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Transiting Saturn Square or Opposite

Saturn Square or Opposite Ascendant by Transit

When Saturn is opposite your Ascendant, it is also conjunct your Descendant. Please also see: Saturn transiting the 7th house for more detail.

The Square can be more stressful since it's likely making more difficult aspects to other areas of your chart and planets. Each individual will experience these transits differently depending on many other aspects and placements of their personal chart so writing general about aspect by aspect is often very different for each person and based on many other factors. These are general assuming there are no other aspects being made.

Saturn by difficult transits Conjunction, Square or Opposition generally points to restrictions, blockages, boundaries, limitations, and or responsibility, hard work, and burdens. Some experience a promotion or their business get's really busy, so it's not always negative it can be a very busy time and this is usually great. However, if you haven't been doing the work prior to this transit he will hold you accountable. Often it is the blockages that we experience that gets us to get our rears moving. That's his philosophy and it works. Saturn produces results, he is the God of harvest after all. If you haven't been planting your seeds then you will start now.

If you have you will start seeing the results of your hard work. So this can be very positive yet busy and perhaps be draining. You usually don't have the highest energy at this time. This allows you better time management. You will work smart not so hard, well if you use this transit correctly anyway. There is no time for doodling during this transit. He makes us grow up and take responsibility for our lives. He is wise and is the God of time, and Karma he knows a bit. He has a sobering effect, so we can focus, not get carried away in yesterdays drama or hallway gossip. We just need to get stuff done and you will during all Saturn Transits.

In short, Saturn transits can bring about a shortage, or conversely an overage. However, he feels you need it to be in order to get yourself some results. He's doesn't care about that heartache you went through, or how someone let you down. He cares about you being independent, so you don't need anyone else for your happiness. There is nothing worse than being heartbroken and broke. Or reliant on someone that controls you, or restricts you, so Saturn transits are always about the individual. I think if you think of it this way, it will help if you have any difficulty. I will vouch for him because no planet truly produces long-lasting stable growth and maturity like Saturn. He shows us that it's really up to us and the effort we put in to reach our goals will be rewarded it's that simple, even if slow to come, it will come. 

Saturn teaches us to grow up, be wise, move slow and methodically toward our goals, to not let our emotions get the best of us to stay focused on a goal and achieve it. He is the ruler of the 10th house of fame, and legacy for a reason. He wants us doing the right thing, working hard, and creating our happiness through material abundance and a clear conscious. You can't be a burden to anyone under Saturn, they will likely let you down. Saturn will make you independent, self-reliant, popular, famous, and to top it off a person with a solid reputation but you will need to weather the storm, overcome the obstacles and work within limits and most importantly do it ethically.  

Saturn will show us our flaws, and I'm talking up close, he also will show us others flaws, our weak links. We will see things clearly and be able to make better decisions. Don't let the pity part start, instead take action to make improvements, it's the only way. You will be so happy you did when it's over.  In our dissatisfaction, we do something to improve. This is why Saturn people ( ie. Capricorns, or aspects from Saturn to personal planets) tend to be well put together, polished and carry themselves with class and climb the social ladder. They are very conscious of themselves and they had to earn it, it did not come easy. 

So, by transit Saturn seeks to refine, polish and strengthen the planet or point in aspect. With the Ascendant you may begin to feel the pressure to clean your act up. There may be an event that occurs or additional stresses and burdens put on you. 

If you are married, your relationship may cool down and perhaps it will even be tested. If your marriage is solid then you have nothing to worry about if it's not, then the problem areas will come into a clearer focus. Saturn seeks to find the weakest links and if there are none then there won't be anything to go wrong. He does not create problems he shows us up close what they are so we can fix them or cut our ties.  

If you are single or married you may find relationships both love and friendships challenging or burdensome. 

If you are single, you may find your more willing to put in the effort for a relationship and may prefer a commitment as opposed to dating. You can meet a very solid relationship at this time, although there may be more responsibility and the relationship may go through many tests. Again this is Saturn making sure the relationship has a solid foundation. You may need to work hard together to keep the relationship, or one or the other might have baggage or something that requires more dedication and responsibility in a relationship. I have seen some get married and some get divorced so it really does depend on the individual situation. 

Initially, you may lose a bit of steam or feel overwhelmed and perhaps even a bit insecure don't worry Saturn will help you work that out. It's also possible you may find others are more critical or picky or you yourself may become more critical or picky. You may struggle with bosses, fathers, boyfriends and any higher-ups, managers or people in charge where it seems they are all are making unreasonable demands on you.

Positively you can make changes in your relationships for the better. You might be very busy with work and may even be recognized or accomplish something that brings attention to you. 

It really depends on how structured you already are and how well you handle challenges. People with Saturn hard aspects tend to do well under this transit. Because they are used to hard work and being focused. Those that are less focused and tend to take shortcuts might have another things coming. 

Generally, it's good to take stock of your effectiveness, set boundaries and manage your time and efforts more effectively. If you find you are facing many blockages slow down and makes plans to be more effective. It's also good for making improvements of any kind, such as health and fitness, or to cut away relationships that are more trouble than they are worth. 

Saturn isn't known to be the fun planet, it's slow and somber so these times are usually lacking in zest, vigor or excitement and have a more serious tone. We are more reserved, critical and pessimistic or negative. We lack the luster, passion and the feel-good feeling. You know the kind that Neptune or Venus provides so sometimes we can fall depressed or find ourselves feeling dull. It's important to stay focused on the goal, to go slow and preserve your energy.  Saturn's lessons are ingrained in us, they are not passing phases, they stick with us. We realize that it was us all along and our efforts that make anything happen, in our lives and to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, and just do the work. When we do, Saturn rewards us with a durable and quality life.

Saturn Square or Opposite Sun

Suggested listen is Saturn Transiting the 1st, the transit explanation will apply to this one. Click here to listen

Let's face it, Saturn transits in hard aspects are just that, HARD. But if you do the work, you will be rewarded. Saturn is the great teacher but he's a tough one and he doesn't play favorites we all have to have him pick on us, don't feel alienated, because every 7 years he makes tough aspects to everyone's planets, well just about. He shows us our weakest points and then points at them some more until we do something about it. This is not pleasant being shown the negative stuff, or the not so pretty. He strips away Neptune's illusions and shows us what's really there. Yikes, in the 1st house or in aspect to the Sun, he can suddenly add ages to us or we suddenly feel low on energy. 

You may feel blocked in all that you do as if everyone is playing a part in the play of making sure everything you do, is as difficult as can be. You may notice police all around everywhere you go, causing you to drive slower, walk straighter or feel that way anyway.

Saturn turns a stern eye on you, y
ou can make big improvements now, BUT the key is to go slow, like really slow, don't push yourself and get worked up. Reserve your energy, tell Mars to chill. You can't push things now you are in Saturn's rings, there are limitations to what you can do.  You must make plans, and then take slow and calculated action to move forward. Don't get frustrated and cause more difficulty. ZEN.... then Before you know it, it's over and you have a solid game plan and have learned NOT to take things too seriously or maybe to take things MORE seriously depending on your own personal journey.  

Whichever way the Saturn rings wrap around locking you within his limits and boundaries do what's best and work wisely within them. Keep the focus on your growth and what you want for your life. 

This transit can be similar to Saturn's transit through the 1st in terms of feeling overly burdened with responsibilities, while very low on energy.

Help to survive and make the most of it.

Expect to be low on energy and confidence at first. You may feel anti-social or less communicative don't worry, you are figuring yourself out. Get plenty of sleep, do not stress yourself out it won't do anything for the situation but put you in a deeper funk. 

When hitting resistance, take it as a sign to slow down. Make plans. Work out, change your diet, get rest.

Go slow, no matter what, you need to reserve your energy, pushing too hard will only frustrate you because you will hit the blockage. 

This transit sucks a persons vitality, self-confidence and blocks progress. It often feels burdensome in some way and blockages in moving forward seem to be everywhere. You will be feeling pretty low and frustrated, like your stuck in quicksand. Take a deep breathe and relax, patience is a virtue with this transit. 

Sometimes a difficult event sets off this transit, job loss, relationship ending but not always again this depends on the individual chart and karma.

Alienation: Some, feel like they want to withdraw from others, and this is ok. You are being asked by Saturn to spend some time with yourself, reassess things, make changes etc.

Health Issues: Normally exhaustion or fatigue comes with Saturn but in some cases, issues with teeth, bones or the skeletal system are possible. Also, depression or unsatisfaction play into any illnesses that occur. 

Saturn wants you to evaluate your life, and to take your time to figure things out. Take a time-out. Saturn can make us feel undernourished, emotionally and physically and even spiritually. Yes, he's tough. This is a maturing stage and a reality check where you will learn a lot about yourself. 

Saturn always grounds us, holds us accountable and yet at the same time, refines us, perfects us and allows us personal freedom, and self-love through accomplishments. Just remember he is the great teacher, so listen closely, there is always a powerful lesson.

Saturn Square or Opposite Moon

Emotional growth time! that's nicely said but you know being tested emotionally can be exhausting, to say the least. 

The truth is this transit usually no picnic, were talking Saturn after all and he's all about emotional independence. As Saturn starts approaching your Moon you may begin to feel uncared for or left out. You may have many things to do but are low on energy. Doing basic chores and be burdensome. It's a time when you will spend more time alone and it's usually for a reason. Maybe you have been giving more than you give, it's time to set boundaries. Boundaries are important with all Saturn transits because time is short and there is lot's to do. You can't waste time or effort now, it's just not feasible. 

Sometimes this transit is kicked off with a disappointing event or let down. This may be from someone close to you. The Moon represents women, home the mother and security so issues in any of these areas might pop up. When the disappointments occur it usually is not too much of a surprise but it's more deeply felt now. Saturn will test your relationships with women, people might make heavy demands on you. Whatever leaves now was likely holding you back or not in your best interest and truly needed to end.

Positively!  this is a great time to focus,  especially if you have an air sign moon or have an earth sign Moon, these Moon's fair a bit better but it's still no picnic.  I think water moons will have the most difficult time. This is because Water Moon's are sensitive and receptive and Saturn is cold and dry.  

Negatively, It's possible to feel cut off from your emotions, fluctuating between feeling strong and focused on feeling alone and depressed. If you are a person that has developed solid relationships, always worked hard and well under pressure, then you might not experience this transit as hard. One thing for sure,  you have improved focus and are able to prioritize better. This can be great in terms of making decisions, and just getting things done. The focus is good, and it's helpful for exams. I'm not saying you won't feel emotional sadness at times but you seem to rationalize it or get through it faster. 

The perhaps most difficult part of this transit is usually there is some let down that occurs that seems to leave you feeling hurt. It may be someone close to you. The truth is, whatever disappointments you have now, most likely have happened in the past you are just more sensitive to it now. 

Watch for falling depressed, because of the tiredness and lack of vitality. The Moon is sensitive, emotional and nurturing. Saturn is the opposite, and cold, he's not for babying but instead growing up and making responsible strong people that can weather hardship and build anyway.

On a final note,  Sometimes this transit comes after a breakup, or separation of some sort indicating some alone downtime. Sometimes the individual moves to a new town, away from everyone they once knew. Sometimes the person has a baby, gets married. It's not always a negative situation but sometimes it is. But what's common is more responsibility, in the home or with work, especially if you work from home along with more time alone. 

Saturn Square or Opposite Mercury

Saturn's tests, trials, blockages, insecurities come in areas of communication, transportation, technology, and siblings. 

Remember Saturn shows our weak links exposes or puts the spotlight or becomes critical of 3rd house matters. For example, if you have been working with a computer (technology) long past its due date. You know it's running on way too low memory and takes ions to change pages or constantly freezes or that loose connector that sometimes works but doesn't often, and needs to be fixed.

Whatever has been slowing you down, or not working efficiently and causing you frustration you won't be able to function with it anymore, either by you being fed up! or it finally breaking down.  Yes, it's a financial setback but you will be more efficient and thus will simplify your life a bit. 

If you have been one to speak too fast, or not clearly you may suddenly come across these Saturn critiques that will point this out. You may over think things and it's possible you become too critical of yourself that you find yourself using fewer words to get your point across. Be careful of being too much of a perfectionist that you never put anything out. Realize you are being hard on yourself right now but Yes be open to changes and improvements. You may feel more reserved or too careful with words. If you are a writer you might suddenly feel blocked but really what's happening is you are being far too critical. You can produce some very good work just make sure you put it out. 

It's a good time to learn a new language or subject, maybe learn to drive, or buy a car, or even new technology. 

You may decide to write a book or start a blog or a website. You may decide to start an online business. You may be critiqued on your verbal expression or writing by others acting Saturn out in your life. You may be discouraged initially but don't worry Saturn always builds better. You may find your paperwork increases, and deadlines are moved closer. 

You will be busy but you won't want to rush anything or hurry, you will pay attention to details and take your time to produce good work.

It's also possible your sibling relationships will be tested in some way, and there can be blockages in support from them or they may go through a difficult time in which you will need to spend more time with them. Or they may need your help. 

For each person, the experience will be different, since there are many other factors to consider in order to be more specific to each person. But to sum it up you can experience blockages, challenges, and eventually, refining of all Mercury ruled and 3rd house issues.

Saturn Square or Opposite Venus

You are not a whole lot of fun to be around these days and you may not even realize it. You are impatient, critical and demanding. This is because you are not seeing things as you normally do, no you are looking through Saturn's flaw enhanced glasses. Yes, You are finding fault in just about everything and although much of what you might see now might be valid, you might not want to be so painfully brute in your delivery.  Try remembering that people have feelings and that words can be a sword and although what you see now might be true, it's not necessary to be so harsh. You may be stressed out as well, adding to this behavior perhaps financially? only adding to your frustration. 

You might feel like testing your partners love for you, or making unreasonable demands of them. You will be seeing their faults quite clearly, and this can be a problem for relationships. The pizazz is gone, the coolness sets in and suddenly you question the relationship. Whatever you have been unhappy with you will let them know. The thing is that everyone's faults are enhanced now so you might be difficult to be around for everyone. You will lack tact and you may lose a few friends. Be aware that these things were not bothering so badly in the past and maybe it's really not so bad. However, sometimes these insights are quite telling and helpful in clearing out your life. Just know that you may alienate yourself. Their faults and everyone's around you might become enhanced and things that you use to tolerate before are intolerable now. Relationships can end now but they don't need too. If the relationship is solid then you can grow a deeper connection. Nonetheless, If you are in a love relationship it will be a difficult time now.

In some cases it is the partner that loses interest as a result of your new-found behaviors decide to break away or you may push them away unconsciously or on purpose this transit is tricky. Perhaps you have been unhappy in the relationship if so it's likely to be unbearable now or not worth your time. 

If you are single during this transit, you can start a new romance which can be an older or younger person usually old but not always. However, the relationship won't be without tests as well and may come with many burdens or blockages as well. 

You may find multiple attractions and have difficulty making a decision. The main thing with this transit is a tendency towards impatience, frustration, criticism, and a sort of nonchalant approach to relationships which others might take offense. 

Just realize that you are not acting like yourself and sometimes this can be good, especially if you were the tolerating kind of person or in poor relationships with others. Then yes, this transit will give you the strength to get out or away. 

Saturn's provides the fluorescent lights where not much looks good in that light, it's not the rose-colored glasses of bliss and beauty of Neptune. Usually, if relationships end they were meant to. It is a very tough transit for any relationship to survive because of demanding nature of the person under this transit. This transit is different for everyone, the houses, and the signs matter and will color the experience.

Transiting Saturn Transits Square or Opposite Mars

This transit is usually quite frustrating to be blunt. However, it does not need to be, the key here is" go slow" and all will be fine. You may feel your ability to get around is halted, blocked or in the least slowed down. 

Sometimes a foot injury, car problems, or out of nowhere blockages and frustrations appear to slow you down. You will need a bit of patience and be a bit more cautious than usual.

You may find yourself unable to move forward if this is the case step back and ask yourself is there something else I'm supposed to be focusing on or doing? Maybe your someone always pushing, working too hard, constantly on the go. 

If this is the case this transit will attempt to slow you down, it's always best to plan ahead because if you don't slow down the universe will make you. You will use your energy wisely if you slow down, you will avoid injury too by pushing yourself against all the potential blockage. Make a plan and methodically and carefully follow through. The problem comes when we try to push through Saturn's blockers or hurdles, we find ourselves burnt out, exhausted and frustrated. Instead, plan your day when obstacles pop up go slow, anger only makes this transit more frustrating. 

Transiting Saturn Square or Opposite Jupiter

As with all Saturn's transits, there not lighthearted fun and easy going. Instead, there are blockages. This transit does have a positive side that you will not make foolish decisions but that instead although you may feel like luck is not on your side, or that there can be blockages in accomplishing your goals. Saturn tends to rule here and Jupiter is limited in his gifts and sometimes blocked altogether. However, it's also possible that you gain some slow but steady progress as a result of your hard work. Things won't come easy but if you apply yourself Saturn will help you turn those big dreams into a reality but it will be a slower growth and slower reward.

It's also possible you might question your beliefs or doubt yourself more, don't give in to Saturn's negativity but do know that Saturn builds things that last, well actually you do when you work hard and good and this is what Saturn is about. While we wait for Jupiter to throw some bonuses our way, when Jupiter passes so does the luck. Saturn says you create your luck and it lasts.

Transiting Saturn Square or Opposite Saturn

This is a culmination of your efforts up until now. This is where you will be pushed to take whatever you have made to the next level. You will be tested on what you built thus far and it's ability to carry you into the future successfully. Saturn in hard aspect to himself is a karmic time when rewards will be given but also critiques will be made if one has not been managing their lives accordingly until now. Saturn rules the 10th house of fame, notoriety, a legacy he wants you to make the most of your abilities and turn it into something in which you can be proud of. He will test your foundations and structures for strength and will find the weak link so you can improve in the future. This can be a time of great success or re-evaluation of circumstances and a change of course or action will be needed. The house where Saturn resides in the natal and the sign will give further details.

Transiting Saturn Square or Opposite Neptune

This can be a dissolving of the illusions time that can leave one feeling discombobulated, out of sorts, defeated, lost, confused, disillusioned and sometimes depressed. Saturn always takes the fun out of things and where you were always the most optimistic, kind, self-sacrificing and deluded is under Saturn's stern judgment he can show us some stuff that will make us question everything we ever believed and how could we have been so blind. Neptune rules the movies and L'Amour and you know the enhanced photo imaging, lighting, hue, to make us look ethereal in some way. Saturn comes around and hits the "undo editing". our "bubble pops", not typically fun.  We don't get to see things elated, glamorized but instead he shows us what's really there and sometimes it can be painful, the truth is stranger than fiction. Whatever illusions you have been living with they are likely to come crashing down now and when your flying so high, the fall is that much harder. The good part is that this transit is passing and there is much to learn from it and many illusions will clear away.

Transiting Saturn Square or Opposite Pluto

This is where Saturn can test your idea and usage of personal power, have you been overusing it or not using it enough. It's possible that you may face challenges but you will have the willpower to overcome them, however stressful they may be. Watch for power struggles with others and if you come across blockages slow down and don't try to push your way through. You might feel a calming of your passions or be find yourself having to calm them. Whichever the case the house where both Saturn and Pluto lie along with the signs will give more information on where you might meet these challenges or blockages and how you will approach them.

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