Friday, June 17, 2016


Finances will be very good this month and you will enjoy splurging a bit on yourself. You are feeling very sensual this month and will appreciate the finer things. If you are in a love relationship your partner may shower you with gifts, or buy you an unexpected present just for you being you.

For those of you single, you might meet a older or even younger but someone you will consider seriously and they you. Many of you have either ended a long term relationship looking for something more in line with what you need.

Or you are looking to move your relationship to the next level with a more serious commitment like marriage. For those of you whose partners were not on the same wave length, don't worry it's likely they will come around after Mars turns direct on the 28th and if not you are likely to meet this person very soon, it may not be a easy relationship but it will be highly rewarding and strongly committed.

You are looking for a serious partner, not just anyone will do. You want a long term commitment and even possibly Marriage.

Well, that's what the Universe has in store for you a solid commitment but it's not that you won't need to work hard for it, but if you do you will be very happy with the results. Love takes work and commitment.

For those of you attached expect to have a wonderful month with your lover, however be mindful on July 4th for there will be a new moon that will be very Plutonic, in a strong opposition with Pluto.

There can be emotional outbursts or difficulties if anything has been suppressed, try to wait til the next day or a couple of days later to address any issues, things can easily get blown out of proportion. This new moon will be in your 2nd house of money, so make fresh starts as to what you want to accomplish with your financial goals over the next 28 days.

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