Sunday, October 6, 2013


Sun Square or opposite Moon

The way in which your partner needs to feel nurtured is not naturally the way in which you choose to. The sun person's need for attention is not easily met by the Moon person. They both have something they respect and are even attracted to about each other but have difficulty giving each other what the other needs at any given time. This aspect causes a great deal of attraction and with the Opposition I find it works much differently and even better. You both seem to provide each other with the opposite of what you usually are accustomed to which seems to feel expansive that you both need to behave more like the other for in the opposition is the balance. However, with the Square it's not so easy, however compelling, it can be you both rub each other the wrong way, without even trying. There will be behaviors in each other that the other finds irritating or frustrating. This is often seen when one is a Taurus Sun and the other is an Aquarius Moon. The Aquarius needs personal space and freedom, or to be unique and an individual while the Taurus needs consistency and is jealous. These two will find that each does not offer what the other needs and may cause problems. The key to this as with any relationship is to allow each other to be the way they are and be supportive to the best of your ability. Get to know what the other needs and learn to compromise. All relationships need compromise and we can all learn allot from our opposites or squares:)

Sun Square or Opposite Mercury

The way that the Sun expresses themselves or thinks for that matter is not in line with the Mercury person. This means that there can be many misunderstandings but more so hurt feelings. The way the Mercury person communicates with the Sun person can be too aggressive, contrary or suppressive and vice versa. The both of you have strong opinions that differ with each others perspective. However, with this placement you can both learn so much for each other, so rather than forcing your opinions on each other, learn what you can from each other, and more importantly learn to accept each others opinions, and just that and don't be challenging that never works in a relationship. It causes drama and you like each other right? so why do that?

Sun Square or opposite Venus

You guys are attracted to each no doubt there. However, you just seem to love each other the wrong way. The Venus person will initially be very attracted to the Sun person but as time progresses will end up feeling unloved. It's not because the Sun person doesn't love the Venus person it's because the two are aliens from each other. The way the Venus person wants or goes about getting the Sun's attention is not necessarily in the way the Sun desires. The Sun person may not give attention and affection in the way that Venus Desires. In the case of the opposition I find it works much better because you both are opposites in this area and you respect each other for their Uniqueness, with the square it is more of a nagging irritation. The key is to learn about the Sun person's need for admiration or attention what makes them feel good, and then if you want they offer it up. Relationships take compromise anyway..The same goes for the Sun, learn about your meaning the sign Venus is in and offer the things she needs to feel adored.

Sun Square or Opposite Mars

Mars leave the Sun alone! Unless this is in a heated romantic situation then have at it. In the day to day, no one wants to be challenged all the time. However, if you are not one to challenge or aggressive by nature you might just find that you invigorate the Sun likes to be invigorated, just do it with compliments, not insults. There is a strong attraction between opposites and squares, however, they seem to rub each other the wrong way. The worry here is that Mars is just too aggressive with the Sun and the Sun won't like it. Try to be encouraging instead Mars, it will work wonders. And....if you get mad stay composed to not let your hatch blow!

Sun Square Jupiter

Wow, your feeling pretty good Sun aren't you all inflated up there high in the sky.. Jupiter makes you feel pretty good eh? Well, since Jupiter is making you feel so good why do you need to call him out on his exaggerations? Jupiter just wants to impress you and make you feel like a million bucks! You can get so much done together is you stay realistic in your expectations. There is no need to over do it, everyone wants to be loved for exactly who they are. As for Jupiter, you don't need to go overboard in excessive compliments they will begin to feel fake, and that may end up being the Sun's problem in the end... otherwise, this is a feel-good position and both of you should seriously just enjoy it! 

Sun Square or Opposite Saturn

Seriously Saturn, lighten up! There is no need to pick the sun apart, let them be themselves. It does not make you look better if you are critiquing people it makes you look insecure. You and the Sun are on opposite energy levels and behavioral patterns that's OK, that's what relationships are accepting each other as is or move on. You don't' want to change for anyone, and nobody wants to change for you. If the Sun wants to be silly and fun let them, jeez what's our problem?  If you don't like it there are plenty other Saturn peeps out there you will mesh rather well with. Relationships and happiness in them are by two people being allowed to be themselves and loved for it. However, Sun, if you behave in a manner in which can use some polishing Saturn, is the one to help, he can get you to stand up straight and tie your shoes like no one can. So if you have a little growing up to do, or want to learn how to be a sleek smooth operator, there is much for you to learn. Hopefully Saturn helps you in a tactful way, and not by belittling you or making you feel foolish.

Sun Square or Opposite Pluto

Pluto needs to chill here...Pluto can't control anyone so just let it go. If you are not happy with the Sun then let the Sun go. The Sun person will find you sexy, and mesmerizing but if you don't want this to turn into an all-out war, you must let the Sun be who they are. If you don't like that the Sun is happy then you need to go to a shrink and find why you don't like other's happiness. If you continue in your bossy way and not allow the Sun to shine, it will be war, and it won't be pretty. There is something about the Sun that makes you want to control it, I know. Perhaps you fear them leaving? whatever the reason they will leave if you continue to force your will on them, control their behavior and use underhanded tactics to keep them dependant on you. If you love the Sun, then plain and simple show them, if you want the Sun then appreciate what it is you like about them, don't get all scared and out of control. You will be very happy with the result! Sun do not provoke the Pluto person because you know they like you or want you. Stay straight up always be honest and respect that you draw these intense feelings out of Pluto so handle him with care.

Sun Square or Opposite Neptune

You guys are on dream time so turn it up! Hopefully, Neptune has been honest about who he really is and the Sun won't be in for a surprise when they wake up one day and realize that Neptune was nothing of the like. If the two of you are honest people this position will take the two of you to another world, the romance, and fantasy is enough to keep the two of you in love for a long time. Be careful and over-idealizing one another, you put pressure on the other to be too perfect when they feel human. However, the bond between the two of you will be very sweet:)

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  1. Thank you for this resource. Is there a reason for no sun square or opposite Uranus?