Sunday, January 1, 2012



Planets represent the driving forces.

Signs represent the static forces which color and modify the influence of the planets.

Planets in signs indicate the character and inner capacities.

Planets in houses give the circumstantial details of the life.

The aspects indicate harmony or disharmony between the planetary influences.

Astrology is a science of probabilities. Any aspect, position, or configuration may represent any one of a number of possibilities, and the only the way to get a better idea on how the others will play out we must look at the chart as a whole. Some placements and aspects can override or be more noticeable or less noticeable according to others.

We must usually look at the chart as a whole and look for strong groups of planets found or more dominant aspects found along with the signs, elements and planet ruler aspects ect. Many planets or stelliums in particular house will emphasize the overall focus of the individual. Planets in their own houses carry much strength as well.

Misuse of planet energy has negative impacts on each person along with our society as a whole. The hard aspects denote challenges, but also opportunities and drive. They are not negative in themselves but a person may struggle with the energy early on and will need to be aware and make a conscious effort to use the energy in it's most positive form such as courage and drive, but in the negative antagonizing or even self destructive behaviors, delusions and deceit. Trines and Sextiles along with Bi-Quintiles and Quintiles tend to flow well with one another producing a personality that is compromising more aware but also perhaps less motivated or driven. 

If we learn Astrology early on, we can prevent much of the mistakes in which we might make in our lives as a result of the learning process through awareness of the potential negative effects. 

However, there are no negative planets or aspects but there are challenges and each individual will need to take responsibility to better understand themselves and always keep in mind that we are one human race on one planet and the ultimate goal is to contribute to our world in a positive way, to love one another and learn to work together, not against each other. Be the change we want to see, as Ghandi has said, if we all did this we would not have the struggles we see today.

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