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As a couple you both approach the world in a bold, dynamic and courageous way. You are seen by others as a couple that is direct and passionate. You both will have many moments of passion displayed in your relationship together. You are likely to be jealous and protective of each other and will require a great deal of attention and affection from one another. Try not to play games of jealousy and be compassionate to each others needs as a team. You are both a bit stubborn so arguments and fights and once one of you gives in the other will too.


People tend you like the two of you, you might be seen as a trendy couple, and always in the know a little about everything. You are likely to be quite a social couple enjoying the company of other like minded couples. You enjoying communicating and sharing ideas and will likely be involved in many different things together. Multi-tasking is what you both do best, so computing, working, talking researching and spending a lot of time on the phone, computers, texting and reading will be your favorite past times. 


Material security and acquiring the finer things in life will be important to you as a couple. You will project a aura of earthy warm sensuality. You will also be seen as reliable and stable. Your favorite past time will be between the sheets, listening to music, enjoying the arts and all luxury.
You will both be very loyal to each other but may fall into a too comfortable state where problems may occur as a result. Watch for being overly stubborn or fixed in your ways.


You will be very protective of one another and will enjoy much of your time together away from the world. You may be a bit clingy and possessive of each other. Others will see you as a couple that is very supportive and willing to help your friends. You may host many parties as home in which one or both of you cook. You may be a bit private with your matters but will always be there for your friends. Having a comfortable home will be important.


The two of you are attention grabbers while out in public. You tend to draw all eyes on you. Others will see you as a couple that is positive, confident and expressive. You will be the light of the party every where you go. You will both enjoy being in the public together. There will be a playful romantic quality to your relationship. Watch out for too much pride.


Your relationship will be very endearing but might not be all that romantic. You will tend to show your love for each other in helpful ways rather than emotional sentiments. Others will see you as a polished and well put together couple that is communicative, responsible and helpful.


Getting along with one another will be easy because you both will be willing to compromise and sacrifice personal needs for the sake of the relationship. You will have exquisite tastes and a well kept home. You will both display a great deal of charisma and diplomacy with others and will be appreciated for it. Doing things together will be important and you might even at one point decide to work together as well. Your relationship can last a very long time, as a result of your willingness to accept one another and work together through any issues.


The two of you will approach the world in a positive, opinionated way. You will love to explore new things together, and travel will be likely. You will also enjoy talking about philosophy, religion or big ideas. You will have a lot of fun together, and will be very passionate but will require a bit of autonomy in your relationship as well. This is a lucky ascendant so the two of you will receive much luck and fortune throughout your relationship together.


This can be a serious Ascendant, where the both of you are seen as two professionals that have their lives together. You have a calm and stable appearance and tend to keep a fine eye on how your present yourselves to the world. You will enjoy talking about business, work, or worldly things. Although you might be serious you won't lack passion but may not be fond of emotional displays in public. You are both very conscious of yourselves and might benefit from lightening up a bit. However, the rest of the chart must always be taken into consideration to accurately depict how this ascendant may play out.


People like the two of you and you pretty much get along with everyone and in all walks of life. You are both social and like to be in the group or involved with others. You can make quite a difference in the world if you get involved in some social cause together. You will not only be lovers but also very good friends. You will enjoy discussing innovative topics, science, space or technology together and will have a great ideas on how to make the world a better place together.


Romantic, sensitive, dreamy and spiritual most likely describes the way other people see you. You are seen as a compassionate couple that seems to get along with all types. You will both enjoy exploring spirituality or the metaphysical realms and will be very sensitive to one an others feelings and needs. You may tend to idealize one another and that's OK, it will keep you in the lofty dreamy world of romantic love.


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