Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Synastry: Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter Conjunct your Partners Sun

This is a very positive aspect to have for any relationship. You both make each other feel good when together. There is a positive expansive feel to your relationship. You encourage and support one another, have many of the same values and philosophies. You get a long really well, and help increase each others confidence. You will invigorate one another, and may become dependent on one another because you feel like you can do anything as long as your together.

Jupiter Conjunct your Partners Moon

This is a excellent position for emotional support. The Jupiter person will make the Moon feel good, as a matter of fact the Moon person might become heavily reliant on the Jupiter persons positive energy always keeping the Moon in a good Mood. This is a highly supportive aspect, Jupiter will help the Moon think more positive and as a result attract more positive things into there life. There is the potential of the Jupiter person not letting the Moon person deal with emotions that might be important by appearing insensitive when it is actually a natural instinct for the Jupiter person to pick the Moon person up and not let them dwell on the negative. You will both easily express you like for each other, making this a very good aspect for lovers.

Jupiter Conjunct your Partners Mercury

Whenever Jupiter is involved you can rarely go wrong and in this case it shows the two of you are on the same intellectual wave length. You will enjoy having many conversations about pretty much everything and anything. The Jupiter person can help the Mercury person be more positive. You will expand each others mind through your communications. 

Jupiter Conjunct your Partners Venus

These two love each other in a big way. You have a positive effect on one an others self esteem. You will easily hand out each other compliments. You will be romantic, loving, supportive and exploratory together. This indicates much happiness in love. You are likely to be quite generous with each other. The Jupiter person can bring the Venus person hope in love, and a desire for it in a big way. This indicates a genuine like or love for each other, a highly supportive and usually a strong attraction. 

Jupiter Conjunct your Partners Mars

You are more than likely a active couple, considering other factors apply. You both have a expansive feel to one another urging each other to explore the new, and philosophical. When you two are not out taking risks, exploring new cultures or climbing Mt. Everest, you will be using your energy in the bedroom. You both like to do it, and that includes all things adventurous as well. 

Jupiter Conjunct your Partners Jupiter

Too much of a Good thing? More than likely, if there is such a thing. However, this indicates that the two of you share the same philosophy, or close enough to understand where one another is coming from and where you may be going. This shows similar beliefs or a openness to one an others.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

Generational effect, but shows that you both may quite a different perspective when it comes to your beliefs. It also may indicate that the Saturn person helps ground the Jupiter person to help them build more solid structures. It also could mean that there is a possibility for the Saturn person to pull the plug often on the Jupiter's good time. 

Jupiter Conjunct Your Partners Uranus

You may need to be cautious of pushing each other too far since both of you may have a hard time drawing a line when together. This again is generational but reflects support and encouragement to be unique to themselves. It also expresses a mutual interest in abstract, universal truths, science or philosophy. Both like to learn in the similar way and find most the same things fascinating.

Jupiter Conjunct your Partners Neptune

You are inclined to reach new spiritual levels together. There may be a psychic connection present between the two of you. You both may have a interest in religion, or the spiritual. You will be supportive of each other in long term goals.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

This can be positive or negative depending again on the maturity of the two. The Pluto person can try to change the Jupiter's persons beliefs, or may have a strong impact on them. Jupiter may also try to change Pluto's beliefs more in line with Jupiter. However, this is really generational and there is so much more to look at to accurately define how this will play out for the couple. 

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