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NOVEMBER brings the Full Moon in your sign on November 6th this indicates that you are at a turning point of beginning a " New You" program. Matters of being fit and taking care of your health will be a new focus if it has not been already. This New Moon takes place in your 1st house of Self this includes your personality along with your physical body. A new interest in you is likely to take place and you will want invest more time into yourself and the things you like. If you have been putting others first in the past, you will find that you just don't have it in you anymore. 

Having Fun is definitely on the agenda for you, you are quite the item these days with Jupiter in your 4th house of home and family. These things are on your mind, you may even begin thinking of starting a family if you haven't already or maybe even extending your family with a new baby.  If you have children your relationship with them can grow closer and be more open than before. Bigger space comes into the equation as well, usually because you want to grow your living space whether by additional family members or by just feeling claustrophobic. Jupiter likes to "make large" or expand so maybe someone else in your family is expanding theres! Just so many possibilities you see where you are and decide how it's working for you. Overall relations with family should be pleasant, and even uplifting. 

In matters of the heart, you are on fire this month with all those Planets gathered up in your 7th house of Marriage. Although Saturn has been making things tougher in the relationship area it's also helping you solidify real bonds with others, this includes those of you single and looking for a serious Partner. Saturn makes you more interested in the long haul and less interested in the now. 

 If you are in a long term relationship things should heat up quite a bit!  There is a opportunity to have more fun together, and to grow your relationship much closer.

With Venus in your 7th house of Marriage or Partners only enhances the effects of closer relationships.  Relationships of all kinds should flourish about now, including close friends.  This is a great time to solidify new business partnerships if applicable now as well. People take a genuine liking to you and you have the ability to win others over diplomatically. Luck is on your side so use this time, to develop solid relationships and partnerships with others. This also indicates that the more you mingle the more your chances of meeting the " right people" for you are.

Those of you that are attached most certainly may be thinking of making a more serious commitment and possibly even consider marriage. You just can't help but feel you want a more serious commitment during this time.  Even your partner will look at your in a new light. 

Just make sure you plan the wedding for after Jupiter Retrograde period that is for 6 months beginning December 8th, 2014.

You are feeling much more optimistic than last month, and you will have the energy to tackle your goals. Mars in the 9th house allows you to make grander steps with much more enthusiasm that when it's in the heavy 8th house. The 9th house is also all things foreign, religious, philosophic so you may dive into these areas much more than usual and some of you might even take a short getaway, for a much needed vacation. It's very favored this month so if you can go for it.

Issues with Friends should be calming down now. Some of you have had to be there more for your friends who may have been having a hard time. Things with them should be calming down and you may have a opportunity to "make up" with a friend that you may have had a falling out with. 

Just be sure because Neptune is in your 11th house of friends that the friend does not demand to much of you. With this New Moon, you want to make sure you are giving to yourself, much more. Neptune makes us want to give, and sometimes it's too much of our time and of ourselves that we burn ourselves out. Balance is key.

Overall, This is a great month for begining a "New You", developing new and happy relations with others or all those that are close to you. Love and Romance will fill the air! You're relatonship will flourish so, relax and Bask in all its glory!

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