Thursday, May 9, 2013



If you are a late degree Scorpio Ascendant check the next sign also which occupies most of your 1st house which in your case would be Sagittarius.


THE month of October will have it's ups and downs, for you Scorpios Career and money will be excellent. You may have to work hard but the rewards are sure to come. Saturn is putting on the pressure, and you feel as if you need to figure out exactly what it is you want to do with the rest of your life. It's OK you have time, so don't stress. Focus on your physical body, and start a new health plan or kick a bad habit. You have much more restraint than you normally have, with Saturn in your 1st house of self, so use this to get as much done as possible. The focus is on you, you don't need to think about your Partner or others. This is a time, to begin doing all the things you have always wanted. Although you may feel slightly lethargic or a little more tired than usual, which is why I suggest taking care of your health and getting plenty of rest. You got  alot on your plate and you need the energy to get it done. 

You Scorpios are quite the powerhouse these days, not that you weren't before, the thing is you were likely much more consumed with the emotional side of things, and now your more focused on worldly success. With Jupiter in your 10th your Career will reach a all time high, don't miss this opportunity make the best of it. Public approval is on your side, so ask for what you want. If you want to start a business of your own, their really is no better time as well. Pluto in your 3rd house is giving you the courage to speak your mind, just try not to strong arm to many people, the goal is to be liked. Anytime you have people on your side rather than against you, you can make leaps and bounds. 

October brings the power of Mars and the intuitiveness of the Moon into your solar 2nd house of earned income, you can put your energy into developing more cash flow to help assist you in your endeavors. 

You're love life may be confusing if you are involved since Neptune blurs and even brushes under the rug. For those of you that are single, be watchful of getting involved with anyone that has too many problems. Although you are much more sensitive in love and even more compassionate, you really need someone that is up to the challenge of getting things done as you are. You may idealize your partners or be more trusting than your normal inquisitive eye, so just be careful not to take on a romantic project that can send you back rather than forward. Saturn should help you discern in this area. 

I keep mentioning taking care of your health because you have a lot to accomplish this year, You have the universe on your side, as far as opportunity but with Saturn in the 1st and Uranus in the 6th you can very well experience a sudden health issue that will need your attention if you are not taking care of yourself. You're nerves can be a issue or perhaps your bones and skeletal system, get Lot's of rest, take Calcium supplements and Vitamin B12 for your nerves, and get Lot's of rest. 

The Sun and Venus will be operating in the background, of your unconscious mind, so new developments are likely in this area. This can add some vagueness surrounding love, and those of you that are single might be tempted to get involved with a secret affair, be careful you don't need any problems at this time in your life, stay focused on your goals. 

Great month for Career and Money, Relationships should fair well, if you keep things honest and open, and get rid of any bad habits and be sure to get  plenty of exercise, to keep your energy high. You will be busy busy busy! Get it done!

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