Friday, November 8, 2013

Synastry: Mercury Conjunct Square or Opposite

"The way in which you communicate with one another is very important to the success of the relationship."

Mercury Conjunct Square or Opposite your Partners Sun

This is a communicative aspect, but could also be a sign of a lot of bickerings if not managed. Sometimes one or both parties take turns on interrupting each other, not intentionally just that the both of you have your opinions and prefer to communicate them. This can also be an indication of excellent communication to where you both express yourself quite easily and enjoy many of the same subjects of interest. This is usually quite good for communication, just allow one another to complete their sentences.

Mercury Conjunct Square or Opposite your Partners Moon

This can mean a difference in how one communicates might be considered harsh to the Moon. This can also indicate an eagerness to express their emotions but in quite different ways. The Mars person tends to be too aggressive with the Moon perhaps easily hurting their feelings. This position adds a lot of sexual attraction, but perhaps because of this the Mars person likes to tease the Moon person. The Mars person needs to be more sensitive the  Moon person feelings if they want the relationship to work.

Mercury Conjunct Square or Opposite your Partners Mercury

This means that the two of you have quite different perspectives and ways of communicating. This does not need to be a problem it is up to how you both handle these differences. Perhaps rather than being annoyed or aggravated if you can be open-minded enough to listen to your partners perspective you might learn something. 

Mercury Conjunct Square or Opposite Your Partners Venus
This not a difficult aspect it can be quite positive because the both of you care about the way that to speak to each other. You tend to be highly diplomatic and pleasant most of the time. When there are possible flair ups, you both tend to let them go. There may be some avoidance with communicating issues, for the sake of keeping things sweet and there is nothing wrong with that. Of course all aspects need to be taking into consideration to give a more precise way in which this will manifest. In some cases, there can be difficulties because of the difference in each of their romantic needs, and the way that they express them.

Mercury Conjunct Square or Opposite Your Partners Mars

Communication between the two of you can be challenging, invigorating or a battlefield. Other aspects need to be considered to find out which way is more likely. However, this placement shows that both parties are lively conversationalists, and the Mars person needs to be aware of being too aggressive with the Mercury person or dominate conversations. You may have a difference in opinion, but that's a good thing, you can learn from each others differences and perhaps find a happy medium. Remember it is not always important to be right or have the last word. Not, worth the cost of your relationship, anyway.

Mercury Conjunct Square or Opposite Your Partners Jupiter
You both push each other to think in broader terms and open each other up to a new way of thinking. The Jupiter person will give great advice to the Mercury person, and will be very supportive of the Mercury person's ideas. Too much optimism is possible, to where you support each others pipe dreams to a fault, however being positive and believing no matter how large, is really the only way to go anyhow. 

Mercury Conjunct Square or Opposite Your Partners Saturn
There is a certain amount of distance between the way you communicate with one another. You are both not likely to show how you feel directly because of fear of rejection. The Mercury person may feel inclined to filter what they say around the Saturn person fearing rejection. The Saturn person may pick at things the Mercury person says instigating the feelings. This can also mean that the two of you prefer to talk about more serious subjects such as business, the government or world news as opposed to pop culture. You may tend to be more serious in each others presence than you are with others.

Mercury Square or opposite your Partners Uranus

Your Partner invigorates your mind and may help free you from any preconceived beliefs that may be limiting you. It is also possible that your partner might push you or challenge the way you think too often causing irritation. 

Other factors do need to be considered to be sure, but this aspect indicates stimulating conversations, whether they are welcomed or not depends on how the sign of the Mercury person and aspect to it. 

The Uranus person is looking to shake up the way the Mercury person thinks, speaks or communicates. They may come up with great ideas that are against the norm or quite unique. However, the Mercury person may not be as open minded as the Uranus person and find their way of thinking completely nuts.

Mercury Square or Opposite Your Partners Neptune
also see: Neptune in Partners 12th house.

You tend to communicate psychically better than your do verbally. You are tuned into each others thoughts, but you do need to be careful since what you are feeling may not always be accurate. You need to learn to communicate clearly with one another to avoid much of the confusion that the position can generate. It is easy to be deceived or confused with this aspect because neither one of you are clear in your intentions. 

Mercury Square or Opposite Pluto

The Pluto person may have a tendency to control or dominate the conversations and it isn't very pleasant. The Mercury person might have a difficult time being heard out of fear of upsetting the Pluto person. 

The Pluto person needs to accept that different opinions exist and to not force their agenda on the Mercury person. In the positive you both can enjoy areas of investigation, Scifi and the secrets to life. Your conversations will likely be deep. The Pluto person will enjoy probing the Mercury's mind.

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