Monday, May 25, 2015

5/25/2015 Weekly Love Horoscope

5/25/2015, Will be a tough week for love relationships but it does not need to be. It's just that the universe is slightly volatile with a Uranus Venus Square off on Monday, might be causing chaos for lovers. A cool approach will make all the difference and perhaps allowing just a bit of space will be necessary to prevent frustration build up. 
Unexpected developments can show up between lovers but if your relationship is strong then perhaps you instead add a bit of spice by trying something new, just what Uranus needs. Mars will also make a tight Square with Neptune, adding to the mystery or perhaps feelings of something not being right, don't react too quickly. Plus to add to the confusion Mercury Retrograde will be making several tense aspects making it difficult to get your point across or even defend yourself if needed. It's a week where it's best to not expect or demand too much from your partnership. Understanding, patience and cooperation will get you everywhere or at least keep you out of the line of fire.

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