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Verified Customer. *****Relationship Analysis + Business Boom Report

 Zahara is by far the most amazing astrologer. She is a master at her craft. I was in a devastating relationship and my entire self was stolen. She helped me get myself back and put me back in control of my relationship! I was never really into astrology or believed it had any truth to it, but I gotta say she is not the run of the mill astrologer. She cares and is passionate about what she does and amazingly accurate all by reading the stars??? Wow. I signed up for the astrological counseling and I turned my life and my relationship around. I am highly recommending her because she is that good!

I also need to say that our family business was struggling and my mother was concerned. She had seen how Zahara was able to help me get myself back and ask me to ask her to a business chart. My god! she said we would get a client that was going to be huge from a very unlikely place that would have international complications, but we will get through it and solidify a huge deal. Well, she was exactly right! Labels for water bottles from Saudi Arabia! Crazy.. Anyway, there is so much more but for the sake of space I'll cut it short. My whole family has since then partaken in their own reports and let me just say: My mom now runs around the office singing" Thank you, Zahara, as things keep happening. So take what you will out of what I'm saying. I guess you just have to try to find out. I highly recommend her!

Thank you!

Talia R

Los Angeles, Ca

Verified Customer. *****Relationship Analysis Report


I don't know how you saw what you did, it was as if you knew my relationship from the inside out. Thank you for helping me make sense of so many things I could not understand. You convey things in such a beautiful way, that as stubborn as I am, I cannot honestly deny. You were so on the mark while reading your report I almost fell out of my chair! You are a truly brilliant astrologer! People should know this about you, I have been to many! I'm an obsessive type Pluto Moon, and I couldn't have done it without you.

E- Los Angeles

Verified Customer. *****Relationship Analysis


"Your relationship analysis was dead on accurate and very insightful, both in relationship dynamics and each person's psyche. You really got into the heart of our issues, explored each of our histories and our shadow sides to see how we would mesh together. You provided some much-needed clarity in a situation that is embroiled with a lot of emotion, compulsions, and power struggles. So your detached and level headed perspective was most welcome. 

The advice and gentle warnings you provided were worded with respect and made from a place of care. Thank you for opening my eyes and confirming what my intuition was telling me. Everything you described our relationship dynamic is completely accurate, eerily so and what you predicted to happen was actually beginning to manifest itself. Lastly, I loved your statement at the end, the gentle reminder/question about what it is that I want from love. Great question, something I'll have to rethink. Thank you for the rationality, insights, and advice. I knew in my heart what I needed to do and you provided confirmation. "

Star. Austraila

Verified Customer. *****Relationship Analysis + Partner Psychological Analysis


"I think you are a gifted astrologer. You can certainly charge more an hour if money is of value to you. Otherwise, I can see you coming up with your own computer generated have a side to you that is deep and probing. The computer ones can reflect your depth as well. I have spent many, many dollars studying astrology and, to be honest, there aren't any computer generated reports that are new. Astrologers or people who call themselves astrologers just changed the names on the same reports. You have the talent, integrity and passion for this work. You are a rising star and I hope you will make the best of it. I will recommend your services.


Verified Customer. ***** Talent Scout Report


Thank you for all you have done. You are absolutely correct in my career guidance, Your advice was right on. You stated that I'm good at organization and detail. Implementing processes and determining eliminating system efficiencies are what I currently do and I do enjoy that! My need for more challenge is absolutely right. Everything you wrote was so accurate, you described where I struggled and where I have excelled in the past and what to do about it now.

There is definitely a tug towards service-oriented professions, where I can have face-to-face time with customers. Your ability to dive deep into the psyches of the individuals is quite astonishing and the  relationship report - for my friends was very much on point unbelievably so. Thank you so much!

You have been a tremendous help, Zahara!



Verified Customer. *****Destiny Report+ Love Karma

The numerous astrologers I have spent money on left me hopeless , You have helped me the most and truly saw into my situation for what it was. I am grateful and will come to you always in the future.

Blue Moon

Verified Customer. *****Life Path + Life Coaching+ Business Boom Report


There is no doubt that you have such a talent for what you do, I had you as my life coach a few years ago, in which you changed my life. Your insight and your manner of seeing things are unbelievably on par and I am ever grateful for your insights. You are such a positive, light and have a way of bringing people together. Thank you for all your assistance! You truly lead me on the right path!

Jessica - Los Angeles

Verified Customer. *****Relationship Analysis + Business Boom Report


Thank you for you amazing insights! My jaw dropped at particular times while reading your analysis. I thought how dare she! Then I thought it's not her, she is reading my chart! and it was then that I realized the true insight you have. The things you spoke would normally have sent me to the moon in the past because I didn't want to see half of it. Thank you for having the courage to say the things you did, I found it the most helpful because it was very honest but worded so beautifully.. Thank you, the help you gave me is more than I could have imagined. Astrology truly is something! and you being able to interpret it as you did..?? Well just amazing! Thank you!

Amy- Hollywood, Ca

Verified Customer. *****Relationship Analysis + Life Path+ Love Karma Report


I have been so upset with customer service, that I never felt inclined to write a recommendation:( Well, you have changed that! Thank you for shedding light, on how I have been sabotaging myself, and ending up in one bad relationship after the next. You explained clearly why this has been happening -and I resonated with all you said. Now that I have this information- My love life will change for the better because I am now completely aware! Thanks for illuminating me, it's priceless!

Sincere Gratitude!

Gabby E - Chicago, IL

Verified Customer. ***** 12 Month Forecast Report


I am startled at your accuracy with regards to your 12-month predictions. I decided to write this before the year is up to let you know I am so excited to see what you predicted for December, to happen. Simply because everything that you predicted for me has already happened both the good and the bad, almost identically. I am looking forward to December! Lot's of Luv! Thank you.

Monica L

Verified Customer. *****Relationship Analysis + Business Boom Report


There is no way in my opinion that you could see all that you did in a chart. I am mind blown. I have to believe that you are not only intuitive but psychic! How you knew the things that you wrote, will always be a mystery to me. Thank you for your amazing insights, into myself, my history and the relationships in which I have been so unlucky in and now I understand. You are true astrologer a true gem, with amazing talents. Please keep doing what you're doing. You are the best!

Bless You Zahara

Bethany ann



  1. I would like to recommend you as well! AMAZED!

  2. Dear Zaharah,

    You gave me much more than I expected and I can't imagine how much time you spent on my report! The details and amount of information you provided was truly amazing. Word for Word you continuously hit home. I can honestly say that it was as if you knew us both and how were were together. The insight you provided is so invaluable I cannot begin to, Thank you enough. I truly am grateful for coming across you. I have worked with different Astrologers and different points in my life, however, unfortunately their readings were very general. While yours is very specific! Truly amazed at your knowlege and insight and the way in which you are able to paint a picture with simple words that can sink in! Wow, I will proudly say, You are VERY GIFTED. Thank you so much, I will always come to you in the future!

    You are a Gem!

    Summer Alexander

  3. You are truly amazzzing Zaharah! Thank you for your unbelievable report! You really have a amazing talent to be able to see what you do. I took your advice and did exactly as you suggested. I can't believe that you predicted it all and now it's happening! Thank you, you truly saved my relationship and I think people should know you can do that! Ha! Forever grateful... and I will always come to you first. I am parading your name around everyone I know. Thank you very much, I will go with your other top testimonial and say, " You really are that good! Xo

  4. My report was on the spot! I want to thank you for your help Zaharah! It was to the point and amazingly accurate. I did what you said, and I have clarity like never before. You were honest, supportive and direct with me, and I appreciate your insight and sincerity. I felt as though I was being mentored during an uncertain time in my life, you really helped me out. You have a special talent for understanding people along with your knowledge in astrology, Truly fascinating! I will definitely refer you out and I am excited about my next report! You are wonderful, Thank you & Namaste <3

  5. Thank you for your fabulous report. I am amazed at your accuracy, everything you said was true. You will be hearing from me again very soon. You are truly gifted and I appreciate you so much!

  6. I am not one to write a reviews because you rarely feel inclined to do so. I must say you are brilliant and spot on in your assessments. You have a very keen eye for the psychology in Astrology, and I am truly blown away! by not only the accuracy, but your suggestions are golden! You are in the right line of work, and you will help the many! Thank you, so very much!

  7. Regarding the Brilliant Life Path Report. All I can say is I am astonished.Your insight was very accurate, shockingly so! (as most have said here) not to be redundant, but its true; and really what matters.

    However, it is not just your great insight but your suggestions as well, you give great advice. The report was very detailed, I was left with no questions, I know what I must do!

    You have great insights into people, you truly helped me find my path! Thank you, I will be back, you can count on that!