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Do you have what it takes for fame? The signs are in the stars  and here is what they are saying about "most" if not "all"  famous people. The common threads of fame found in their astrological charts is no mere coincidence. Let's start with the first on the list, not that the other's are any less important but this is the most obvious when looking at the charts of the famous.  

1.The T-Square or some call it the T-Cross. This type of configuration occurs when two planets oppose each other and both are squared by a 3rd planet. The T-square often produces major obstacles in one's life but can also be a driving force to overcome these. The houses involved will show where the obstacles are most likely to be found. These obstacles, however, create tremendous drive, and because of this most find tremendous success. The focal point will tell you where the success lies or at least some part of it. The T-square is a catalyst to success and achievement that many famous people have.

"T-squares show great energy and stress and are often featured in the charts of very successful and famous people. Once these people learn to harness the energy it will provide great motivation and drive."

2. The Grand Trine

A Grand trine occurs when 3 planets are placed equal distance apart approximately 120 degrees. This is slightly not as common as a T-square when it comes to fame but
common enough. The creative energy flows with a grand Trine much smoother and with less difficulty. Some believe it to be, benefits passed on from deeds well done in our
last life. However, because the energy flows so easily some people that have them develop inertia and, unfortunately, do nothing with the creative energy. However, the ones that do take advantage and utilize this energy will accomplish much! A perfect example of the Grand trine utilized to its potential would be Oprah Winfrey who's Grand Trine lies in Air and involves her 3rd house. The 3rd house is the house of communications, media, journalism, writing etc... She used it.

3. Neptune

Neptune rules the cinema. Along with other spiritual matters, and things like delusion, religion, fantasy, movies, mimicking and things of that nature. If you take a look at most famous peoples charts mostly creative famous people not so many politicians but actors, dancers, artist, writers etc.. Neptune is playing an important role. It will be prominent, making aspects to personal planets,  in their first  house of "self" or aspecting one of their personal planets such as their sun, moon, mercury, Venus or ascendant. Sometimes it may involve the 12th house which Neptune rules, but more often than not Neptune is in highly aspected.

4. Jupiter

jupiter-small.jpg (600×401)
Benefactor Jupiter expands what it touches and in the charts of famous people you will find him on the ascendant, involved in a grand trine in the 2nd or10th house, and less often but still prominent in the 5th house. Jupiter in the 10th house often indicates some sort of fame or at least a great public image. If it is a famous writer it would then more than likely will involve the 3rd house (writing, communication, speech, intelligence) etc. One of the personal planets such as the Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus would likely be in aspect to a planet in the 8th house of other people's money, Jupiter in the 2nd, 3rd, or 10th is very common. Writing talent meets other people's money is a recipe for success in writing. Many famous writers have this. In addition add in the 1st, 11th or 8th house and this can reek of a " Best Seller". It may also be involved in a t-square, but Jupiter needs to be in one of the career or money houses most often than not.  If you also look at the progressed chart and  transits to it for indications as to when this T-square might be set off or aspects to your Progressed Moon for an idea when this fame will most likely happen and to not miss the opportunity.

Venus is another planet necessary for fame for Venus in the right place can make other's love you, want to be you or increase your following at the very least make give you Star quality looks. This is important when you are looking to be famous. Venus makes a person likable and attractive to the majority. This is especially true if it is Conjunct, Trine, or sextile the sun, in the 1st house, Conjunct Ascendant in the 7th house and obviously the 10th as well.  Venus in the 1st house or in conjunction with the sun or ascendant can produce someone with movie star looks, charisma, and charm, but it doesn't necessarily spell fame in of itself.

Look at your chart and see which houses your t-square or grand trine involves the area of specialty along with the planets and what they represent. If you don't have a t-square or grand trine it is still very possible just make sure you have some Neptune contacts along with a little help from Jupiter and then go for it! 

For an even deeper analysis of what it takes to make it, you can continue reading in the Private Members Only section. or visit my consultations page to see if you have a promise of fame within your chart.


  1. I have a T-Square in which the focal point is mars in my 5th house. I am a very creatively talented person. I paint, dance and write music. I hope to be discovered soon. I have noticed the same thing in doing research on the "Stars" I look at there charts and the T-square is just about guaranteed! Much love, Love your blog!

  2. I too have a T-Square with the Apex planet being Mars but mine is in the 3rd. I am a writer and am in the process of getting my book published. I hope to be famous for it!

  3. Thanks for Reading Zella! I hope you get discovered too! The drive the T-square produces won't let you have it any other way. Keep keeping on!

  4. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for visiting! I hope your book gets published and you get famous too! Good Luck!

  5. I have venus in taurus 10th house and jupiter and neptune in 5th house.I also have sun conjunct Mc,sun trine neptune and neptune trine Mc. What do these aspects mean?

  6. Hi Newbie, thank you for visiting! Without seeing the whole chart we can't be totally sure, but assuming there are no other blockers. It would appear that you would have much career success and quite a bit of luck, especially in fields of entertainment, beauty, fashion, acting or in fields that have to do with all things taurus and venus such as; massage, beauty and anything to do with luxury and fine items.

  7. I am a Actor and come from a family of pretty well to know Actors and Actresses. I won't name drop here but I will have to agree with all that you wrote here. My mother has heavy Neptune and a T-square focal point 5th house. She has been acting consistently for the past 30 years. My Sister is a pretty famous music Artist, she has heavy Venus Aspects including Sun and Jupiter. Her T-square focal point is in the 8th house. Two of my best friends are also in the industry who both came out with two major blockbuster summer movies this year and they both have a T-squares and heavy Neptune Aspects. I do not have a T-square but I have two grand trines and heavy Neptune Aspects mostly Squares, I just got my first major film debut that I am taking off to film for 4 months this month. I am fairly new to astrology but I love it and I love your blog, I have been hanging out. Thank you.

  8. This is my chart info - Do I have any prospects of fame ? :)

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
    Sun Gemini 26.06 Ascendant Libra 20.05
    Moon Libra 5.04 II Scorpio 17.28
    Mercury Cancer 7.35 R III Sagittarius 19.12
    Venus Leo 2.36 IV Capricorn 23.59
    Mars Taurus 18.11 V Aquarius 27.31
    Jupiter Scorpio 5.05 R VI Pisces 26.26
    Saturn Pisces 12.22 VII Aries 20.05
    Uranus Capricorn 25.29 R VIII Taurus 17.28
    Neptune Capricorn 22.40 R IX Gemini 19.12
    Pluto Scorpio 25.54 R Midheaven Cancer 23.59
    Lilith Taurus 7.52 XI Leo 27.31
    Asc node Scorpio 23.37 XII Virgo 26.26


    The following table shows the planetary aspects in your natal chart. Short interpretations are found below.

    Planet Aspect Planet Orb/Value
    Sun Trine Ascendant 6.01 25
    Moon Square Mercury 2.32 -98
    Moon Sextile Venus 2.28 123
    Mercury Trine Jupiter 2.30 89
    Mercury Trine Saturn 4.47 48
    Venus Square Jupiter 2.29 -70
    Venus Opposition Uranus 7.07 -42
    Venus Trine Pluto 6.41 20
    Venus Conjunction Midheaven 8.37 39
    Mars Trine Uranus 7.17 6
    Mars Trine Neptune 4.29 25
    Mars Opposition Pluto 7.43 -21
    Jupiter Trine Saturn 7.17 8
    Uranus Conjunction Neptune 2.48 144
    Uranus Sextile Pluto 0.26 107
    Uranus Square Ascendant 5.24 -3
    Uranus Opposition Midheaven 1.30 -50
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 3.14 17
    Neptune Square Ascendant 2.35 -11
    Neptune Opposition Midheaven 1.19 -34
    Pluto Trine Midheaven 1.56 11
    662 -329 333

    1. Yes you do have some of the aspects, but I would still need to analyze the whole chart in order to make a proper assessment! There is a lot to look at as well as transits to your natal chart for opportunity.

  9. Hi, just wondering if you must have a T-square of grand trine for fame? I have Neptune in sag on the 10th house cusp which is square my sun, mercury, jupiter and saturn. It has an exact trine to my pluto. The energy is driving me crazy and I feel I must do something... but I do not have a prominent formation, just a rough life. I believe what I have is a cradle. Do you have any advice?

    1. Hi! No those are not absolute must haves. These are just some of the most commonly found aspects within some of the very Famous.
      However there are others whom have reached fame and did not have the T-Square or the Grand Trine but had other aspects or placements listed.

      Many have reached fame whether short lived or longer without, but there are other indications along with timing of transits that help boost the opportunity.

      There is always free will, and hard work always pays off. There are a lot of things to consider in a chart, when looking to see if there is fame possible, as I said also including transits to both the natal and the progressed, and why it's always best to look at the whole picture, rather than aspect by aspect, because Astrology is very complex.

      If you would like me to read for you and discover your potential my "Talent Scout Report" covers all of it and more and will give you a game plan to take advantage of opportune times along with it. :)

  10. do i have any fame?

    House 1 21°25' Sagittarius
    House 2 25°43' Capricorn
    House 3 3°48' Pisces
    House 4 8°49' Aries
    House 5 7°07' Taurus
    House 6 0°18' Gemini
    House 7 21°25' Gemini
    House 8 25°43' Cancer
    House 9 3°48' Virgo
    House 10 8°49' Libra
    House 11 7°07' Scorpio
    House 12 0°18' Sagittarius


    Sun House 10
    Moon House 3
    Mercury House 10
    Venus House 9
    Mars House 8
    Jupiter House 1
    Saturn House 3
    Uranus House 2
    Neptune House 2
    Pluto House 12
    Chiron House 10
    Ceres House 1
    Pallas House 11
    Juno House 3
    Vesta House 1
    Node House 9
    Lilith House 9
    Fortune House 5

  11. I have a T square,a grand water trine and a kite..the apex of my kite is neptune in 5th house cappy,sitting there alone.
    My jupiter is in the 9th taurus.
    My T square consists of mercury in 10th gemini,mars in 7th pisces and saturn in 4th saggi.
    My grand water trine has pluto in scorpio in 3rd,moon in pisces 7th and sun in cancer 11th house.
    My venus has few aspects.It sits on my 10th house conjuncts my MC and Mercury in Gemini.My venus also squares my north node and moon,semi sextiles my sun and that's it.
    I wanna be able to sell my paintings..Idk if I will be successful in it.I have this kinda shy and low self esteem yet dreamy nature.

    1. You are sweet and dreamy:) Howevr darling you must believe in your self and your work enough to not care what others think in order to sell your art work. When you believe in yourself others will too! That's the first step ! you have a gift and you just need to believe in it and do it. Your grand trine involving your relationship houses 7th and 11th is a sure fire bet of success with the public. Don't be shy! :))

  12. l have a neptune 1st house l just dont see things for what they really are , and in relationship im blind by love , but lm stuck in life lve been depressed since 2012 dont know what to do always tought l was gonna be famous probobly the neptunian dreamer in me lol but can anyone give me a glimpse too se my planet position too see if fame is i there ?

    Sun in Midheaven
    Moon in VIII
    Mercury in Midheaven
    Venus in VIII
    Mars in VIII
    Jupiter in XII
    Saturn in Midheaven
    Uranus in XII
    Neptune in Ascendant
    Pluto in IX
    Lilith in II
    Asc node in VII

    Sun Scorpio 8.25 Ascendant Sagittarius 14.52
    Moon Virgo 21.51 II Aquarius 0.54
    Mercury Scorpio 9.31 III Pisces 27.19
    Venus Virgo 21.55 IV Taurus 0.14
    Mars Virgo 19.52 V Taurus 19.48
    Jupiter Sagittarius 12.30 VI Gemini 3.37
    Saturn Scorpio 7.23 VII Gemini 14.52
    Uranus Sagittarius 7.32 VIII Leo 0.54
    Neptune Sagittarius 27.15 IX Virgo 27.19
    Pluto Libra 29.50 Midheaven Scorpio 0.14
    Lilith Aquarius 25.30 XI Scorpio 19.48
    Asc node Gemini 16.16 XII Sagittarius 3.37

    1. Hi You certainly have aspects that Can help you reach fame the timing by transits can give further information but the whole chart (a visual chart ) needs to be analyzed for the big picture.

    2. wow thank you so much for taking youre time too respond <3