Sunday, May 1, 2016

Composite: Sun in the houses

Sun in the 1st house

As a couple your identity is very important and you both care a great deal about how others see you. You come across vibrant, lively and expressive. You are a couple that bring a bit of sunlight wherever you go. Depending on the sign in the 1st house will further alter it's expression so please also see ( Composite Signs in the houses). All in all you will express yourselves similarly, and get on quite well. You both will appreciate being around each other because you make one another feel good.

Sun in the 2nd house

You are a couple that appreciates the finer things in life, and may enjoy acquiring things of value together. Your environment and having all the pleasures life has to offer will be important to your relationship and the romantic ambiance. You may be a couple that puts too much value on money and the things you can buy with it. However, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the pleasures life has to offer just don't make your relationship too dependant on it, for if financial struggles should occur you might have a harder time than most dealing with it and it can put a larger strain on your relationship.

Sun in the 3rd house

You love to talk about anything and everything together. You will enjoy walking and talking and taking short trips around the neighborhood together. You will have similar intellectual interests and will stimulate each other intellectually.  Communication is very important in a relationship a couple that communicates well often stays together so this is a excellent placement. Just try not to intellectualize your relationship too much and be mindful of over talking one another.

Sun in the 4th house

The two of you will find that you have much in common, this indicates a very close connection based on similar upbringings. You will enjoy spending time at home together and even with each others families. Family will be where you both will find happiness and creative self expression. You will likely enjoy having a family life together and find yourselves feeling at home quite quickly. Having a nice home will be important to the two of you and you are likely to agree on just the right one.

Sun in the 5th

The two of you plain and simple have fun together. Having ample time to vacation and spend leisure time together will be important to your relationship. You will be playful and experience many romantic times together. Love and romance will be a large part of your relationship and you will likely if applicable have at least one child assuming this is the only planet in this house.

Sun in the 6th house

Being organized, neat and having a well balanced schedule will be important to you as a couple. You will be very supportive of each others needs and helpful to each other when needed. You might enjoy working together, or sticking to a healthy diet and workout schedule. You both have fine taste and need order and things of high quality not necessarily expensive.

Sun in the 7th house

Your relationship with one another will be based on equality if other aspects apply, it's likely you will at some point decide to get married or even work together in a partnership. This placement indicates a mutual admiration and respect for one another and if there is a strong mutual attraction marriage and a family is likely. You both just really like each other and find value in one another. You respect each other and contribute the the relationship equally. This relationship will be very important to the both of you there will be a lot of trust.

Sun in the 8th house

You are both deeply fascinated with each other and strongly attracted. Your passions run high and will experience many intense and passionate moments together. You will enjoy sharing secrets, talking about everything together. You will share your resources openly and will be emotional support when the other needs it. You will love exploring life's mysteries and secrets together.  This is a deeply emotional and passionate placement it will be important that you both have a deep level of trust to prevent any possible drama that can come with such a deep and intense partnership.

Sun in the 9th house

You will both enjoy philosophical and deep meaningful conversation. You might each be highly educated or want ot pursue a higher education together. You will love to travel and explore new things together, this is a lively and fun placement but at the same time offers much growth and expansion as a couple as a result of your zest for new experiences and trying new things together. You may eventually end up living in a foreign country together.

Sun in the 10th house

You shine together, and others take notice. You both might care a bit too much about how others see you but that's not necessarily a problem, just be sure that your relationship is not merely for look of it. This can also indicate that you both will do well professionally and worldly success might be important to the both of you. This also indicates that you will both grow together as a result of a similar life path together. You will be supportive of each others career goals and may even work together. It's is also possible that you met in the work place, and choose to continue to work together. You will be proud of being out together and of each other, this is feel good placement that can be quite endearing for it's a relationship that is built on mutual respect and appreciation for each other.

Sun in the 11th house

You are not only lovers but friends you will highly supportive of each others goals in life. You may choose to join a cause or a group together. You will love being out and about in group situations and will do very well in the group. You will likely share the same group of friends or blend your group of friends with each other. It is also possible that you may get involved in a charitable cause of humanitarian effort together.

Sun in the 12th house

You may appreciate spending most of your time alone together and may share similar spiritual interest. You wil enjoy exploring the mysteries in life together. You will prefer to keep your relationship private. You may prefer to be invisable rather than a public couple. It's also possible that you both are spiritually inclined. 

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