Saturday, May 5, 2012


Saturn's transit in difficult aspect to Venus the Square or Opposition can really fire up the irritability and feelings of discontent both relationships and with self.
 Saturn is restrictions, critique and suppression and Venus is all things that bring pleasure such as sensuality, love and money. When Saturn begins to make a hard aspect with Venus in your natal chart, you may not notice it initially but your view changes from positive to negative and finding fault. This can be a good thing if you are heavily Neptune a good look with some more negative glasses can help you sort things out. However, if you are not Neptune afflicted and, for the most part, aware, this transit can make you overbearing, nitpicky, critical, unhappy and impossible to be around. If you are in a relationship that prior to this transit you were happy in, chances are you will unconsciously or consciously push your relationship right out the door. If this is something you felt prior to this transit than no harm done, and good riddance.
 However, you must be aware that during this time, you are very irritable, and you don't see things as they really are, you are finding fault in everything and your expectations of others are unrealistic. If you are in a relationship you will want to test your partner to see how much they can take, just know no one needs to be abused, nagged or treated poorly to prove their love. That only proves they have low self-worth, for no one should be treated as so. 
So instead of testing their love by how much cruelty and rejection they can take, try having an honest conversation instead. I have known many to destroy their relationships during this time later to regret it. Yes, there are some that were glad to have them end, but that's only saying they should have ended it earlier, but chose to stick with it. 
The confusion with this transit is much like having the natal aspect, there is  a tendency to expect your partners to do all the work, put up with ridiculous demands, and tolerate rejection over mood swings, and irritability all while the Saturn-Venus person does nothing. 
We all want to be loved, but hopefully we want someone to love us that loves themselves too. Relationships are given and take, and anyone that will put up with bad treatment over and over, even if they are in love, and those that do, may very well suffer from low self-esteem, which will only feed your insecurity.

By Transit, you can take on much of these qualities without really realizing it. Yes, it's true it will break a relationship that was bad, but it will also break a relationship that is good, with someone that has standards of how they are to be treated themselves. Realize that no one is perfect and it's not necessary to continuously find fault, being a nag isn't fun to be around either. You may even become unbearable to friends as well, as they notice you have become very negative and critical and irritable.

On the positive if you have been overly accepting of bad treatment and need to get out of a dysfunctional relationship this transit will help you do it. Just keep in mind, that during this transit you are behaving differently and it's not likely a positive thing. Things that normally wouldn't bother you can suddenly become unbearable, and you can find yourself nitpicking, and simply being a drag to be around. 

On a financial note, It is also known to slow down money, which most certainly contributes to one's overall frustration. Whether it's your partners money or your own, you are unable to fill your needs as lavishly as might have been used to prior to this transit. 

This transit tests your relationships which actually is a very good thing, but not if you are being unreasonable during this time. If you decide to cool down a bit that's fine just watch for the tendency to push your relationship right out the door if that's not what you really want. If you manage well you will both pull through and probably grow even stronger. If the relationship is based on any illusions, those will clear away, but also so will much of the good. 

During this transit, I felt as if the walls were closing in around me. I began to feel suffocated and I lost interest in the things that I use to find pleasurable and began to find fault in everything. I was unhappy with everything and extremely irritable, I pushed everyone away and demanded things be my way. 

As far as relationships, Saturn most certainly tests the strength and you have to really be in it for all the right reasons to make it. 

The key is to realize that this transit serves to test the validity of your relationship(s), but also that you are testing your relationships, and possibly being very cold and hurtful. Know that there is a possibility that you can destroy a perfectly viable relationship as a result of your cold and extreme behavior change, irritability and irrational demands. 

Believe me, during this time, you have the potential to make your Partner hate you, that's how difficult you can become. So if it's not what you really want, perhaps take a break during this transit. 
Yes, this transit is brutal and very difficult but awareness always makes a difference along with a conscious effort.

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