Monday, April 30, 2012


Aquarius-Ruler: URANUS: 
Keyword: I know
BASIC--The Awakener; altruism, inventiveness, originality, sudden action, unconventionality.
POSITIVE--Progressiveness, universality, universal love of humanity, impersonality, independence, love of liberty, romance, intuition.
NEGATIVE--Eccentricity, spasmodic action, bohemianism, fanaticism, irresponsibility, licentiousness, anarchy.

You have a unique perspective because you view life from the other perspective, the objective impersonal side. You are a air sign, so the world of ideas, communication, thoughts and intellect will be important to you. You tend to think big and in advance, you can see the big picture as they say. You are open minded and able to get on well with most other zodiac signs, unless you are in a romantic relationship. The world of relationships are complex for you you like to shock people much like Uranus and it can make relationships complex for you. You can certainly help many break free of their bondage to ideas that are holding them hostage, and have the magical ability to bring out the best in others through yoru non judemental ways you make everyone feel unique and accepted as they are. You don't judge and prefer not to be judged yourself. You believe that freedom and acceptance can change a person and the world for the better so you attempt to promote these things in the lifes of the people you cross. 

You are intellectually stimulated and may unconsciously be a sapio sexual, nothing like a new idea to get you going in the intimacy area. You need a partner that is not only your friend but can also blow your mind with some crazy yet feasible idea. You like smart, sexy and open minded. 

You live life from another perspective because you always take the alternative route what everyone else is doing is what you are purposely trying not to do and have much success at doing so.  

Deep inside you identify with all of humankind and you are strongly concerned with collective issues. 

You love the idea of the future and being a part of it. You like to push the ideas of convention simply to and it is in this that you are so creative. You have strong spiritual inclinations are intuitive and possess ESP gifts. You can talk the crazy out of crazy through your ability to connect with the wacky in all.

You are an idealist and a reformer at heart, and can be intolerant of those that you view having closed minds.

You are very independent and will have many platonic relationships before, after, and during a marriage. In fact, you are truly more at ease with friendship than with love.

You do not like to be told what to do, or how to do something, you are very independent and need a great deal of freedom of expression.


  1. Hello Zahara Star,
    I am Aquarius asc with North Node in asc and am quite like what you described:) My latest battle is against male dominance and archaic marriage beliefs and Religious beliefs and double standards,which is why i left d fool i was married to:) The marriage was arranged so no love lost there!!!!!!

    Warm Regards,

    1. Whoop Whoop! stay true to you! you need to be supported for your independent and unique nature, and most certainly won't tolerate double standards, nor dominance, nor should you. Cheers to your liberation!