Saturday, August 6, 2011


This could potentially be one of the "twin flame" or soul mate indications in a composite. The energy between the two involved is smooth as silk. Since being together feels so good and seems to be effortless the bond can be nearly impossible to break! The Grand trine in a composite can fair two ways and that depends on what planets are involved, the aspects they are making to other planets and the houses involved. If the Grand trine involves romantic planets such as; The moon, Venus, or Neptune and are not making any other hard aspects to any inner planets then, this will be a highly romantic love affair. Providing the couple with "A we were made for each other feel", which is probably true. The comfort the trine produces between two people can be comforting and binding. The couple may feel like they are better together than apart. However in some cases, if the trine involves  Saturn, Uranus and pluto the energy can play out negatively, with sudden erratic break ups ( Uranus), feeling suppressed (Saturn) or control issues Pluto. This is really only if there are other hard aspects made from the outer to inner planets. Which can produce an on again off again situation, which neither one of you can truly let go? Regardless, the trine provides the couple with a gift, of always having what they both need in the relationship while enjoying the comfort and completeness they have with each other. The grand trine in a natal is an astrological gift that bestows luck and protection to the individual.  In the composite, it is a gift of love, comfort, and support to the couple. They will feel at home together, because of the ease this aspect creates.