Wednesday, May 15, 2013


wall1.jpg (500×366)Saturn in hard aspect to pluto produces an individual with much endurance, courage, and intestinal fortitude. The early childhoods of these individuals were by no means " easy". They may have witnessed abuse of power with authorities or family members and could have possibly been abused themselves. This is not always a sign of abuse, however, it does often occur in the charts of the "abused". Either way they may have suffered tremendous loss in other ways if it was not about abuse or the physical or sexual it may have been through the death of a family member or having to have suffered from a living under harsh conditions  of some sort, is usually the case. Saturn in aspect to pluto produces a "tough" individual who fears very little.They can sometimes project this onto others through inflexibility, obstinance and power struggles.  Saturn is structure and Pluto is demolition. Most of these people experienced some form of their own internal structures being pushed and prodded by others. Pluto is also transformation and Saturn is about staying the same. Saturn doesn't like change and Pluto must have it. This aspect is responsible for the rule breakers which detest the law and rules of any kind. They seek to break their own internal structures down, and sometimes they try to with others. The tragedies these people have suffered are likely to make anyone squirm so there is not much that will shock them. Self-restraint can be an obsession for them and when motivated to accomplish something they have the endurance to see it through remarkably.

Sexually they may like to set up rules and then break them down. They are mostly dominant.  Sometimes they will test another's personal limits by establishing a norm in sex and then pushing the limits that were previously set. This aspect can cause great tension and inner turmoil for the individual because of sheer power and force these two planets have. This can cause them to restrict sexual fulfillment or they may get it from some form of domination in sex which can be suppressed (Saturn) for long periods of time.