Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Saturn is the planet of Karma, Restrictions, blockages, withholding and Hard Work. When he is in direct motion these characteristics are extremely obvious. Where ever Saturn is in one's natal chart will depict where the individual will face obstacles, and will have to work quite hard to overcome. Things are withheld with Saturn Direct and many of the rewards come later or after much hard ship, and obstacles. This is also true when Saturn makes a hard aspect to a personal planet.

 For instance, if Saturn is direct and is Square Mars in a natal chart( see: Saturn Square Mars) the individual may suffer with issues of self assertion or will become very through in all there efforts. 

This is because early on their efforts are blocked or thwarted, things are not easy to come by and much frustration can be a result. They need to make sure that the things they do are perfected in a sense, they won't get away with half-ass anything. In the end the result is a hard working person that doesn't cut corners because they simply are not allowed to do so, and have learned the hard way.

 However, When Saturn is Retrograde, (you can even see this by transit), the negative effects are lifted, the pressure is released but the positive effects are enhanced. Saturn is structure and the builder he seeks to crystallize and perfect whatever he touches. In the retrograde motion he still structures and builds but does not withhold. 

Saturn Retrograde, is" a highly beneficial" motion for the owner and if you have this aspect you should consider yourself quite lucky. There are some Astrologers that believe this Retrograde Motion of Saturn is negative, and that is really because of the fact that Saturn represents Karma it is believed that when a planet is retrograde you will face many Karmic issues with regards, to that planet. 

In the case with Venus Retrograde, it does hold some weight in terms of finding true love, which I have found it post pones or the individual or causes them to face many Karmic relationships where the lesson lies in learning to give the love you so desire. 

 It's also possible that the person will experiences blockages and even difficulties relating to others with Venus Retrograde. It makes sense since Venus is a beneficial planet and in Retrograde her benefits are lifted  until the point when the planet turns direct in the progressed chart then they see a improvement with there relationships and with others.  So likely you want the beneficial planets such as Venus and Jupiter in direct motion to see the most benefits in the first part of life. If either one of these planets are retrograde you will likely not benefit until later in life such as when the planet turns direct in the progressed chart.

 However, when it comes to debilitating planets, which really Saturn is the king, it is very fortunate to have him lay off the critical behavior, blockages and with holdings but benefit from his strengths. 

The only negative with this position is that the person may not have proper boundaries set, and may lack in the ability to say " NO". Saturn Set's up structure and expectations, and in retrograde, he may lack in these areas simply because the individual does not face many of the blockages and set backs that in his "direct motion would set up" these blockages are what makes a person tougher, and more resilient, along with selective. So a person with Saturn Retrograde, might lack the determination to follow through or set boundaries. 

Saturn retrograde allows the positive benefits to come through much easier than in Direct Motion, allowing the person to reach success's in the area that Saturn lies in their chart, without withholding . 

I will discuss more of Saturn Retrograde within the houses in another post. 

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