Wednesday, September 18, 2013

URANUS IN THE 12TH HOUSE- Behind the Scenes Rebel

Uranus needs to be different or unique and couldn't care less what others think, which adds to his creativity. When you strive to be different you often open a well of creativity. However, with Uranus in your 12th house this uniqueness, desire to be different, fearlessness to be unique is suppressed, dissolved or hidden.This means that whatever unusual interests you may have, you probably fear ridicule over them and will more than likely keep them hidden, from others, by doing them behind the scenes when no one is looking. There is also a probability that you unconsciously show this curious behavior without you really knowing. Chances are you are attracted to people that embody these characteristics, of uniqueness, rebel spirit, or are eccentric because you can in a sense live vicariously through them. You have fears of what other's would think if they knew you had esoteric interests or liked alien investigation, or whatever strange interest you have. You need to learn to embrace your uniqueness and let your Uranus out. It's ok to be different.

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