Wednesday, January 22, 2014


You are mysterious, intense, and ooze sex appeal. You are deliberate in your approach to things. You are very secretive or cautious with what you let people know about you. 
You are strong in that you have seen many wrongs and overcame many obstacles.

You appreciate, fine things but prefer vintage, unique yet powerful attire. You may shop second hand clothing shops for unusual pieces that are fitted, and empowering. 

You are not much afraid of anything,  but failure. You actually fear failure more than anything. You have relentless determination and the ability to overcome what would seem insurmountable obstacles to most. 

Your strength may encourage the tests and trials in your life, the stronger you are it seems the harder the trials. You are deeply passionate in your endeavors,all of them but you don't boast about them but rather go about them in a quiet and unassuming way, always pushing ahead with sheer determination. 

You have great personal magnetism and as a result you attract every one's attention without even trying. You will develop a strong extrasensory perception later in life which will guide you.

You may have difficulty fitting in with others, because you feel have trouble being superficial or having meaningless conversation. You might feel like you can't relate to many.

You have a deep desire to understand everything, you love to research and gain new knowledge. You want to understand all the mysteries of life. You radiate a intense probing energy that can make others feel uncomfortable but if used positively not in a accusatory or suspicious you can be a force to motivate others.

You do have the potential to be vengeful when betrayed but mostly when still immature. At some point you will have to face up to the misuse of power, and you will learn to use it wisely.

To some you may appear dangerous, or intimidating but that's only if you are using the lower vibration of this sign focused on power rather than, leading and helping others. You are very protective of those you love, and are deeply passionate in love.

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