Tuesday, July 16, 2013


6a00d83451d62469e2016767b786d2970b-800wi (800×890)Neptune the planet of illusions, delusions, idealism, dreams, spiritualism, sacrifice, service and higher love, can be a dream come true or a web of total and utter confusion.

When Neptune transits the 4th house strange occurrences in the home are very likely. Neptune rules water, and gas so, you can expect these things to act up in or around your home. Water leaks, issues with water pressure and or gas problems are likely on the onset. If you are looking to buy a house at this time, it is very important that you check for any potential water or gas problems. Murphy's law applies if it can happen it will. 

It is also possible that you need to take care of someone ill, or the person you are living with a roommate, partner, or family member or even a pet may fall ill, or require special attention in which you may be asked to help or make sacrifices with your time and assistance or be very understanding.  

On another level for some this is a highly spiritual time where powerful spiritual experiences happen, it is a good time to retreat and explore your spirituality and beliefs.

Neptune often requires sacrifice or compassion so another effect can be annoying or disturbing neighbors, that require patience.

Issues can surface within the family, secrets uncovered, lies, deception or simply a family member might need more of your time or assistance. Home is a place in which you may not want to make your most important decisions, but you also will be very satisfied staying in. Some experience paranormal activity, I never had it happen, although I did have some very powerful spiritual dreams. 

There may be confusion and misunderstandings in the home, Neptune likes to confuse things, it's not so easy hearing and understanding under water, which is what this transit can feel like. However, this transit will be like a getaway from it all, your own personal space will be your happiness.

Any Neptune through the 4th survivors out there? How did your Neptune IC transit go for you? Where is your natal Neptune? Would love to hear others experiences.


  1. I was approx 7-8 yrs old when Neptune entered my 4th, and exited when approximately I was approx 22 yrs old. I'm still coming to terms with what happened but basically my sense of home, security etc...dissolved. Not a very happy time in my life so I just kept moving forward because I figured most people would not believe me anyway so why take myself through that pain again.
    I definitely was in a state of confusion about everything.

  2. Thank you for sharing msfullroller! My I guess it's no different later in life, because my sentiments exactly!

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    1. Hi Emily, Thanks for stopping by:) this transit does get better as it goes! XO

  4. This is scary.
    It's been transiting my house since 2009 and it's happening until 2023.
    My childhood home is gone. it was FLOODED, and mortgage couldn't be paid(IT was the longest home I moved into as a child for seven years we lived there)
    -then I moved in with a roommate who had cats. Which i moved out of after a few months because i was sensitive and allergic.
    -moved back into my mom's home.
    -moved out into an apartment on my own with my twin sister.
    -then that new apartment FLOODED, MOLDED and building was torn down.
    Now I'm back with my mom trying to find a new home. I get the yes or no on whether this apartment we found will be ours today.

    When i entered the vintage apartment, ti was a dream home for me. My twin and i read each others mind, and somehow knew we ould 'lose' ourselves in this one.

    Since pluto is conjunct my mars at the moment, i do need a home i an unwind in, since during the day I'm full of energy.

    Hopefully, the reason Neptune is on my 4th house right now, is because I was meant to find this home in my adulthood.

    Altogether I moved about 4 times this past year.

    Wish me luck!

    1. Oh my darling! What you write sounds about right! displacement and just about all the things you mentioned are part of this transit, however you should be very near the peak and things will get very good very soon!

      The Universe is trying to move you into your new dream home! and believe me when it's finally time, you will rest deeper than you have in a very long time, it will be peaceful and serene, you will love it! I am keeping my fingers crossed and sending you much positive energy to bring it to you very soon!

    2. I got the place!
      Thank you for your positive vibes, I cant' wait to make to make it my sanctuary.

    3. Yay! I am so very happy for you, you should really enjoy this period from now on. Get in touch with your inner self, things might slow down to a snails pace, but you will really enjoy it, sleep, relax, recover, and dream! I wish you the most pleasant of times!

  5. here's my experience:
    *moved in too soon with a boyfriend which ended in the illusion shattering and breakup, and the place which we were renting
    went into foreclosure so we had to move out.
    * took me over a year to find a decent new place to live...a couple of places had mold issues (which weren't apparent initially),
    and one place with 2 other tenants turned into a situation with deception, lies, and ultimate displacement.
    * the final place i moved into which i share with 2 people is great, but we had one year of ongoing water leaks and plumbing
    issues. also, the housemates, who are friends, underwent a kidney transplant (one donated to the other) and i helped a bit
    in aftercare.
    * the latest issue (accompanied by transiting mars square) brought on pest infestations which were mysterious in that they were unusual and hard to pinpoint.
    this was all even more bothersome because of the accompanying desire of needing one's home to be a spiritual, safe
    sanctuary. Going through these kinds of difficulties does make you more resilient.
    i have a few more degrees to go before neptune exits the 4th house and looking forward to it!

    1. Holy Moly! Sounds much like my transit as well resiliency is the result of this transit and yes the desire for a spiritual sanctuary is strong and yet these bizzar happening are everywhere. Its almost over! Yay💃

  6. I've been looking for an appartment to buy for the last 5 years. I've been very carefull and only took decisions to make offers (very reasonable ones) after long considerations. It's been an elusive target, like pursuing a mirage: five times I've made offers and five times I was prevented from buying: either there were legal issues or after some time the owners decided not to sell after all or they are just not in the market anymore, they just vanished. Like vanishing dreams. All of the issues were family issues from the sellers. At the same time, I compulsively start idealizing the appartments, imagining the decoration, the collors, the placement of the furniture, paintings, bookshelves, and the life I'd live in them...Neptune illusion? Maybe It will only come to an end when jupiter transits my 4th house, in some years...

    1. Oh my! It's a strange one for sure! The idealizations and dreams of home play a part in this transit but working its way to the dream home is bizaar no doubt and things do move you around a lot but also right into your dream place. Neptune says I believe it ! then I'll see it. Not I'll believe it when I see it. You will find your home and it will be all you dreamt of because you are manifesting it through those perfect visions of home soon it took me a while too but you'll see it will manifest:) Thank you for sharing your story:)

    2. Thank you! Things will come late to me, as usual: my natal square of Saturn in sagittarius to my Sun in virgo is being potentiated by the transit of Saturn through sagittarius...Happilly Jupiter is in virgo.
      When Neptune entered pisces and my 4th house, I had problems with water in the house I lived in at the moment, in a tropical country: when it rained I had water everywhere...

  7. I have it in my fourth powerful spiritual experiences and lived near water now moved into a family home above an occult business fortunetelling,tarot,aura,psychic readings etc. I also have heard a lot of spirits and demons some make me believe an illusion of it being my husband it is not , lots of deception,secretive lies,drugs or accusations against one for drugs ,lots of noise and I feel all who's around me including the environments undercurrents and feelings,thoughts unspoken motives I idealize home as my safe haven lights and colors are more bothersome to my peace of mind ,I have also became very close to the holy spirit and one hundred and ten percent believe in deliverance slot of trouble with the law misunderstanding's or manipulation and lies to use the law against one . I also have incredible intuition always have but I can't tell if it's an illusion or delusions from demons influencing my mind or if it's real I'm usually accurate and regret not saying what I felt or going against what I felt ended up being wrong like I feel my husband is cheating and I've been camcorders have been set up on me they have taped me put a GPS in my car hacked my phone to know my location is acting different never calls anymore lives in separate bedroom please is this real intuitive feelings warning me or delusions i perceive to be real so I think it is my fourth cusp is 21 Aquarius And anyone with a similar experience don't know to believe husband or not ,also slot of paranormal activity very powerful spiritual experiences both negative and positive cause of God but at first to come to terms with my mediumship and clairvoyant and clairaudience abilities my empathy makes it hard for me to be healthy since Neptune entered my fourth I sleep a lot never seems like enough I could sleep the whole transit of fourteen years But this transit shouldn't be taken lightly for it changes u profoundly and deeply in a spiritual way , spiritual warfare has came to the fore