Friday, March 4, 2016

MARCH 8, 2016 Total Solar Eclipse & Super Moon

Total Solar Eclipse/ Super Moon is taking place March 8th, 2016.

It's been a while since we have experienced a total Solar eclipse. The longest Total Solar Eclipse of the 21st century took place on July 22, 2009 when the totality lasted 6 mins and 39 secs. 

Total Solar Eclipses are much more rare, than partials and this occurs when there is a New Moon near the lunar node.

What this means astrologically is that we will all see drastic changes in our lives and these changes will be lasting. We will all be changed or illuminated in someway that promotes change. For some this change may not be so welcome at first, but in time there will be a realization that this turning event was necessary and part of your growth and development.

For some that are eclipse sensitive the results can feel immediate, and for others these changes and insights will come over the course of 6 months to a year. 

Eclipses have a way of doing exactly that "eclipsing" or wiping clean the things that need to go, they represent new beginnings, new outlooks, and deep inner changes. They often bring in new energy, new happenings, new insights, new developments and rapid change. They can eclipse out people in our lives or bring in people that help us move forward. Eclipses push us forward on the fast track to where we need to be. They can also clear out old patterns and areas in which we have felt stuck. They can bring big changes for better or worse in the house in which they occur. Even if the effects felt are negative at first they will later make sense in the overall picture of things.

This Total Solar Eclipse is powerful and will bring about a new beginning, new opportunity and releasing of old hurts and pains so you can develop a stronger sense of self based on how you want the future to be rather than what the past has been.

Things often come to the surface, are illuminated and we can see things for what they are and the changes that need to be made. 

If you have been having a lot of problems related to a particular house the slate can be wiped clean and positive changes can take place. Good things can replace the bad, it's a whole new energy, out with the old and in with the new. 

 It's important to also look at planets aspecting the Sun and Moon on this day, because you can expect new beginnings in these areas that the planets involved represent as well.

This Total Solar Eclipse will be accompanied by a Super Moon, which is a culmination from the last Super Moon. The Moon rules our security, home, mother, feelings and emotional state, it's our deep inner needs. 

Our emotions and feelings are typically intensified during a Super Moon and often things come to light and a illumination takes place in the area of which the house the Super Moon takes place. Also looking to aspects being made to this Moon.  

The last Super Moon was the Harvest Moon and was on September 27, 2015, take a look at where this was occurring for a idea of what will be illuminated.  On, March 8th we will be finishing up old business and March 9th beginning a new cycle begins and a new focus with a New Moon. This new Moon is Conjunct the South Node indicating a healing of the past is very possible, it will also be opposite Jupiter and Square Saturn which is somewhat conflicting indicating positive hope for the future but keeping it realistic and not getting carried away especially since it's also conjunct Neptune. We will have a realistic hope for our future and the ability to follow through on our dreams.

New Moons a perfect to set intentions on what you wish to accomplish for the next 28 days, you will notice that your focus will be strong in this area and highlighted  if you plan accordingly much will get done.

Just remember the universe has a way of making all things work for the best our best if we remain open to change and trust in the process. 

Some events that can occur of course there are many different possibilities and they will differ from person to person but they can involve new news, changes and endings , new relationships, ending of a relationship, the end of a job, the beginning of a new job, a move or simply a new approach to a old way of doing things. 

There is a wide range of possibilities I can't cover them all. However, if you have been contemplating doing something, you will be pushed into action now. There is no more waiting, procrastinating opportunity will come about to help you move forward.

With Eclipses both Lunar and solar something is going to end, but something new will replace it. 

These are great to  end of a bad situation into a new and improved one. If nothing occurs at first, give it time, it simply may unfold with the people around you but something will happen.

It's important to note that we have been experiencing many multiple eclipses on the same axis between Pisces/Virgo, Libra/Aries, and Cancer/Capricorn. 

Go back take a look at the dates in which these occurred and the houses impacted. You will notice something changed or something new came in. You are likely on a fresh path, or have seen change in these areas.

Eclipses are also powerful illuminations that bring to light things that you may have been unaware, or bring into focus with a added urgency. They speed things up in a big way, rapid change occurs whether good or bad, they bring about quicker decisions and faster actions to get us to make the changes, or to take the action we need.

A example could be that you are stuck at a job that gives you no fulfillment and you have thought about looking for a new job but just haven't put in the effort. Well, if the eclipse is happening in your 10th house of Career, you will either start looking or taking this change seriously, a new job can be presented or you can get forced out of your job by being fired or laid off. Whatever it takes to get you to take action. 
This can apply to any area of life, from wanting to make more money and new opportunities present themselves. Or perhaps you have been thinking about breaking up? something will happen, to end it. Or maybe you have been thinking about getting married with a partner but haven't been able to because of other obligations or lacks. It's possible that you find a way to do it sooner than later. 

Whatever the area it will be put on the fast lane and catapulted, into fruition. 

Eclipses are exciting and invigorating and they can truly bring dreams into a reality. However , they can also bring stress, sorrow or pain at first in order to push us ahead. We are not allowed to stay stagnant for long, we will be pushed to take action.

Take these as opportunities to make progress in a better direction, we get a opportunity to be out with the old and in with the new! We also have the opportunity to progress much more quickly.

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