Saturday, August 1, 2015


Venus the planet of Love will turn Retrograde October 5, 2018

 Venus in Retrograde always highlights relationships particularly love relationships but really all relationships, along with what we really value and need. Although it's a great time to find great deals on the things, which is great for you shoppers out there, it can be a strange time for love. Those of you in love you can most certainly deepen your relationships but for others it can be a painful and frustrating time. It all depends on what romantic karma you have but also your ability to see through the facade, you know Venus Retrograde can turn a little crabby and feel a bit mischievous.

Feelings unsatisfied, or lacking in passion along with irritability and bazaar or mysterious attractions are all part of the Venus Retrograde process. It is also possible that you reminisce about past lovers or love interests from the past may suddenly pop up to complicate things even more or it might be just what you were hoping for.

Retrogrades are quite interesting times, they deal out our karma, but they present us with new tricks or temptations as well. We reflect much more during Retrogrades and things tend to cool down or feel like time is standing still and we usually can't wait for their direct motion to turn the heat back on, when it's oh so cold in here!

We revisit things of the past, so we can make better decisions for our future. For those that are not getting what they need out of love, you will likely feel it more now.

If your relationship is healthy and satisfying, you have an opportunity to deepen it even further but it will still require some care and finesse. 

Just remember, It's important to review but not to make any major decisions at this time, wait until Venus moves direct, just to be sure!

How do you fair during Venus Retrograde?

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