Monday, June 7, 2010

Why Am I here? What's my Life purpose?

Everyone at some point in their life questions the meaning of life and what their role or purpose may be. Some do this often and others once in a while, but, for the most part, we all feel we have a purpose in life and often rack our brains in trying to find out what this may be. We are all special and unique in our own ways, some of us have gifts in one area, and some in others, and some in many different areas. In our quest to find answers to life, we explore many areas, in where we might find answers. One of the avenues in which has had much success, whether one believes in it or not, mind you it's not a religion but one of the oldest sciences, Astrology. Before you knock it, let me just mention that many of the great leaders of the world were followers of Astrology, believing that we are on a plan and that this plan is in the stars. If something will happen it will happen is the premise, and there are particulars times to do things, and others not too. There are explanations to why we are the way we are (psychological) based on early childhood, environment and what type of obstacles we may have to overcome to live our life to the fullest. Astrology is not the answer but rather a tool to help guide us in our lives, to better understand ourselves and others, and to provide us with answers that we can't really find anywhere. 

It is important to understand that Astrology is a learned science in which you must study to understand and is not affiliated with Psychics, Magic worker, Tarot or other feeling based intuitions but on actual planet placements. There is a blueprint at the time you were born, of all the planets moving within the Zodiac Constellation. Each planet represents a part of our life or our natures and can accurately help one understand much about them self. This is very helpful to those that need answers as to why. Astrology can answer these questions. Along with this it can tell us, what we might be here to do, it can uncover hidden talents in which we may not have known we have, but more so than all of this it gives us a piece of mind that there is a system to life and if learned, we can save ourself much pain, and suffering, as well as taking advantage of timing and to make the most of it. We can evolve to our higher self with the help of Astrology but also a combination of the many metaphysical sciences, Astrology in combination to Quantum Physics and learning to change our beliefs are a powerful combination and I hope that everyone opens their mind and makes a conscious effort to direct their life through these two sciences. 

Explaining how Astrology works is a very complex and tedious topic in which takes years to learn. So I can't possibly explain it in this article but if you are interested in an easy interpretation you can check out my Astrology 101 course it's free. Also, if you are looking for more of a scientific explanation you may want to check out "a Scientist turned Astrologer" article here.

If you are struggling in your life for answers, and would like to understand or learn what your predestined life purpose may be and the fastest track to it. 

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