Saturday, November 9, 2013

Venus in the houses- Natal

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, diplomacy, and prosperity. In Astrology, she represents these things as well as: How we act to attract, the value we see in things, our love style, and love nature. 

Venus in the 1st house

You are a true diplomat, kind and courteous, sweet and smart and are usually the peace make amongst friends. You are likely to be beautiful and enjoy dressing up or being glamourous. You attract the finer things in life and enjoy pampering yourself. You probably have a keen eye for fashion and have difficulty denying yourself anything. You enjoy massages, scrubs, baths and receiving beauty treatments, anything that is tantalizing to the senses. If Venus is not afflicted, you are probably very sensuous in love and sex. On the negative: You might need too much attention and demand it from others, or can be too self-absorbed or vain.

Venus in the 2nd House

If Venus is in your 2nd house and unafflicted you can pretty much expect always have what you need monetarily. This placement in itself does not mean wealth, but it does usually provide what you need. It is also possible that you are generous with others, and lucky when it comes to money. The 2nd house is material things but also related to self-esteem, you are likely to have a solid self-esteem. Often people with this placement struggle with compulsive spending habits, because having nice things is usually very important. In love you are consistent, reliable and trustworthy, and are likely to show your affection through giving presents and gifts, of fine taste.

Venus in the 3rd house

You love exploring the mind and all things cerebral. You are a gatherer of information and like a sponge to your environment. You love intellectual pursuits and searching for answers to life's tough questions. You are an intellectual without being an intellectual snob. You love language and might be multilingual or at least easily pick up other languages. You are lucky in your local environment or around the neighborhood and are likely known by the shops nearby. You are very diplomatic in speech and may even have a very pleasant voice. In areas of communications, local travel, commerce, and your immediate environment is where you will experience Venus at her best. You are likely to meet some really important people, just doing the daily errands around town. You are attracted to intelligence and prefer a communicative partner.

Venus in the 4th house

Unless your Venus or moon is poorly aspected, you probably grew up in a warm and loving environment. Affection and support were readily given and your home may have been very beautiful, or at least you always had what you needed. Good family relations is indicated by this position, especially relations with your mother. You probably give your fair share of love and affection to others that are close to you, and you feel the best when you yourself have a warm and comfortable home. You will enjoy decorating and probably be very good with home decor, and if done as a career you will probably be quite successful.

Venus in the 5th house

You are highly romantic and playful, you love fun and leisure, and may be lucky in love. You need a lover that is just as affectionate as you since you need lot's of affection. You are creative, and may find luck in areas of gambling, children, and love. You will have close relations with your children. Of course signs and other aspects made to moon or Venus can alter interpretation.

Venus in the 6th house

You may be one to take longer than other's to get ready in the morning, because you have one heck of a beauty regime that you must pertain to, or you are the one to buy the most efficient products, to get it done faster and better. Daily chores are a pleasure for you because you probably have cleaning tools that are very efficient but pretty and colorful, or sleek and sexy. You won't get sick very often but if you do, it's probably "love related". You will have pleasant work relations with work associates. Creativity and pleasure are expressed and derived from making things a little more pleasantly efficient. 

Venus in the 7th house

Relationships with others are where you shine, and probably picked out your wedding dress in early elementary school. You have your pick of the litter when it comes to finding a mate and will most likely benefit from marriage. You have excellent people skills, and form strong business associations through diplomacy and kindness. Others will like to work or partner with you so you will have many business opportunities.Other aspects to moon or Venus  and the signs will affect interpretation. 

Venus in the 8th

You love intensely and you are not one for facades. You want it real, and may push your partners to the surface with withdrawal if things don't go your way. You are probably interested in unsolved mysteries, or searching for truths, and all things that are hidden, because you love to get to the bottom of any situation  You will have close relations with Aunts, uncles and cousins, and deep intimate relationships with others. You offer true intimacy to others not based on the superficial and maybe one that others come to for help.

Venus in the 9th

You love learning through first-hand experience because you are a seeker and a lover of the experience. You are generous and fun-loving and are probably interested in all things foreign, and traditional in a noble sense.  Traveling and exploring are on your list to do's, and are probably attracted to different cultures and perhaps may be attracted to the opposite sex from a different culture. Higher learning is a passion for you and you are always up for a new experience to learn and expand your mind. You may meet your partner in a far away place, or someone with quite a different background and upbringing than you.

Venus in the 10th

The public likes you, you always make a good impression and have the ability to win the audience. Others see you as charming, charismatic and attractive. You will do well in your career when it involves; public opinion, approval of others, television  movies and pretty much whatever that may be. You probably have loving relations with your father, father figure. You will be respected in your work and career.

Venus in the 11th

Friends are very important to you and you will always be there for a friend in need. You probably have a large group of friends, with a wide variety in tastes and cultural backgrounds. You have a knack for discovering upcoming trends that can be quite ahead of your time, or anyone else  You do really well in group situations and have a lot to offer your friends. Your friends see you as a charming, diplomatic person, that appreciates them.Your friends will help you when you need because of this.

Venus in the 12th

You are spiritual and sensitive and have many blessings from the spiritual world. You are creative and compassionate and usually fall for the lost soul that needs saving. You put your needs behind others, and can be taken advantage of so you need to be careful.  You are very sensitive to currents of energies and may prefer to be alone most of the time or find that you are the most relaxed when alone. You may be attracted to unavailable men or women, and usually need to feel needed in some way.

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  1. Wow, the signs definitely make a difference. Venus in the 6th here however it's in Aquarius so there's no long beauty routine or very little routine for that matter. lol I'm pretty much a low maintenance kind of gal. Howeve, if extra time effort & money spent upfront means less time having to be devoted later on down the road, I'm on it! :-) And yeah, I'm not sick very often either, though that was not the case in my youth...yep due to relationships.

    Loved the post!

  2. Msfullroller:) yes the signs are important, along with other aspects made to Venus, but you know this being the house of efficiency/analysing/the house of Virgo/Perfection- Venus is beauty some would over do the beauty time! and some would find a more efficient faster way, you with Aquarius- sounds like you would invest in a fast forward button, to get it done!:)

  3. my venus is aquarius but I have mars in the 6th, and I need to have efficient tools, because I don't have the patience..! ha!

  4. Venus in the 12th here, Absolutely right! I wish I had knowledge of astrology much earlier on. Because then I could have saved myself so much heartache. Thank you:)

    1. I have said the same, although I learned fairly early it was not soon enough! Thanks for sharing!