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NEPTUNE TRANSITS THE HOUSES: Sacrifice and compassion & Service, Inspired

Neptune transits the 1st house

When the initial transit begins you will notice that you will become much more sensitive to all around you and particularly to others sadness or sufferings. You may go on a mission to help others.  Feelings of wanting to help or save someone can come flooding in as you get in touch with your ability to love unconditionally. You want to make a difference in someone's life but you must be careful because you may attract all the wrong people that will take advantage of your kindness. Your sense of discernment is on a leave of absence, so it is very important that you do a double take on all that you do. Do your best to keep your wits about you in order to avoid the possibility, betrayals or self-delusion that is possible during this transit.

It is very common to enter into a relationship with someone that is not all that stable, they may come with a long list of issues that you would normally walk away but during this transit you are much more compassionate which is not a bad thing but you also might not be seeing people for what and who they really are.

It is true, we all need to be more compassionate, the world would be a much better place if we were. However, we also must realize that not everyone can be helped and although love can conquer all, it is usually not right away and may not be realized until years later, by the one you sacrificed and loved so deeply. This is why it is very important that if you do decide to take someone on with many problems, whether it's alcohol, drugs, recovering addicts, verbal abusers, sex addicts or whatnot, do so without expecting and understand that there may not be any reward, and because they are sick, they may not be ready for love enough to appreciate it when it's right in front of their face. You are much more willing to tolerate bad behavior under this transit than any other.

Your senses are tremendously heightened now and you may begin picking up on many different energies, with increased psychic sensitivity. This influence deeply sensitizes your mind, body, and spirit to the more subtle but higher energies of the spirit world and the intangible.

You will find that you absorb the energy and mood of those around you so be careful of who you are spending your time with. You don't want any energy-vamps around or overly needy people that will drain you. Keep boundaries and have expectations of others, it helps them more than if you accept every fault they have. Music and dance will take up new meanings for you and you will benefit from taking care of your adrenal glands and nervous system. For health remedies for this transit (see Astrological Health in the Back Room.)

Neptune Transits the 2nd house

Watch your money during this time for in some cases money seems to just go missing, with little explanation. It is also possible that you become more philanthropic or even carelessness with money. You might find your values or the things you value or deem worthy change as well.

Some people become less interested in material gain, and much more generous with others. While others become much more idealistic, dreaming of the dream home, dream car, or things of personal value.

You need to watch out for being too open or trusting with the wrong people during this time be mindful of entering a new partnership where the partner needs an endless amount of financial support.

The moral of this transit is to reevaluate what you value on a soul level, and that money does not necessarily make you happy. It's a great time for donating to a charity or any altruistic to put your money into helping the world at large, even on a small scale.

This is also a great time to tap into your creative talents and even discover how to make money from them. Your overall happiness is more important than money now.

On the negative side, someone can deceive you around matters of money, whether on the job or an associate, even a lover or a close friend.

Neptune will also be opposing the 8th house of your Partners money, banks or institutions so keep a close eye on your finances and be very careful with investments or loaning money.

Be generous, compassionate and helpful, but not blindly trusting and give without expecting to receive back.

Neptune transits the 3rd house

The 3rd house is the house of the mind, perception, and communication so you will be very creative and colorful during this period.

If you are normally a very organized and punctual person you may run into issues. It's very common to suddenly find yourself spaced out, forgetful and even unreliable.

You are not good with pressure right now or the details, but if you want to write a book, something in fantasy than you are in luck, or if you work in a creative field you of any type. You are dreamy and inspired, you see things much more colorful and beautiful. You are motivating and positive, believe all things are possible and I mean all things! this transit is great for manifesting your dreams but try to keep one foot on the ground. Neptune makes you very sensitive, compassionate and highly spiritual.

Negatively, you can be easily persuaded, delusional, unrealistic, in denial or choose simply choose to completely avoid reality.

You will be highly inspirational at this time whether you realize it or not. Your words have positive written all over them.

Neptune Transits the 4th house

You will find that home becomes your sanctuary where you get away from it all. This will not be a lonely time, however, but rather comforting and pleasant. At the beginning of this transit, you may move or and for some this can be multiple times, feelings of being displaced are common. Be careful and check out the places thoroughly, mold, water problems or gas problems are very common.

This is also true for buying a new home, or your current dwelling place.

Remember patience is a virtue.

Issues with family also might surface, particularly with your Mother. It is possible that a family member may require help from you, but it is also possible on the negative that a family member or someone you live with can deceive you but not always.

On a physical more obvious level, the home may break out with sudden Gas, or Water issues, such as pipe leaks, gas leaks and plumbing issues, and all Neptune related areas.

This is a very long transit approximately 12-13 years, so the changes are subtle and will take place over time, typically the 1st part is the most confusing, but it gets much better, and you will learn a great deal about yourself and who you really are.

Alternate Description of Neptune Transits the 4th

Neptune transits the 5th house

In the 5th house, it's our lovers, romantic partners, and children, that we need to be mindful of. If you are single be careful about whom you get involved and avoid partners with a lot of problems. Neptune rules drug, alcohol addictions, escapism and you can easily find yourself wanting to save someone with any of these issues at this time.

Just make sure that you are not giving more than you get and that they don't have more problems than a contestant on the "Jerry Springer show" because it will end poorly, leaving you with much regret.

However, it is also possible that you can meet an "ideal lover" or a Soulmate. Neptune also rules over soul mates, true love as well, the main thing is that under a Neptune transit, we are high on love or so elated that we can not see straight. Be conscious of this, and be sure to match the actions with words and be particular, or have expectations of your partners, apply discernment, you don't need to save anyone, save yourself, from thinking so and there is nothing wrong with having expectations from a partner.

Neptune Transits the 6th house

During this time you see, there is much work to do, but you just don't care, it's ok to put it off. Focus can be difficult so if you work in a tedious field you might struggle a bit with the details. Healthwise, Strange allergies or allergic reactions are very common so it's important you take care of your immune system.

Negatively, Food sensitivities or unexplainable allergic reactions and difficult to diagnose illnesses are also possible. There might be confusing issues related to work, and with co-workers, in some cases, someone may try to undermine you or drain your energy with their problems. 

Your ability to organize or stick to a routine might be hard now, it's best if you work in a creative field, but you might just find a more creative way to do the daily grind but keep a planner with you and check it often, you might end up missing some very important things if not.

Neptune Transits the 7th

You are much more trusting of others and can easily be taking advantage of as a result. It's good to trust, just don't fall for every scam artist out there, be wise in your decisions. If you are in a relationship, You may become dependent more on your partner or your partner may need more support from you. You are much more idealistic, and trusting so keep one eye on the ball at all times, to avoid being deceived.

Beware of being a sucker for the wrong kind of people. If you are married or in a relationship, your relationship can take on a more romantic spin, or grow deeper in spirituality.

On the negative it's possible that your spouse or partner may be hiding something, or may not be completely honest about something, having an affair or deceiving you in some way.

This is rarely the case, but it's important to pay attention because it is possible and be aware that you are not seeing things as they really are, or even avoiding reality.

Neptune is also opposing your 1st house and why self-delusion is possible.

Neptune here makes you very compassionate with others, so try not to give more than you can.

Neptune transits the 8th house

Keep an eye on your finances at this time, money can just disappear but usually as a result of your lack of discernment or management. Be careful about who you let near your personal information. Do not lend money to anyone expecting it back, more than likely you won't get it back. You will be much more generous at this time which is ok, just don't be foolish.

Blurred boundaries around sex are possible and you might have stronger sexual fantasies.

Neptune Transits the 9th house

You will become much more spiritual during this time and are likely to experience an intense spiritual revelation during Neptune's transit here. You will long for long distance travel desire to explore new cultures to gain new experiences and may even want to go on some kind of mission to help others in suffering countries.

Your interest in the metaphysical, religion, Myths or Magic will likely increase. You will be longer for a deeper understanding of the world at large you want to connect to something bigger than you. You will develop a strong sense of faith during this transit.

Neptune Transits the 10th house

You may feel lost or confused around areas of career, finding little satisfaction in your once liked job. There is a deep longing that is evident during this transit to have your ideal career. You may change careers completely and even unexpectedly finding yourself involved in something more creative even if there is less money involved. You become less interested in what others think of you and more interested in your true inner desires.

Just be sure that you have your financial areas taken care to the best of your foggy ability before you make any rash or sudden decisions to leave your job. It is believed that even if you take that risk, you will be much happier in the end.

Neptune Transits the 11th house

You may long to belong to a larger group or an organization that makes a difference in the world. There can be vague circumstances or betrayals that happen among the group or even close friends.

Neptune confuses things so try to be as rational as possible in these areas. Your friends may become needier, or require more help from you.

Some friends or associates may experience difficult times and turn to you for support. You will be asked to be of service to the group or to your friends throughout this transit watch for those that seem to be never-ending holes, set boundaries there is only so much one can do to help another.

It is also possible that you will meet a new group of spiritual or artistic people that you can learn from.

Neptune Transits your 12th house

You will have a great awakening during this time period. This is the house of sorrows and self-undoing. Saturn's transit here shows us our poisons, we are forced to work through them. Neptune here dissolves all of them, this is truly like a rebirth. I see it like an astrological baptism to begin anew. You have come to the end of the cycle and are cleaning house, let go of what must go and hopefully you have learned to work with Neptune to avoid the new cycle of being deceived all over again when Neptune hits your 1st house.

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