer and the Sun is in Aries, then the Sun will find the Moon person too clingy, needy or sensitive, while the Moon person will feel the Sun person is insensitive and unable to provide the Moon with what it needs. 

The dynamics between the two people are at odds, one will be higher energy or lower energy, one is sensitive the other needs action or is not as sensitive as the Moon person wants. Unlike the Opposition where both people can eventually find a middle ground or they actually end up respecting each other for their differences because they each have qualities that they somehow know are beneficial to incorporate the Square shows a more fixed approach and even competitive.

As always Aspect by aspect is rarely an accurate depiction of the relationship as a whole there are other aspects that can help support this Union and ease or further the difficulties and why the "whole chart" always needs to be taken into consideration. See: Variables for more

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Moon Square or opposite Mercury

If other aspects allow this aspect insinuates a difference in relating on a mental level. Communication is key to a successful relationship and this aspect may come with it's fair share of misunderstandings but also ways of seeing things quite different perspectives which can cause problems over the long run. 

The Moon person will have a different way of expressing their needs than the Mercury person wants or understands.  

The Square Causes tension so you may have many heated conversations as a result or misunderstandings.  The things that the Mercury person see things or communicates the Moon person is not likely to appreciate. 

It is possible that the Moon person finds the Mercury person's way of seeing things much different which can cause frustration. It is also possible that the way in which they speak to each other rub each other the wrong way, there may be stubbornness or inflexibility with the with either person.

 It is also possible you both have quite different interests. Please keep in mind aspect by aspect is rarely accurate in defining whether or not a relationship will work, there are many other factors to take into consideration. You can see my Variables write-up for more.

Moon Square or Opposite Venus

This aspect shows a difference between what each needs and values in a relationship. The Moon person may not receive the emotional support in the way the Moon needs to feel secure. The Moon also may not show affections and love the way the Venus person likes or needs. It may be as simple as the both of you enjoying quite different types of foods, music, where you want to go for vacations, fragrances,  likes, and dislikes. For instance an Aquarius Moon is cool, detached and intellectual, they would appreciate things unique different and might even find intellectual stimulation comforting. However a Venus in Taurus is sensual and conventional, these two will not naturally offer what the other needs so special effort needs to be made. 

Moon Square or Opposite Mars

More often than not this aspect causes hurt feelings and usually for the Moon. The Mars person can unconsciously pick at or say hurtful things that hurt the Moon person. Whether in "joke" or intentional it seems to occur quite often. 

There is an imbalance in the way that the Mars person expresses themselves, usually in a more dominate or aggressive manner than the Moon person likes. This is much more obvious when the Moon is in an emotional  water sign.
In some cases, the Moon person may be too sensitive but if you are feeling bad because of the way the Mars person makes you feel, then perhaps then it's important to address it.

However, it's not so easy.. this position creates a lot of sexual intensities, and often the two can't keep their hands off of each other.

It possible that the emotional banter or fights play into the sexual attraction and makes for some fabulous "Makeup sex" but can take its toll over time. The best way to handle this position is to be very conscious of how you are coming across to one another and play nice. 

The Moon person needs to realize the Mars person will tend to be more dominant, and insensitive at times. '
Unless, you can clear the air early on and try your best not to push each others buttons to prevent much of this possibility. '

It really depends on both people involved and their level of maturity. Great sexual chemistry and passionate sex is the upside.

Moon Square or Opposite Jupiter

This is a positive and supportive aspect even if it's a hard aspect. Jupiter's downside is over-optimism and over doing it, or overreaching and exaggerating. 

You both might find yourself encouraging each others ideas whether they are good or bad. 
Jupiter is hardly a critic so on the positive you can rely on each other when your feeling down. 

This aspect is highly encouraging, supportive and the both of you will always want to be in a good mood for the other.
The only possible downfall is not being true to yourselves for the sake of maintaining the positivity. 
We all get down from time to time, but this aspect puts you both on notice not be the source of your partner's bad mood. 
The two of you will always make the best of your time together. Of course as always other aspects apply to support this.

Moon Square or Opposite Saturn

This can be a somber, serious and even boring aspect in synastry, which may result in animosity if left unchecked.
 If the Moon person is ok with emotional coolness then this can work. Lack of romantic sentiments and emotional understanding is usually a result of this aspect.

 The Saturn person can suppress the Moons natural expression. This aspect can make the Moon feel lonely and unloved.

There seems to be an invisible line between the two people where they are not at ease expressing themselves. It is also possible that the Saturn person will find the Moon person too needy or emotional and the Moon can find the Saturn person too cold and distant.

In the positive the Saturn person can grow the Moon person up emotionally. If the Moon is in a sensitive water sign this is truer and this aspect will produce unhappiness over the long run. 

Of course, other aspects always apply along with the signs both planets are in. This aspect works best when the Moon is in the Sign of Capricorn or has aspects to Saturn in their natal chart. Please see variables for more.

Moon Square or Opposite Uranus

This aspect can be troublesome but it really depends on the maturity of the couple but also if the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius or has aspects to Uranus for the unruly and inconsistent side of Uranus is less bothersome and actually appreciated.

However, if the Moon has none of these and is in a more sensitive sign this aspect can be unintentionally hurtful to the Moon. What this aspect implies that the Uranus person may feel suffocated or misunderstood and unsupported by the Moon. 

The Moon may not feel comfortable with the large amount of freedom the Uranus person needs. 

The Uranus person can teach the Moon person more about emotional Independence and the Moon person can teach the Uranus person how to get in touch with their more nurturing side. 

This relationship may lack emotional stability and security or the relationship may have sudden breaks and makeups until they learn to find balance.

Moon Square or Opposite  Neptune

Moon Square or opposite Pluto

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