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Natal:Planets in the 12th house

Sun in the 12th house

You very identity may be confused, you have trouble trying to define yourself. You feel you have an important role to play but have difficulty understanding what this may be. Early on, you may take on different identities, of people you look up to or admire. You can feel invisible sometimes, only causing you to strive harder to be noticed. You are both in this world and another and others impression of you may not even be close to what you are. You are chameleon-like changing your image constantly or shifting between who you are and who you want to be. You are able to adapt quite well to any environment you are in, and will probably do very well, in the arts in particular acting. You are impressionable and sensitive to the energies in any environment, which can cause paranoia or feelings of unworthiness. You need to learn to accept yourself for who you are and to start by defining who it is you really are. This is easy to do by writing down all the things you love and dislike, want and don't want at the end of the list you will be able to define to at least a certain degree who it is you are.

Moon in the 12th house

When your Moon is in the 12th house defining what you actually feel can be difficult for you. Your emotions tend to run away with you and are often confusing or difficult for you to verbally express what it is you are feeling. You are very intuitive and have deep insights into others, however understanding yourself is a work in progress and will serve you better a little later in life. You may have hidden fears in expressing yourself for fear of not being understood. Your mother may have been vague, high maintenance, demanding or expecting, or missing in nurture. Some with this Moon placement have mothers that drain them emotionally, or that are not emotionally supportive. You may have spent quite a bit of time secluded in your early years, or may have even been hospitalized or away from the larger population of the world.  Other aspects to the Moon and the Moon sign will tell us much more about the nature of the Moon and ways in which you can overcome your fears, or to learn to distinguish your feelings by getting in touch with your unconscious mind. There are numerous ways to do this. One would be to sit quiet and write down the first words that come to mind, no matter how strange or bizarre. As you keep writing whatever words come to mind, giving no thought to it. You will begin to tap into your conscious mind and may start to uncover your suppressed feelings. This does not happen right away, you must be relaxed and open with yourself. Let the words flow all over the piece of paper. Use as many pieces of paper as you need. 

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Mercury in the 12th house

You are very attracted to symbolism, sentiments, imagery, and paradoxes. You prefer not to focus on facts, but go more on feelings, hunches or intuition. It seems you learn best when ideas are presented visually, emotionally, or imaginatively, or creatively. Learning to communicate clearly can be a real challenge, but necessary to prevent the constant feelings you have of being misunderstood by others.  You tend to over think things, analyzing people you meet and their motives, and are likely to fall prey to inaccurate hunches and unnecessary worry. The deep yearning for "the fantasy and dream world" you often get carried caught in far-fetched fantasies of love" with the unattainable or that are not really giving you what you need. There is a deep yearning for a connection to others that fit into your scheme of things, and you look for others that feed your fantasies. You are often chasing a dream and have great difficulty staying in the now. The reality is not a place in which you wish to dwell, for it does not live up to your high expectations. You can be highly psychic and in touch with all that is unseen. There is a well of creativity that flows within you and needs an outlet. You would do wonderfully in the creative arts, whether painting, writing poetry or acting, even music. There has been a couple of people I have personally known that had early speech problems both had overcome and no longer suffer from, however speaking up was difficult for them early on, this was prevalent if their Mercury was inflicted. Being misunderstood is common for these people and others do in fact have difficulty making out what it is they are trying to say. This is because Mercury in the 12th  house produces an individual that lives fluctuating in and out of both the dream world and reality. You have difficulty being in the now, and staying focused long enough to participate in active conversations because you often drift off. Others may find you confusing, or spaced out because of this.

It is important for people with this aspect to learning to focus their attention on the needs of others, by paying attention and staying focused, rather than turning constantly inward. Relationships with others will improve and you will find that you will not experience the stress and worry that comes with this aspect. To balance out and improve your mental clarity and focus, read about Mercury in the opposite house, the 6th or Mercury in Virgo, try to incorporate the positive qualities of discernment, analysis, and focus and you will see your relationships and understandings with others improve drastically. Most importantly get out of your head, focus on the what's in front of you, and save your dream time for when you are alone.

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Venus in the 12th house

Unconventional relationships and marriages are probably the types of relationships you just happen to fall into. You may fall in love with a fantasy of what you think the other is and not actually what they are. Your love nature can be unrealistic, preferring to live it out in your head because it's much more fantastic than reality. If this is not the case then probably unconventional or leaving you feeling vague and longing. You may be shy or at least somewhat in expressing your feelings, or perhaps you fear to express them because you, yourself are uncertain of them. You can be very sensitive and easily hurt, but you are very easy to forgive just the same. You are sentimental and perhaps poetic but in touch with the rhythms of nature. You may be artistically inspired. You are empathetic and able to take on an others pain, you need to be careful who you get close too. You love all things unconditionally in the end. You can be easily moved by others words or easily touched by a passing moment. You need to watch out for being preyed on by others who will willingly take advantage of this. You are self-sacrificing because inside you feel you are unlovable or that you can not ask for yourself. You seek out the best in people giving no care to what others may warn. This is a beautiful trait but also one you must be aware of. You can end up in bad situations with the wrong people finding yourself, giving more than  you get. Set your expectation higher, since Venus in Pisces would be similar to this placement, try to adapt to the opposite Virgo energy of being selective, having higher expectations, being picky and helping others in rational ways, not selfless. You are entitled to receive, not only give. Use discernment and expect quality. Read about Virgo Venus and try to incorporate those qualities, you will see your love life improve and you will have a new found respect that others will take notice of and are likely to respond in kind. 

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Mars in the 12th house

You may experience difficulty with self-assertion, and may instead turn to passive aggressive behaviors to get what you want. On the other hand, you may speak your thoughts rather bluntly and perhaps unconsciously. Mars stirs up whatever house it's in and, in this case, it's your Unconscious mind. You may have an overactive mind and perhaps difficulty sleeping or may suffer from insomnia. You also may have a strong interest spiritual pursuits. You have strong creative abilities, and may be quite good at the dance being very in touch with the subtleties of music and sound. You can be a true James bond, for sometimes your actions come across as mysterious or vague, causing others to wonder about your true motives or what it is you are really doing behind this vague facade. 

You are deeply connected to your partners sexually and may feel as if you don't know where they begin and you end. Sex for you is a realm in which magic and spiritual bonding occurs. You are caring and sensitive but need to learn to be more discerning in your endeavors, you can often jump into situations that are not in your best interest. You are not really good at the details, it is important for you to learn to incorporate Mars in Virgo traits which would hold the key to balancing out your 12th house mystery with Virgo reality lessening the confusion and allowing you to make more solid decisions and better choices.

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Jupiter in the 12th house

You are highly spiritual and believe all things are possible. You have tremendous faith in life, and a deep spiritual connection to all things unseen. You have the Divine protection that will come to you in times of need. You have a high chance of getting in touch with your guardian angel, or the spirit world. You have an incredible imagination and will have much luck in any spiritual quest you take. 

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  1. 12th house Leo Moon-mother overly dramatic, emotionally draining, royalty diva complex, stingy as hell but wants others to give their resources unconditionally to her.