Monday, October 7, 2013


Ceres represents how you give care or nurturing and how you feel cared for and nurtured. Also, how you were nurtured yourself. It shows how we heal ourselves and what healing we offer others or care. When we feel cared for we feel loved and each sign feels cared for and gives their care in a unique way.

Ceres in the Signs:

Ceres in Aries is nurtured by action and physical activity and being on the go!  If you have this placement, you will nurture others through excitement, activity, being on the go. You need a partner that is giving, kind, and generous. You also feel nurtured when you are the center of attention and your partner makes you number 1.

Ceres in Taurus: You need massage, scents and plenty of food and sex to feel nurtured. You tend to nurture others by providing them the finer things life has to offer. You love romance, fine dining, fine gifts and plenty of leisure time, for play in the bedroom.

Ceres in Gemini: Any sort of communication or someone to listen to them will make a Ceres in Gemini person feel nurtured. Gemini is also the sign of variety and short trips so local travel, or walking around town experiencing new things can also make you feel nurtured. You need a partner that is intellectually stimulating, and well as a good listener. You tend to nurture your partner through communicating, writing, and providing them with fun and spontaneous adventures.

Ceres in Cancer: You tend to take care of people or offer support through cooking, or nurturing others. You can feel nurtured when someone else is cooking or caring for you. You can even get relief or find cleaning nurturing. You can often feel like no one cares about you by not doing their share of household chores and feel as if you will end up in the poor house because security isn't being provided. You need a partner to take care of you and need a well to do partner to help you overcome your fear of being poor. Financial security and a nest egg makes you feel nurtured and cared for.

Ceres in Leo: Attention, respect, and admiration, loyalty, and more admiration makes you feel cared for. Fine gifts and only the best makes you feel nurtured and cared for. You tend to nurture other's through offering them great sex, and a microphone to speak highly of you in. Nurturing others is really not your cup of tea, but you will show it through the finer things in life, and being out in the town or taking your partner out in the public to show them off.

Ceres in Virgo: You like to be of service and needed in some fashion and that is how you offer to heal others. You may help your friends with new health ideas, pointers in how they would look better or even feel better. In  order for you to feel  to feel nurtured yourself, you need to eat right, work out and be helpful to others. You like to be appreciated for the simple things you do.

Ceres in Libra: You like to nurture others by the small, subtle things that show you care. You like to be appreciated for your tact, class, and ability to hear all points of view. You need a partner that is fair or appreciates that fact that you strive to be. You feel nurtured through relationships and love partners which are very important to you.

Ceres in Scorpio: Understanding  anything deep, mysterious, or transforming makes you feel comfortable. You enjoy and find comfort in the grittier things in life. Sex makes you feel cared for and you tend to use sex as a way to nurture or care for your partner. Exploring the mystical, magical or hidden ruins will feel comforting to you. You nurture others through offering them healing with your deep psychological observations and can help others overcome any of their complexities.

Ceres in Sagittarius: Exciting travels, gaining Knowledge and wisdom brings you a sense of fulfillment. You feel whole and strong while on interesting journeys. You need adventure and experience to feel whole. You can nurture others through your optimism, bringing others up when your down through your faith in life. You can also nurture others through teaching or inspiring them.

Ceres in Capricorn: Everything being in order makes you feel good. You dislike chaos and confusion. You prefer a system, to things. You nurture others, by organizing their life and helping them build a working structure. You offer sound practical advice that can help others gain control of their lives. You need a partner that is supportive and able to cool your stern exterior. You nurture yourself with fine foods and feeling accomplished.

Ceres in Aquarius: Being appreciated for who their unique talents and abilities make them feel on top of the world. There offering to nurture to others through accepting them as they are too. They are great listeners and offer others tolerance which makes others feel cared for. They feel loved and cared for when they are allowed their personal freedom to pursue their unique interests. Being around friends, in groups or part of association makes you feel comforted. The nurturing they received was probably erratic, or bizarre in some fashion. They may have been treated coldly as if their feelings were not taken seriously so now they tend to love from a distance.

Ceres in Pisces: Romance, and love Imagination and fantasy make you feel comforted. You are very sensitive, and may have very sensitive feet, so massaging your feet would make you feel cared for. You  feel whole and inspired when near water. You nurture others, through offering them sweet sentiments, hand holding, and affection. You also offer others support in their dreams since you are big on them. You can help others get in touch with their creative side as well.

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