Thursday, May 17, 2012



As the sun enters Gemini the new moon occurs at 0.21 degrees Gemini. The new moon is also a solar eclipse which means that something tremendous in our lives is finishing it's final stage and coming to and end. Eclipses are all about endings and new beginnings. Full moon lunar eclipses clear away our exterior realities and solar eclipses are our inner subjective realties finishing up and clearing away. Some feel this strongly and others subtly it will depend on where you are impacted and sometimes it takes a few months to feel. Everything that has occurred up until this point from the last lunar or solar eclipse in this sign will reach it's finalization stage and finally clear away so  you can begin a new. We are leaving the pisces age and moving into the aquarian age and a lot of of thought patters and realities will be changing as we realize more that we are really manifesting our lives through our thoughts. While the the sun moves into gemini the sign of duality we begin to see duality as well. This will only start to bring us none other than clarity. Duality brings clarity we can see both sides and make better decisions and we will discern right from wrong and what we really need as a human race to further ourselves without destroying ourselves first.  With this new enlightenment that we will be experiencing we will re-evaluate a part of our lives that no longer serves us and let go. This is a part of our internal cleansing. This is very positive and we will be moving forward lighter and much clearer. Each sign will be affected differently some immediately and others later but we will all feel the effects. Trust your intuition and go with your heart it will not lead you astray.

Aries- The way you have been communicating is now under scrutiny you may realize that your approach has either been to harsh or maybe has caused some problems at work or with others. You will be able to see the effects of your communication with others has impacted you and your friendships and realize that there is a better way to get things done and communicated. This new you will somehow be more diplomatic and your relationships with neighbors and your community will see improvement.

Taurus- Wishful thinking on finances will go along way. Think money, think big money and give money as well. It's all about give and take and manifesting this energy to make it happen. You're values will be coming into introspection as well and you will view personal belonging and finances in a different light. Out with the old and in with the new is your theme for the next 3-6 months.

Gemini You're view of yourself is under scrutiny. You will feel a little more empowered to be a more authentic you. As you take a deep look at yourself and what you expect of yourself this year reflect on what it is you want to be more of and start right now. You are shedding an old skin and our finding out who you really are. Embrace it. The new you is better than before.

Cancer- Your subconscious has come to the forefront and you have become very aware of outworn emotional patterns. You have been having a psychological purge of all that you have had hidden in the recess of your mind. Now that it's been push up and evaluated it can now be released and you have become a more compassionate and understanding person. You have also become quite aware of things that you were not aware of about yourself. Let go and start a new.

Leo- Your hopes, wishes, friends and associations have been evaluated and you have found that alot has changed some people that you thought were friends have showed there true colors and you are now ready to let go. You have new ambitions and new hopes that are more guided toward your internal ambition and security. You are now on a path of less weight and more clarity and on your way to true abundance.

Virgo- Your public appearance and career and accumulated to a point where you know now exactly what you want to be in both career and the public. You have realized that some ways of doing things have not exactly been in your best interest and have found a new way to go about. Your career will have a new feel to it even if you are at the same place of work.

Libra- Your spirituality and higher mind have been through the ringer. You have been contemplating the many different facets of life and have a deeper meaningful spiritual approach to life now and can see things on a much larger scale. This is a tremendous benefit in all facets of your life.

Scorpio- You now view your relationships with others in a new light. You have figured out ways to utilize other peoples money for a benefit to all and have a new outlook on sex and have attached a deeper meaning in a sense are spirtual-izing it. You're approach to the deeper meanings of life have become apparent and you are on a new path that is clearly deeper and much more meaningful.

Sagittarius- Your relationships  and partnerships with others has reached a point of culmination where you will be cutting ties and forging stronger one's in the future. The superficial relationships and people that have not been making the cut are not cut. You have clarity on your current relationships and will be making deep changes in how you treat others and how you demand to be treated. New love is in the air if you are single and if not then the love you have if good will deepen.

Capricorn Your health and how you have been treating your body is now of major importance. You are able to feel the effects of a body mistreated. You have a new outlook on taking care of yourself if you haven't been already and are likely to take up some new exercise program or healthful eating lifestyle. You are likely to find a better way to do things also at work and at home.

Aquarius- Love and romance are up to the forefront. You are probably more interested in children now and if not already involved you are likely to meet someone that you have ideally picked out in your mind. You are likely to feel free to express more love and affection than you have in the past and will be quite playful and fun. Love is in the air and you will be out to get it.

Pisces- Your place of home or what you consider home is what you will have a new outlook on. Maybe you haven't been happy with your living situation or feel like it's time to make improvements or make a change. Maybe  you have not been communicating at home like you wish you could have. Either way new things are happing at home and you will be a lot more cozy at home because of these changes.

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