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Sun in the 12th house can be a difficult placement for produces blockages, confusion and even delusion surrounding the persons identity. As a result of a lack of support early on from one or both parents to help the person develop a strong sense of self. This may have been because one or both parents were not readily available either worked a lot or was preoccupied and the child spent much of their time alone, with very little guidance in which they needed to develop their own sense of identity. In other cases some with this placement were forced to spend much time in solitude or in a small or remote town with very litte interaction. For others they may have spent a lot of time in hospitals, or bording schools or confinement. It is also possible that parent may have been sickly where the child was responsible for taking care of them or going on many hospital visits. The 12th house is very complex but is rule by the planet Neptune which dissolves boundaries, and exposes us to the poor, sickly, downtrodden in order teach us compassion. With the Sun here, ruling identity, will, pride and ego, the person grows up not developing a strong sense of self, they feel lost amongst the majority and often feel over looked. As a result some can have a strong desire to be noticed and many persue fame relentlessly in order to be noticed. However, some experience self delsusions and don't really see themselves for what they really are and can try to take on identity or charicteristics of those they respect or look up to in a sort of copy cat way. It's important for the person to really get to "know thyself" and will take some deep inner searching. They need to set up their own unique likes and dislikes, and define themselves based on their own criteria not someone elses. This strong desire for recognition and power is the result of feeling invisible, lost or left out in early childhood. This in turn leaves the individual to define themselves. Feeling lost at sea has it's pleasantries, simply for the fact that these people are very creative and in touch with the spiritual side of life and need to overcome these feeling of invisiability by stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking risks. The problem is self delusion, we can all see it when Saturn hit's our Neptune and all the illusions clear away. With your Sun in this house you don't see yourself the way others do. 

Early on, strange occurrences may have taken place, and the individual may have forged a fantasy world as the result of spending too much time alone, alienated, and not having the proper guidance, or attention they needed to grow a strong sense of self. 

 In group situations early on or with their friends, they may have overly compensated or tried very hard to win others approval and could have easily been taken advantage of. 

Some people with this placement or Neptune Sun aspects possess a etheral or glamorous look which is one of Neptune's positive sides. 

Some have had to sacrifice a part of them for the betterment of others. Most are plagued with irrational fears of being confined or even misunderstood because they often struggle with expressing themselves clearly and make lack a certain amount of self awareness. 

Because of all of this these people often develop a complex in which they are forced to overcome, and no longer remain hidden from others, they have great courage. There are also some with this placement have a Neptune (inflation) inflated ego, feelings of great importance which other's have difficulty understanding. The person had a vague childhood with irrational accusations as a large part, confusion and loneliness. This has made some of them much more aggressive in their pursuit of their ideals and desire to define themselves and be noticed, to rise above invisibility becoming something great and of the mythic. Which can be quite the contrary to the popular belief of Neptune being passive. Other aspects always need to be considered others aspects to the Sun or planets in the 12th can alter the interpretation. 

People that transpose planets in your 12th house will can be helpful to you, if their intentions are good. These people can help you see this part of you that is hidden and help you unleash the true potential the planet placed here.

Do you have this placement? How do you feel it has played out for you?

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  1. Hi I love your astrology blog ;can you do interpretation of sun in fifth house thanks !!!!!!

  2. This is incredibly accurate, I just started transitioning into the Whole Sign system and I went form a Scorpio sun in 11th house to a sun in the 12th house, which can be a bit of a drastic change. But it's pretty accurate, and yours is the most accurate article I've yet to find for this placement, at least for me, thank you so much for your insight!