Sunday, November 3, 2013


The sun... the light of the day. Wherever the Sun transits in our natal charts is where we desire recognition or the spotlight. We are much more social optimistic and love to be admired. We crave attention or the spotlight but not in a selfish way we just feel invigorated and alive and desire to express our self to the fullest and be appreciated for it.

Sun Transits the 1st house

You are much more confident, you are not afraid to express your individual identity. You want to be noticed or recognized for something. You are energetic and positive full of optimism. During this time, your confidence skyrockets and you are more willing to do things that make you feel good. You are much more expressive animated and willing to just be yourself. This is an excellent time, to do things for you, express yourself and go for what you want, no matter the obstacle. You will have a double dose of energy to go along with this so make the most of it. 

Sun Transits the 2nd house

Money may be on your mind, suddenly your desire for the finer things comes alive. You may have the urge to splurge!  As a matter of fact acquiring things during this period is just what you need, to boost your confidence. You may even feel inclined to splurge on others, simply for the sake of being seen as you can. This can be a confidence booster since you feel like you need an upgrade or an update or something of value. If you are not able to spend,  you may get new ideas on how to make more money during this time, which can be helpful in the coming year. Depending on other aspects you may have concern over money if you are not well stashed, however, you are likely to come up with what you need, just when you need it. It's a good time to make a list of the things you would like to have since your possessions are highlighted during this time. You feel a kick in the area of money, self-worth and values.

Sun transits the 3rd house

This is a busy month for communicating, and possible even paperwork, and driving around town. You are Feeling lively and communicative. You might be more occupied with paperwork, local travel, and writing or speaking more this month than the usual. You are a local firecracker, adding life to nearby places and perhaps involved in more work that requires writing, reading, signing, paperwork, mailing and all forms of transportation, commerce, and local travel.

Sun transits the 4th house

Areas of home and family are in focus, you may want to make some home improvements by adding new lights, home fixtures or family photos. You may spend more time this month entertainer family members whether in a family get together or over the phone if long distance. Long distance relatives that you don't hear often from may contact you. If you are married with your wife and family is where you will feel the most warmth. You will spend more time, in outings with family members or more time at home. Living with someone is bright and fun, during this time. Or if there are problems in the home issues can come to light, which may need handling. 

Sun transits the 5th house

You are very expressive during this time, and people will like it! You are confident, playful and feeling more romantic than usual. Other's want to entertain you and you are apt to have a lot of fun all month. Because of this you are a magnet for the opposite sex. If you are single this is an excellent time to get out and chances are you will. You can meet a fun lover during this time. You are usually in a really good mood, feeling lively and positive. You crave attention and so can be more spoken out during this time. You will be the center of attention all month. If you are in a relationship sparks will fly because your partner will see this spark in you and find it quite sexy. 

Sun Transits the 6th house

Area's of health, work and service are highlighted for the month. You will want to perhaps get on a get healthy diet, quit smoking if you do. Whatever it is something in the area of health will become a desire. You might be the spotlight on a work project where all eyes are on you. You will have more energy to take on more tasks and, therefore, shine at work. It can be that you start a new workout program or anything related. If there are hard aspects to the Sun you may fall ill, be sure to get enough sleep and take a daily vitamin.

Sun Transits the 7th house

People are drawn to you because you project an aura of confidence and fun. You are attracting optimistic and perhaps slightly egotistic people at this time. However, they can be people that you may develop a deep relationship with, even a potential marriage partner. This is the house of Marriage and Partnership so the Sun's transit here can also make you think about a serious partner, or you may find you want to spend more time with your partner if you have not been able to because of work or life. It's a good time to get out and be social.

Sun Transits the 9th house

You want to get out and travel, or publish that book you have been writing. You feel optimistic, feel the need to explore life's deeper meanings. You may explore new religion or the metaphysical sciences at a much deeper level. You seek knowledge and you want to expand. You will be interested in all things of a higher order. Travel is possible and a desire of exotic or foreign tastes. This is great for international relations and developing relationships with other countries in business. Plan all international business matters during this time, you will shine with all things foreign or new and expansive.

Sun transits the 10th house

You want to be out and about during this time, feeling like you need to be noticed. You want to be recognized for your talents now and more than likely will be if other aspects allow. However, the spotlight is on you all month so keep things neat you don't want any public scandal. It is an excellent time, to look for a job or get that new client. But it's even more than that at this time, other's will take a liking to you and you can get recognized for something. So the more you get out and do your best the more likely it is to happen. You may be the center of attention at work for the month so live it up. It is also possible that you become much more social, invited to more activities that can help your career. 

Sun Transits the 11th house

Your friends can't seem to get enough of you, and you may be rather busy this month being the socialite that you may not normally be. If you have cleaned out all your bad friends and need new one's now is a good time to get started finding them, You may be introduced to new groups of people at this time, or find yourself somehow involved in one. You seem to shine in areas of people or are feeling much more social. You can expand your social circle during this time, or get involved in some new cause.

Sun Transits the 12th 

You may need to spend some time secluded, in private, or may want to get away for a bit or on the downside you may find yourself, spending time in a hospital not necessarily for you perhaps a friend get's injured, not always dire. You are more conscious of your hidden feelings now, or in touch with all things hidden. You might also be feeling rather spiritual this month.

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