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With The Sun in the 12th house  it's important to understand the 12th house. The 12th house is the subconscious mind, it holds all the things that are hidden from the individual. It's the house of Neptune which is the planet of self sacrifice, compassion, the spiritual and mystical side of life. The 12th house is the final house of endings, it often points to seclusion, sorrows, self undoing and places like sanctuaries, self help, hospitals and places in which we seek solace or even psychological help such as psychiatric, or psychological. 

When the Sun is in the 12th house of a person's natal chart there is often a dreamy or mystical quality associated with their appearance. They tend to live in the real world and a world of their own.

These people are often born into families in which there may have been very little supervision or guidance and direction or they may have felt uncared for or undirected or allowed to do as they wish and wander about on their own, with very little guidance. This is not always due to a lack of love but rather their parent(s) may have been working a lot overwhelmed, preoccupied or distracted or dealing with many issues of their own. Sometimes the family was large and this was the reason. 

Other's may have grown up around hospitals due to a sickly family member or parent. Whatever the case may be the child spent much time alone, and had to develop and care for themselves. They often felt unheard, misunderstood and even invisible. 

There are also many with this placement that were adopted, or grew up in foster care, or some small town that was secluded. 

Making friends was usually difficult for them and they often went above and beyond for others and may have been taken advantage of or even bullied. 

They often wanted to fit however, spending so much time in alone can slow interpersonal skills and make relations with others wasn't easy. 

With this placement however, There are many gifts that will be unlocked over the course of their lives these are gifts of the spiritual kind, otherworldly, different dimensions but also many tangible talents such as music, art, performance or any other area much of these will depend on much else in the chart. 

Being alone and left to your own vices can certainly allow the child's more creative side develop and they can create a world of fantasy in order to fulfill the lack in the real world. The child most certainly will develop strong intuitive and creative gifts.

The sign on the house and other aspects can mold and shape their experience but the theme is often a particular loneliness, or feeling left out, forgotten or invisible. There was often a lack of early structure, rules and supervision and a lack in guidance. Sometimes they were one of many children, and felt like they didn't have anything of there own. As a result they are often use to sharing and are very generous.

The Sun is the persons life force energy and personal identity. It is pride, Ego and self expression, feeling as one one of the group or one of many can definitely suppress or dissolve one's identity. As a result some might either overly try to get noticed with a strong urge to be seen or discovered as a result of always feeling like they blend into the group and will strive to find their own seperate identity. 

Some with this placement can be illusive and are very good at secret activities or prefer them. There may be a lack of awareness between right and wrong because they can see the many sides to any situation. Some with this placement can struggle with identity issues and as a result be almost two different people. They can end up in  relationships early on where they are doing most if not all for their partners and can find themselves sacrificing their own personal needs and desires for the sake of their partners. 

Depending on the sign and other aspects but usually these individuals are generous and helpful to others which is part of this placements karma. In past life astrology, this placement suggest that the individual was too pre-occupied with self in a past life that they now must find balance between self and others not to sacrifice oneself but to not neglect others either.The more you give the more you get back with this placement but of course in due time not always immediately. 

The 12th house is the final house and is where we transcend the ego it's the house of undoing, sacrifice, illness both physical and mental, it's spiritual it's magical and it's karmic. Here lies the subconscious and unconscious mind as well and often why the Sun in this house needs to develop self awareness because of their tendency to live in their head, and may lose touch with the real world so self awareness is a must. They are vast individuals with a sea of knowledge of the invisible, the otherworldly and can often see things most others aren't attuned to.

However, there is a flipside to this placement where the feelings of being unheard or being invisible can bring about a individual who can be seen as the attention starved individual that ends up over doing everything in order to be noticed. This person becomes acknowledged as someone who's a dreamer, unrealistic and that tries too hard. This is not always however the case, there is always multiple ways placements can play out.

These individuals need to find out who they really are by setting their own boundaries, limits, rights and wrongs and their own personal set of ethics. They essentially develop themselves without the preconditioning of too much parental structure  or guidance instead they develop themselves. However they will have many spiritual guides along the way to help guide them. It would be of benefit to go deep within and discover and own their own unique likes and dislikes, not try to fit in or be like anyone else some can find idols in which they wish to be like or become, when they need to realize they are their own unique star. 

Once they dive deep within their own psyche for inner self evaluation and awareness, they can define who they are in the most authentic way and realize they are not and do not need to be like anyone else but themselves. They don't need to dress, act or talk like anyone else they are a unique individual with more talent than most.

The people that can help them the most uncover many of these unconscious behaviors, hidden talents and see them for who they really are would come from people who transpose their planets in their 12th house and vice versa. These people can identify many things they may not know about themselves.   

The sign the Sun is in, can help give clues as to energies in which they need to develop.

Again, it's important With the Sun in the 12th house to learn to set up their own unique likes and dislikes, and realize they do not need to fit in, they do not need to act or be like anyone else. They need to define themselves based on their own criteria not someone elses. 

Do you have this placement? How do you feel it has played out for you?

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  1. Hi I love your astrology blog ;can you do interpretation of sun in fifth house thanks !!!!!!

  2. This is incredibly accurate, I just started transitioning into the Whole Sign system and I went form a Scorpio sun in 11th house to a sun in the 12th house, which can be a bit of a drastic change. But it's pretty accurate, and yours is the most accurate article I've yet to find for this placement, at least for me, thank you so much for your insight!

    1. Thank you kindly for taking the time to comment your feedback is very appreciated and helps me! I'm so glad you can related and found it helpful! Many blessing sent your way!

  3. I really enjoy reading your blogs! I have this placement in my natal chart, sun in cancer. Growing up, I was always lost in the crowd, overlooked, and at times taken advantage of or betrayed by others. Loneliness was a theme early on. So much of your article hit home with me. My husband who had his moon conjunct my sun, did see what was hidden to myself and I can say he did help me grow, come into my own and out of the shell I hid in. Soul searching has helped as well, and reading blogs such as yours gives me a deeper understanding of who I am and why, the traits that are positive and should be enhanced, and the negatives that need to be worked on. Thank you for your insight and for sharing your knowledge!

    1. Thank you! And for sharing your experience it certainly helps others as well! I appreciate your feedback for my work I am so happy it's been helpful for you that's my intention and I am grateful to hear such positive feedback!

      All my best to you....

  4. Amazing, felt like i was being read like an open book, Gratitude's!