Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moon Transits Through the Houses

The moon brings us a sense of security in the night, making us feel protected or watched over.  As it illuminates the dark sky it can bring out our emotional or sensitive side, while providing us with a sense of comfort. Transits although are a short duration of approximately 2 1/2 days in each sign, reflect our intimate self, our security needs and where we can expect to see our daily emotional variations, sometimes bringing comfort to the house it touches and other times, bringing emotional worry of not having our security needs met.

Moon Transits the 1st house

This is a rather subjective transit. You wear your emotions on your sleeve. You may be emotionally impulsive, moody or even needy. You are physically sensitive to your environment and others close to you. If you are in a relationship you are more intuitive with your partners needs but are also intune with your own. You want to express yourself freely and directly. 

Moon Transits the 2nd house

Things of a material nature or a desire for financial security might take center stage. You may feel like buying things to bring you emotional satisfaction. Fine dining, luxuries, beautiful scents and things of a sensual nature will bring you comfort.  It is also possible that you may receive money or gifts during this time( especially if there are positive aspects to the Moon during this transit) Money is on your mind, and you may tend to worry about not having enough. This is a good time, to borrow money from women if needed and other aspects allow.

Moon transits the 3rd house

You are more in touch with your feelings at this time, and able to express them in a logical manner. You will analyze your feelings more and will probably be less emotional than you normal. On the contrary you may be more emotionally expressive in your conversations with others and feel a stronger need to be understood or heard. Communicating with women may be a source of fulfillment and comfort. You will think in terms of how you feel, and may enjoy writing your emotions down as a form of therapy.

Moon transits the 4th house

Feelings of security and comfort are likely to come from being home, or with family. You will want spend more time with those you love. You can have warm relations with family members and lovers at this time. If there are hard aspects to the Moon at this time, you can experience emotional drama, arguments or differences at home or with family members. 

On another note, you may enjoy spending time reminiscing childhood memories and going through family albums or researching family history. It's also a good time to organize the home, you want to make it a bit more cozy.

Moon Transits the 5th house

You feel playful, light hearted and expressive! Your overall confidence gets a boost and is a great time to get out to meet someone if single. Your need for self expression is stronger, and your confidence is increased and you may be a bit more dramatic too. If you have children you should plan some extra time with them. If you are paired up it should be a romantic couple of days. You may crave attention or compliments but you are more than willing to do your part to earn them.

Moon Transits the 6th house

You notice everything now, that lint on the sofa, those clothes in the laundry basket and the book shelf needs dusting. So why not do it? this is a excellent transit to get organized and clear out the clutter, you have a fine eye for detail so you won't miss a spot. It's also a great time to get a fitness program in place if you don't have one, it doesn't mean you will stick to it, but you will want to start it you will at least get two days in.

Moon Transits the 7th house

Your lovers, partners or close friends are who you want to be with now. You are very supportive to these people and they should be to you as well. If there are hard aspects to the Moon there may be issues in relationships or others that that are close to you. If this is the case, you are more sensitive now so it's a good time to work it out.

Relationships bring you warmth and emotional satisfaction now. If you are not in one, you may long for one now, so just get out you never know who you will meet.  

Moon Transits the 8th house

You want passion, and you need it now. You crave a deeper more intimate connection with others at this time and need to watch for starting drama to get it. 

You also crave a deeper sexual connection with your partner, and may decide to spice things up. If you are in a relationship your partner should be more sensitive to your needs than usual. You and your partner may share intimate secrets with each other or enjoy discussing deep subjects than usual.

If there are difficult aspects being made to the Moon at this time, you may instead experience the more negative side to this house, feelings of your efforts being thwarted, arguing over money with your parnter.

You may enjoy researching the darker more taboo subjects, such as conspiracies, the occult or psychology. 

This is generally a time where you want depth in all that you do.

Moon Transits the 9th house

This is usually a very positive time you should feel pretty good, positive and hopeful! this is the house of Jupiter after all. However, because you feel so good, you might crave a bit more excitement or adventure. If you are unable to take a two day get away, explore travel magazines, and cultures or anything different or new. You will warm relations with others espcially anyone of another culture than your own. You want to increase your knowlege and will enjoy exploring the secrets to life, all areas of religion, philosophy or the metaphysical. You have hope for a brighter future, and it's a excellent  time to get out and try something new.

Moon Transits the 10th house

You want to be out in the limelight, or out in the public, you want to be noticed or seen. It's also possible that work is on your mind. You may be thinking about your reputation and what others think of you. You are intuitive with others at work, and should have good warm relations with them. These are a good two days to schedule a work meeting, or interview for a job. 

Moon Transits the 11th house

You miss your Friends, or feel social now and you should enjoy warm relations with them. You are more sensitive and nurturing and you want to be there for your friends.  Your relations with your friends should be very comforting You also may feel the need to be a part of a larger group or organization and it's a good time to join one. 

If there are difficult aspects being made to the Moon you may have a disagreement or a falling out with a friend. Or your friend my need you for emotional support. 

If the Moon is unaffected, then you will want to spend more time with your friends and will find them to be a source of comfort now. You will also intuitively pick up there needs and will offer support and encourage them if needed.

Moon Transits the 12th house

This is a time to take a break from the chaos of the daily grind. This can be a very good thing, we all need a break or time to ourselves and there is no better time than now to take it and enjoy it.  You will find that peace and quiet is exactly what you need. This is a great time to dive into spirituality and meditation.  If the Moon is afflicted negatively you can end up feeling lonely or out of touch with others but don't worry, it's a two day transit. Just relax and nurture yourself.

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