Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturn Transits: Square or Opposite the Moon

When Saturn transits the Moon it is often a heavy time. You may feel emotionally distant, closed off, unheard and even uncared for by others. Someone may let you down in which you thought you could depend on or trust. You may feel strained by others, emotional abandonment, or your family may require more of your time or need your help. Often early childhood wounds surface and difficulty with the Mother are common. 

You may feel like you are alone in the world even when amongst friends. This often turns out to be a time of seclusion. This transit tends to show the person who is really there for them and who never really was. This transit tests the reliability of others, but also allows you to set firm boundaries with those that seem to need never ending help. You will need to manage your time effectively because you will likely feel tired needing more sleep than usual and yet others may make high demands on you. 

Sometimes there is a lot of work to do, or you may take on much more responsibility and feel pulled in multiple directions feeling overwhelmed. 

It's time to rely on yourself for your own inner fulfillment but to also set clear boundaries about what it is you want and need on a emotional level with others. If you heavily rely on others for emotional support you will likely be disappointed during this time. 

Saturn wants you to focus more but to also define clear boundaries with others and make proper use of your time. 

The people that are true in your life, will not be affected. However, those that are not will make it very obvious now. This transit seeks to strengthen your emotional nature and lesson your dependence on others. 

On the positive, you will have much mental focus now to get s lot more than usual done. You will build emotional strength which leads to emotional freedom. 

Although things cool down, you can get a lot done now. Just don't overwork yourself, or take on too much responsibility to where you burn yourself out. It's a good time to build a schedule that is managable, and allows you more freedom. 

Relationships with Women are often tested and sometimes relationships break up. Saturn transits both begin phases and end them. If we are not willing to take responsibility for ourselves or fear responsibility in itself, Saturn has a way of giving it to us anyway.

Saturn teaches us that our happiness and satisfaction lies within ourselves. 

On another note, this transit can reflect a time when you decide you want to start a family, or take on more family responsibility, get a grandchild, and even get married. More responsibility will little support is typical.

It's important to get lots of rest to avoid Health issues. 

During this time, make sure to not take things too personally and realize it's a time of testing and will soon pass.

It's important to stay positive, eat well, and get plenty of rest and relax as much as possible and simply let go, of what's going and make room for the things you want and need.

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