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August continues on with some financial benefits for you! You can expect to acquire some nice items or perhaps see an increase in your paycheck. You may even come up with some great ideas as to make additional income with Venus still transiting your 2nd house of earned income until the 15th this month you can expect the benefits to continue from last month. 

Although last month was a better month for money, if you are in sales or anything that requires communications, emailing, or commerce you can expect to do quite well this month. Don't think that you won't have to drive all over town through because with Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun here you can expect to do more local travel. If this is not the case,  then perhaps more paperwork is on the agenda.

This is a highly beneficial transit if you are a writer also, you will be able to express yourself quite well. This month truly points towards getting any communications, mail or paperwork out of the way by making it your focus. 

Mars makes his move to join the already strict taskmaster in your house of health and daily routine. This may add a push and pull or stop and go in these areas. Perhaps you face odd blockers running errands, or hit enormous amounts of traffic, and as Mars wants to rush through Saturn wants you to pay attention and be smart.

 The other effect of Mars in the 6th is you become vigorously interested in working out or taking on a new health regime by changing your diet. This is an excellent time to quit a bad habit. Saturn has already been testing your health and things that you were not taking Care of are apt to come out of nowhere, telling you that you need to take better care of yourself. Things at work or on the job can get redundant or routine, perhaps your work piles up. Just take your time and cross every T and dot every I, Saturn is teaching you to be thorough and responsible.

Pluto still transiting your 8th has been quite the experience, and now retrograde digging up all your hidden fears and going through your psychological garbage can be rather heavy. Some of you have experienced the death of a loved one other's have had mini-deaths of the psychological kind. This is good, although not fun. Pluto seeks to teach us that death is part of life, and for us not to fear it but to accept it as a part of life. Pluto does this by taking away our emotional support, or putting us in situations where we have no choice but to let go and let live. Deep emotional experiences are bound, and perhaps forge deeper bonds with others. This is the house of deep intimacy so sex and takes on a new form in itself. Pluto is adept to handle his own house terrain so this transit will fare well.  No more superficial bonds, deep intimacy and a deep psychological purge that will free u on so many levels are bound. Some of you may inherit money others will have to fight tooth and nail for anything you get from anyone else. You may experience power struggles with others over money. It's best to focus on developing your own income if you don't have one because things can get murky with others.

Things may have been vague surrounding work since Neptune moved into your 10th house of Career, however, since Neptunes retrograde a lot of things will become clearer. You may be asked to do more work than you normally do during this time, or someone at work might make a promise that they don't keep. Try not to take things too seriously or get too excited until all the facts are in. This is an excellent time to think about your ideal job, and get cracking on ways to obtain it. Neptune rules the ideal, and in the 10th house most find a new found interest in doing something they have always wanted even if it means less money at first. If you're doing something you love, you will make what you need! 

Friends have been a sensitive and erratic area for you lately, you may have been meeting all sorts of different people than usual. Friends may go as quickly as they came, however, you  have been finding it much more important to be part of a group of like minds lately and may have an urge to take part in something that may help the many. You are learning to be your unique self and to allow other's to be themselves also.  You may take an interest in changing people's perspectives now or perhaps other's are trying to help break you free of some of yours. Whatever the case Uranus in your 11th house of friends and groups you can expect some unruly behavior here and a new found identity, You.

You might hear some great news from a sibling or neighbor or with regards to a work project that involves communicating or writing or emailing August 18th with a beautiful Jupiter-Venus conjunction in your 3rd house and adding to that will be the Sun. Something special in the 3rd house area is going to come, so keep and eye out.

Overall this month gets cracking on all things related to communication, writing, local travel, commerce or anything of such, it will work out great.  Remember after the 15th especially when Venus Joins in. Also with 3rd house transits especially with Venus and Jupiter get out locally, the 3rd house is the immediate environment and you are apt to meet some heavy hitters out and about in the neighborhood, so by all means get out. If you are looking for love I have to say stay local, Starbucks, grocery store, music store whatever is close by. The person will likely be found there. I met a long-term lover at my local Starbucks while Venus was transiting my 3rd. This month you got them all gathered up, so if you are looking to network or find a new business partner, or lover whatever you need will likely be just outside or down the street!

Have fun this month, it will be active for you!

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