Thursday, November 30, 2017


Hey Everyone! my warmest regards to you all! If you know me by now, you know I like to get straight to the point. So here goes...

This New Moon in Capricorn, tomorrow night, is straight-up powerful! and not to mention lucky! 
The sign Capricorn isn't known for luck at all more about realism and hard work.   He takes after his ruler which is Saturn, the  planet of Karma and hard-work, along with restrictions and blockages. Doesn't sound very lucky eh?  

Here is the deal, as yucky as Saturn can be, he is the ruler of Fame. Yes, I know, what??? But he is! He rules the 10th house of Career, Fame, and Legacy. It's not so easy to achieve great career success and fame let alone leave a legacy!! but if anyone can help you do it, it's Saturn. 

New Moon's give us the opportunity to clear away what's not working and to begin working on what will. New Moon's bring opportunity to grow and expand a particular area of our life. It brings our attention and focus to this area in which we can see some REAL results. Look to the house in which Capricorn Occupies in your chart to see where your focus will be and where you will likely be exerting your energy all month. You will be building this area until the Full Moon on the 31st of this month. 

What makes this New Moon so powerful? Well, for starters it will be conjunct the "God of Wealth and Power" Pluto pointing to transformation but also powerful focus and determination. Yes, it can point to intense emotions, or intense outter situations that occur. However, there are some very positive smoothing aspects occuring such as a conjunction with the planet of love, beauty and diplomacy, Venus and a passionate and determined sextile with Venus's lover Mars. This is a passionate New Moon for sure.  It is also in a close sextile to Jupiter the planet of luck and fortune. We all know Jupiter makes things bigger too, or enhances the planet possibilities. Jupiter and Pluto alone,  scream big money especially with the Moon and even moreso if in the 2nd or 8th house. However, making this New Moon ultra sexy is it's very close conjunction with asteroid Eros at 1 degree. Let's throw in its exact trine at 0 degrees with the asteroid Destinn.  It Appears to be destined whatever occurs.  Eros is all about love, how sweet is this New Moon? These are some powerful aspects! Jupiter and Pluto aspecting this New Moon can indeed be a bit over the top, that's for sure. Pluto is powerful and Jupiter just eggs him on saying is that all you got? More, More! he surely makes whatever happens bigger. I do see this as a Money Moon, but it's certainly more than that. It's a love manifestaion and money Moon. In addition it Looks like something fated or meant to be will occur as well. Without looking at your chart I can't be very specific, but generally speaking this is a New Moon with a lot of positive potentials.

An example of what can occur would be a positive message ( Jupiter) about a love interest or someone you love ( Eros) could be a family member too. Something transforming with Pluto, but also something dramatic, powerful and even life changing. Pluto is deep he likes to uncover true motivations, and aims to find out how we really feel. So for some, this can be an intense new moon with depth and whatever occurs is destined or necessary for your growth.  I'm feeling "passion"! and lot's of it.  There are many different ways in which this New Moon will affect each of us. It won't be the same for everyone and I can't possibly write out the many different possbilities. But let's just say it fate is involved. We will have power, luck and determination to follow through on the area in which this New Moon occurs and can see some real tangible results at the Full Moon at the end of the month.  Pluto can bring about intense desires, feelings or experiences in order to light a fire under our rears as well so if something dramatic does occur know that It will sort itself and see it as a opportunity to resolve whatever it is. 

Alternatively, It could also be that this New Moon brings about a massive transformation in the house that it occurs. The Moon rules home, family, security the mother and or women, but also money with Venus this should be essentionally positive. However,  it will be different for everyone.

I personally see this New Moon as a big money Moon especially for those with Capricorn in their 2nd or 8th house. However, the aspect with Jupiter is a lucky one and this means regardless the news should be positive and big, add Venus and it's looking even better for money. It may not be news, like an actual message or phone call, but it can be an illumination that will open a new door of opportunity for you, or set you on the right course. 

New Moon's bring new beginnings, fresh starts, and tremendous focus. We get a universal push or a  " Hello"! pay attention to this! we are kinda forced to deal with whatever it is that comes up. They force action, and it's often the necessary action that we have been putting off. 

 If it's not a message, or it's not a conclusion, then it will be a fresh approach and a new opportunity that presents itself.   Because it's so positively aspected it means that you will have luck focus and the willpower to go about what needs to be done. 

There are two Full Moon's this month the one on New Year's Eve was spectacular! We have yet another at the end of this month. Two Full Moons in one month is very powerful energetically and indicates powerful manifestation energy available. Don't let it slip by, use it. Make a plan. Call it out as yours, and go for it!

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