Saturday, December 3, 2016


Please note: These are general interpretations assuming no other aspects are being made to the planet. Any other aspects being made with alter it's interpretation.

Jupiter brings luck, fortune and optimism

Jupiter Conjunct/Trine or Sextile Sun or Ascendant

You are lucky! and it seems to come with ease. Life seems to present you with opportunity, luck and good feeling. The trine aspect indicates that without much effort you will find yourself at the right place at the right time and fortune will find it's way to you. Of course, other aspects play a role in whether or not this is truly felt or if adversely affected noticed at all. However, given that other aspects allow, you will find much luck and fortune in your life.

You will also seem to stay positive even if the direst situations because you have an inner faith that all will work out for you. 

You might possess a larger than life personality in which others are drawn to your enthusiasm and faith in yourself and the Universe. 

Your positive attitude is what contributes to your luck and also what others find attractive about you. Of course, you might also be quite attractive or possess a great deal of enthusiasm and charisma which also contributes to your success in life. You tend to handle the more difficult times with great finesse and hope for change you innately know it will eventually turn for the better.

You are lucky in love and career along with any endeavors you take on. The Sun Represents your physical body, and personality along with attitude towards life. With Jupiter you tend to be Just, or honorable in some way, and possess a great amount of inner faith in yourself and the bigger plan you can see far into the future and you can also bring others around you luck if not simply lift their mood!

Jupiter Conjunct/Trine or Sextile the Moon

You never seem to get down to others although you most certainly do you just can't seem to show it. When others come to you with crisis situations you have the magical power of making them see the bright side. You always see the bright side. It's not that you don't understand the hardship of others and life you very well do, but you refuse to accept a negative perception because you know it does nothing for the situation.

Your purpose in life has a lot to do with cheering others up and giving them hope, but you must watch for emotional vampires that feed off of your optimism. You have the gift of seeing the glass full and most certainly should spread the positive energy. 

The problem is that you may never really deal with your own emotional pain or allow others to help you through because you simply don't know how. It would benefit you greatly to associate with just as positive people as yourself, rather than always finding those that need encouragement. Not that you are not an important person in others lives you most certainly are, but you also need nourishment for yourself.

You will have much luck with women, probably powerful women, and can benefit from them. It's likely you might have a taste for rich foods, meat, steaks, cheeses etc and will need to watch for overeating or binge eating. You love a good time with good food and friends.

You have tremendous faith in life, and know the power of thinking and manifesting your beliefs. You may believe in a higher power or at least that you have power in your beliefs. You should have luck with always having a home or a place to stay even in your worst situations.

Jupiter Conjunct/ Trine or Sextile Mercury

You tend to speak positively about pretty much everything, you are very intelligent and have a rapid fast mind that is bursting with knowledge in many different subjects. You will have much luck and fortune as a result of your communication, or in areas of transportation, writing or information gathering and distribution. It's also possible you might find luck with buying cars, and with local travel. You make a good motivator or motivational speaker, you always see the bright side of things and this is contagious. You may have many siblings or you get on well with your neighbors and may even know all the store clerks in your area by name. You have faith in yourself and understand the power of positive thinking. If you believe it to be true or not, you are right.

Jupiter Conjunct Trine or Sextile Venus

You are generous and loving and possess great faith in yourself and because of this, you are lucky. You may find luck with money and love especially. You seem to always have what you need and may be prone to overspending but usually, you can handle it. In love, you love with a big heart and you make your partners feel good and positive about themselves. Of course, all aspects may change or alter the interpretation.

Jupiter Conjunct Trine or Sextile Mars

Your profound faith in yourself leads you to take many risks. You are fortunate and lucky in doing so, but you must be careful especially during any Saturn transits to your Mars where your luck might meet some resistance. You are for the most part optimistic other aspects need to agree but you aren't one to doubt your actions and therefore you usually end up with a positive result. Depending on where Mars is in your chart will tell you the area in which you are likely to see this luck most profoundly.