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Venus Retrograde December 18 2013- January 21-2014

Venus retrograde is a fated time period we become much more aware of what it is we need and if we are getting it, because if we are not, we will not be happy during this time.
When Venus goes retrograde we tend look deep within ourselves we re-evaluate our values, desires and our feelings toward money, and our love lives. We ask ourselves; Are we getting what we want out of love? What items do we need replacing? What do we truly value? and do we have enough? We become much truer to our selves and what we really need and want. We want to re-evaluate our current love relationships or lack there of, as to why whether or not we are receiving and giving the love we want and deserve. We will re-think our relationships of the past and look at the role we took in that relationship. It's a time to reflect and learn from the mistakes we made or the way we failed ourselves. We ask ourselves Was there anything that could have been done differently, if we had the chance? 

Well, here it is! the chance to work out your past love karma. The funny thing about this time is that no matter what houses are affected you will find that old lovers come back or you will find that you yourself are reaching out to someone from your past.  It's doesn't always mean old lovers,  it also means anyone you loved like a friend or even a family member you haven't spoken with in sometime. Along with getting the chance to re-do love karma it is also to help you avoid building or carrying any additional relationship karma in the future. If you leave this world wondering what may have happened then you will need to deal with it next time around. So this is the time and opportunity to finally get the closure you need or a second chance to try to do it again. 

While venus is retrograde, i find it a good time to make smart purchases. You will not be swayed by sweet Venus's temptations to buy! buy! buy! but to buy smart. Since you are internalizing this Venus energy you will be a lot more cautious and can more than likely find some smart buys. Money can also slow down during this time so don't get wild with the spending, be sure to shop smart . The theme here is re-thinking, re-evaluating, and realizing what it is you really need in love, and all things that you value. Since this hits us all, chances are your exes will feel it too. If you are in love, you will evaluate your relationship and make improvements where needed. That is what this transit is for! On a side note: Some astrologers think any relationship that starts during a retrograde most likely won't last. I happen to disagree, unless you left your current one for a new fling during the retrograde, the chances are you may want to go back. However if you are single and looking, there will be a lot more opportunities to find someone that got the chopping block!

 If you would like to know what to expect this Venus retrograde, for you personally.  Go to my reports page and choose a Venus retrograde report.

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  1. I was wondering if this venus retrograde also has anything to do with loosing items you have purchased prior venus retrograde. Since the retrograde I have lost or had stolen several items of importance. I don't know...I have also been thinking a lot about my ex relationships even though I am currently involved with someone right now. I just don't know if he is the right one for me. Venus retrograde has a way of pointing out things you otherwise would push aside. Great article. Love you're blog!

    Chandra Marcucci