Monday, February 11, 2013


Saturn in hard aspect (square, conjunct or opposition) either by transit or in the natal can be very trying on your PATIENCE and your SANITY. The opposition being the most difficult along with the square.

Transiting Saturn Square or Opposite Mars
Out of all the transits, there is not much in terms of "stifling a person" as this one. More than likely while you are going against every odd, your energy will more than likely be very low as well. If that's not enough you will also notice that meanwhile while you're not feeling well, others are becoming more demanding of you. Your workload will pick up and no matter what it is you are trying to accomplish it won't be easy, there will be many obstacles in your way. The funny thing is this transit doesn't care if you are prepared or not.   If you have this aspect natally then you have more than likely learned to be very "thorough" in your work since you had to learn the hard way. Saturn will put a hold on all of your efforts. Is it for nothing? No, It's because he want's you to slow down, reassess and learn to be more detailed. If you are in a hurry forget it you will only frustrate yourself. You need to be able to relax and take your time and make sure you dot your I's and cross your t's. By transit Saturn opposing any of your planets has a way of making you feel weak and ineffectual. The opposition comes in many forms such as technical difficulties,   others are not working in cooperation with you and becoming more demanding of you. You will find it very difficult to keep composer under such frustrating circumstances, but I highly recommend  you do.

This is the key to surviving  this difficult transit -   Don't push yourself, you will burn yourself out...You will probably become ill but definitely frustrated and angry.. You must not act.! go slowly..very slowly..and even try to see what Saturn would rather have you use this downtime for? Perhaps to get a better perspective, or get things done that require your time in another area?.Saturn is trying to stop you more than likely for good reason. Perhaps the timing is wrong or there is something else better. However hard it will be, try to understand this,   and even if you can't you must. There is no choice in the matter you can't push Saturn out of the way. 

Saturn square or opposite Mars in natal chart

In the natal chart if Saturn is in difficult aspect to mars you may feel like you always have to work so much harder than anyone else to get what you want. Not just that you feel you do, but you actually do. Things don't come "easy" or "hard" they come harder. Saturn is structure and provides no shortcuts, he is also restraint, restrictions and sometimes just plain mean. Your effort is not appreciated unless blood sweat and tears were part of it. Sometimes you are expected to do "much" with absolutely nothing? However, because you had to work so much harder for what you wanted to accomplish, You actually later in life will have a handle on this energy and have more than likely become a "pro" and are quite good and not making mistakes since you know that you don't have the liberty to. People with Saturn in hard aspect to Mars become the best at what they do they are thorough in all that they do that you probably won't be able to find fault. This is because they know there are no shortcuts.


  1. This is so incredible accurate for me right now! I have had difficulties with this transit for a while now. I moved into a new role Mid Feb 2013, about 2 months ago and am still struggling to get user ID access for various bits I need for my work. My colleagues who started a bit later, actually have made more progress than me.
    Have felt very frustrated as well, but luckily knowing I have this transit makes me aware and understand why these things are likely to be happening now.


  2. Hi Anita,

    Thank you for reading! I am so sorry you are dealing with this transit. One of the keys to getting through it is to take things very slowly and don't react to the frustration it is causing.. We know it's frustrating! but blowing a fuse, unfortunately, will only screw it up deep breathe! it is soon to pass! many hugs for support to you:)

  3. This is so accurate, Saturn is opposing my mars in the 6th house and I am about to loose it! I started a new job and was royally sick for two weeks. On top of that my work load is heavy and I don't feel good. Why Saturn? Why?

  4. Uck! Very hard transit that's why forecasting is so great! Try to get everything done before this transit hits. Then plan a vacay for this time period:) much easier said than done, I know!

  5. hello. i have this transit right now, and what uve said im feeling it right now. im worried if this transiting saturn opposite my natal mars 1'19 degrees afffect my board exam. :( should i take or not? help plz.

  6. Hi Iris, This is a very trying transit, no doubt about it. The key is to go slow, take your time and don't force through anything. As far as taking exams, Yes you can take a exam, it will really affect you physically more, like you might be stuck in traffic to your exam and be late. So plan ahead:) Good luck!

  7. HI I am visiting a friend overseas for the exact week that Saturn sq mars (Saturn in Second sq mars in 5th Aquarius) Please advise! Must I lie low??

    1. Hi Dawn, Good Question! We can't stop our lives but I do advise you to " move slowly" and cautiously. You can very well get injured during this time, if you are not careful. I have known some to develop sudden pains, to sprang ankles, stuck in traffic, to cars breaking down. Saturn slows movement with Mars. The key is to move cautiously and slowly, plan wisely and take your time, if that makes any sense. Saturn usually want's us to slow down for a reason, during this transit. If you are not suppose to take this trip for whatever reason, I guess Saturn will let you know and you will know where you are suppose to be focusing your energy instead.

      Otherwise, I believe in being positive, just take extra precautions during this time. Also, if you need to be somewhere on time, leave very early to be sure there are not "blockers" on the way:) Be Safe! :)