Thursday, March 7, 2013



If you are a late degree Capricorn Ascendant please read the next Sign since it likely will take up the majority of your 1st house for timing of transits to the houses, in your case it would be Aquarius.

The big news late last month was Pluto's direct motion. After 6 months of retrograde motion, you have been learning quite a bit about yourself, and your use of your power. Pluto has been in your 1st house of self, and quite a transformation has been underway. The normal cool Capricorn and been kicked up a notch by the power of Pluto. Now with his direct motion you are on the spot light to see how you are incorporating this new Pluto passionate power into your newly developing identity. Be very careful what you wish for with Pluto here.

The month begins with the Moon and Mars in your solar 12th house bringing to surface much of your unconscious mind. You will be able to dig deep into yourself and find out many things that may have been hidden from you. Some may feel a bit sluggish or as if you don't know what to currently focus on getting done. The truth is not much will get moving until Mars is out of the 12th so use this time to plan for what you want to accomplish when he moves into your 1st house next month.

Career is looking up and that's always a good thing! With the Sun and Venus lighting up your solar 10th house of career you can expect to see many benefits in this area. This is also a social house one where you easily obtain the approval of others, so go ahead with your ideas, and don't be afraid to ask for you raise if you are employed. Your boss will likely give you the recognition you deserve. 

Although you Capricorns are usually very well planned and organized things seem to be a bit fuzzy and you might be more forgetful that usual. Neptune blurs whatever it touches and in your case it's your mind. Neptune in the 3rd house allows much creativity to surface so those of you that are artists, writers or anything that you can use your creativity on are likely to fair very well during Neptune's transit here. However, if you are involved in detailed work, or any ting that requires timely responses this may pose some potential problems. The 3rd house also rules short distance travel in the community and neighbors so you can watch out for needy neighbors or annoyances, along with possible deception in all these areas since Neptune is anything but direct. 

Your mind will come alive during this long transit and there will be many interesting and lofty ideas that will come to mind. It's important you double check everything and ask other's opinions, if people say you must be out of your mind, chances are you may be.

Home has been a little eclectic, or perhaps more independent, many of you have given up the roommate situation and decided to go it alone for a while. Uranus in your 4th house instills a need for Independence at home and  to do things your own way. Change in living situations is likely during this long transit but you may also get in touch with your individualism and your need to show it, since the 4th house is also of your inner needs. 

Use Pluto in your 1st to go after what you want, Neptune in the 3rd to get creative, Uranus in the 4th to be authentic to yourself, and Venus in the 10th to accomplish your Career goals or ask for that raise. October is a good month for all these so go for it.

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